Homeopathic remedies are promoted
as effective alternatives to conventional medicine. Is there any truth to that? Nope. In theory and application,
homeopathy just doesn’t add up. [SPLASH] Homeopathy is its own category
of “alternative medicine” that emerged some 200 years ago. Not all natural or herbal remedies in your pharmacy are considered homeopathic. Homeopathic medicines are based on
a few theories of disease distinct from conventional medicine, the most
famous being “like cures like.” That’s the idea that if something
gives you a rash, that same thing can be used to treat rashes. A German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann coined the term homeopathy in 1807. He thought medicine then was doing more harm than good. You can’t totally blame him, I mean,
bloodletting was still a thing. But that’s really all the credit you can give him. He started doing experiments on
a small group of volunteers as well as on himself, which is not good scientific practice. In one, he ate the bark of the cinchona (sing-KOH-nuh) tree, which in his day was used as a treatment for malaria. [Onscreen: we now know it contains
the antimalarial drug quinine]. After he ate a bunch, he got symptoms he thought were similar to malaria. That led to his first principle
of homeopathy: like cures like. He thought that when a substance
in large doses caused certain symptoms, in small doses it
could cure those same symptoms. Here’s an example. A homeopathic remedy if you
can’t sleep is coffea cruda. Which is just very, very, very diluted amounts of unroasted coffee beans. Dilution, aka reducing the
concentration of something, is the second principle of homeopathy. Hahnemann thought a sick person only needed a very small amount
of an active ingredient. He used a dilution scale that
increased by factors of 100, a scale denoted with a C. You can
see that on a homeopathic label. One way to make coffea cruda is to
put one drop in a vial containing nine drops of water, then take
a drop from that vial and put it in another vial with nine drops of water. 60 times. That was a pretty standard dilution for Hahnemann. The thing is, by the 60th vial you’ve
diluted your coffee so many times that there really isn’t any left. Statistically, beyond a 13 C dilution
you have zero chance of finding a single molecule of the
active ingredient in your vial. Now, keep in mind that in Hahnemann’s
age the concept of atoms and molecules as fundamental units of
matter hadn’t really been developed. So maybe he couldn’t know that
you could dilute something until it was effectively gone. Today, though, we know that full well. But homeopaths still insist that
dilution principle is sound. They also claim that water can somehow
remember what has dissolved in it, and pass the effects of those
absent molecules on to the patient. But to date there has not
been repeatable, convincing evidence of this phenomenon,
which violates some deeply held principles of physical science. So no, your homeopathic water
doesn’t remember the coffee that may once have been in it. The foundational ideas of homeopathy are bunk. The US National Institutes of
Health have said that “several key concepts of homeopathy are
inconsistent with fundamental concepts of chemistry and physics.” But what if, somehow, it still works, in some mysterious way we don’t yet understand? Well scientists tested that too. A 2015 report from the Australian National
Health and Medical Research Council (ANHMRC) considered the results of about 200
studies on the the effectiveness of homeopathy. After looking at the evidence, they
concluded that homeopathic remedies are no better than a sugar pill, a placebo. The studies that have shown benefits of homeopathic remedies, had flawed methodologies. The Aussies concluded, “There are no
health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.” At best, homeopathic remedies are
a harmless waste of money. At worst, people might endanger
their health by skipping treatment or care they need. For example, there are homeopathic
asthma inhalers being sold. These aren’t any better at stopping
an asthma attack than a placebo. An untreated asthma attack can be fatal. And remember, homeopathic remedies
aren’t held to the same standards as U-S Food and drug administration- approved medicine, although that might change. That’s the science, but you
should talk to a medical doctor if you’re still curious about
alternative treatment options. Check out these videos on multivitamin
supplements and aspartame. Have an idea for a video? Leave it in the comments. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Even it is placebo…. It is effective….. A placebo is a well defined curative technique in many disease…. Nowadays many doctors are doing placebo surgeries…… Go ask them why are they doing so if has ni benefit….. The belief that you are taking a medicine and you will be cured can actually cure any disease….. Homeoapthy is worth a try if allopathy dont work…… Do we think that taking thyroid meds…. Bp meds for whole life is a cure???? Allopathy has no answer for autoimmune diseases……it cannot cure diabetes…… It is unable to cure even a simple backache….. So in my opinion… Any kind of alternate med should be tried…..

