Dr. Parulkar, Senior Cardiologist, and Open
Heart Surgeon, Padma Bhushan awardee: “Its extremely difficult, to introduce today’s
speaker, Dr. Shreepad Khedekar. ” In many respects, he is an exceptional person.
there after i must tell you that very few doctors have attempted what this young doctor
Shreepad Khedekar has done. He is a regular qualified homeopathic doctor,
but whats rare about him is that…he is one of the few doctors who have been able to get
an MD degree for his work! he has a very big life ahead of him and i
expect that in the future, he will be more and more successful in achieving what he wants
and we will give him encouragement so that he is able to achieve his objective of spreading
homeopathy across the globe. Dr. Shreepad Khedekar: “good afternoon to
every one” Now… When do we go to a doctor? Only when your reports are fine… doesn’t
mean you are Healthy only when your counts are good, doesn’t mean
you are healthy because, absence of disease or infirmity,
doesn’t mean you are healthy but you have to Physically, mentally and Socially
fit! Now… are we doctors going in this direction? Do doctors really care? that their patients are also socially fit? but what we are doing is we are just going
behind the disease, and that is just the part of the definition coined by WHO this is where Im saying that the scope of
a physician must increase and we are not just talking about disease
but we are talking about complete cure! we are talking about complete fitness, mental,
physical and social well being! because god has put all this Allopath, homeopath,
unani, ayurveda, inside you! and that thing is called: your IMMUNE SYSTEM it is because of your immune system, that
you survive theres a doctor inside and a doctor outside doctor Outside only has to listen to the one
Inside only then will there be a balance other wise there will be no balance This is Doctor Samuel hahnemann a german scientist, an allopathic doctor himself he had the top degree of that time and he discovered homeopathy in the year 1796 fact number one is that homeopathy is a German
Science Homeopathy has been mentioned in our Vedas In Rigveda, in Charak Samhiti, there has been
a mention of this science ad the have called this Samayaska Shastra
or the science of Similars this was something that was very interesting
to find out that this was mention 5000 years ago! A german scientist just discovered it! Now, there are so many international stars
and celebrities, spots persons who are solely dependent on Homeopathy also the president of India has his own homeopathic
physician! from the consumer point of view, it is the
second largest system of medicine after Chinese medicine The word Allopathy has been coined by Dr.
Samuel Hahnemann a homeopath himself Every year 20,000 new homeopaths are added
to our pool. This is the youngest and the latest science
of therapeutics. only 250 years old its avery small baby and its just teething
now as against the so called ‘modern medicine’
which has been around for more than 1000 years If we say that the science has advanced, why
are many diseases still not curable? why are they only controllable?? thats why Hahnemann came up with some thing
new, he said just controlling is not the solution but we must cure diseases problems like Asthma, Allergies, bronchitis,
diabetes, hypertentions, thyroid imbalances, are only controllable and not curable… that
is the problem. Vaccination is the greatest invention of the
century but how many of know that Vaccination is nothing but a part of a Homeopathic principle!!! ISOPATHY because for a simple reason, here we are taking
help of the immune system you are stimulating the immune system Thats why you don’t get a particular illness there is no drug given to you a particular type of immunoglobulin is stimulated
and then a disease can be completely irradiated! Homeopathy was discovered much before Vaccination
250 years ago and vaccination just 100 years ago! Whenever a baby is born, the Head always comes
out first for a simple reason that its the most important
part of the body and whenever the feet come out first, what
do we say? BREACH! that means, something is wrong, even your smile is decided by your Genes! thats what a Homeopath is trying to do, he
is trying to observe you, and trying to understand, whats your genetic make up?
what are you made up of? accordingly I can give you a remedy which is going to stimulate your immune system I am not going to treat your disease… NO! definitely not! Because when i treat your immune system, diseases
will be taken care by itself… SIMPLE. It is the same genetic code that will be common
to your hair as well as your neuron or your hepatocyte, etc. because this entire human body with its trillions
of cells, have come from one single cell This cell has divided and has given jobs….
to become various cells of skin, brain, liver cells, kidnes, etc with the help of modern technology they could
understand the facts, thats what Im trying to do I am trying to understand Homeopathy, with
whatever modern sciences we have Now, we have the luxury of understanding Genetics,
proteomics. There are great institutes like Harvard Medical
School, Massacheusettes General Hospital or J. Hopkins institute All of them are doing research. I am just bring to apply that research to
a science, which is 250 years old. Thats all I am doing! DR. PARULKAR, MS: ” we have heard many inspiring
lectures from many doctors, But one of the most Inspiring lecture…. I heard Today!” www.imperialclinics.com

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