  2. For those who are skeptical and have doubts about homeopathy…..next time go to a classicak homeopath who has actual knowledge and get treatment… If you get benefit….. Why care about statistics and what other people think…. Just do an experiment and tell others….. I have a genuine experience of homeopathy…. My uncle got severe anal fissure… Allopathy only offered him surgery but he was scared of surgery….. He went to a well known homeopath and in a month he got cured…. So according to his experience which i have seen.. I can say that homeopathy is not just placebo and pseudoscience…..

  3. While I completely agree with your video, the power of placebo might be more powerful than you think – there is a point to homeopathy but I still wouldn't completely replace it with "real" medicine.

  4. Homeopathy is and has always been a money making scam. There’s no two ways about it. Feel terrible for the people tricked by the assholes involved in pushing these pills. You can have two next to each other and no medical tests can tell them
    Apart… awful waste of money and a persons energy.

  5. In thousands of cases, handwriting has shown its homeopathic efficiency as a confirmatory symptom, or it pointed directly to the correct diagnosis of a remedy. Personality and character expresses itself in handwriting. Graphology is a study of handwriting and tells the minutest detail of one’s personality, which even the person himself is most times unaware of. For further details visit www.hai.in (official website of Handwriting Analysts International)

  6. This is a disiinformation vidieo. I'm surprised that after all these years, the pharmaceutical industries still pay for shills to do their bidding.

  7. Anyone who want proof homeopathy works they are encouraged to text me 360 nine03 one412 I will send you photo evidence.
    Stage 4 various veins cured in 3 months (no known cure)
    Unfortunately I can't prove the cure of my ADD, Hay fever, and am no longer cold all the time. My wife's anxiety and eczema are totally gone.

  8. it has side effect.my son had a asthma allergy.while getting treatment of homeopathy treatment for 3 years.he will get very bad condition eczema all over the body.still we r all suffering from my son condition.pls don't go for homeopathy treatment especially asthma allergy traement.if u go.u will get 100% skin decease.pls dont go

  9. At first Galileo was wrong,Jagdish Chandra Bose was wrong,Newton has also face the criticism,but now all we know who was wrong…hope u understand what I mean

  10. Before you show your ignorance about the facts concerning homeopathy, you really should do your homework first. If homeopathy doesn't work, why do government's around the world recommend using homeopathy to over billion people around the world who use it to HEAL their ailments that modern medicine can't do anything to help. If you are interested, which I'm sure your not, but if you are, you can give me your email and I'll send you an Evidenced Based Research 200 page pdf file.

  11. Homeopathy sometimes work and sometimes don't . I've been using it from a long time now and claiming it useless makes me wonder why you people can't compete with your work . See your antibiotics they are failing everyday with their side effects obviously.

  12. Man, as I age I realize how far we actually are intellectually as civilization, we have all these technologies but people taking sugar tablets to cure disease.

  13. See i am a homoeopath a real one i am doing BHMS actually
    The point all people miss out while considering homoeopathy is dat the factor of energy
    The dilution doesn't keeps any atom or molecule in the remedy but what about energy
    Isn't energy passed on from continuous and controll friction produced by strokes given
    Also a point that water remembers whats been it isn't true
    As all molecules are formed by established energy that is to form a molecule certain amount of energy need to be added or evolved
    In case of water though it has somehow got the capability to hold the energy which is provided by the substance or the mother tincture which is added to it
    Hence not the medicine but the energy cures the disease
    There is no such term as disease there are always sick people
    Energy which is in the remedy is forwarded to the cells which in turn makes them capable of tackling the disease
    And if u r gonna mock dis explanation i dare every modern medicine allopath to prove how any analgesic or anti pyretic or antibiotic works

  14. https://www.hri-research.org/hri-research/how-do-homeopathic-medicines-work/physico-chemical-properties-of-high-dilutions/

  15. The fool who made this video is a fool's fool if ever there was a fool — fool!

    Homeopathy is oxymoronic genius, a testament to the myriad subtleties of human anatomy and how to gently woo the body back into good health.

    'nuff said!

    Have taken n times antibiotics and other medicine but still the pressure beneath my skin would not go. Finally kicked allopathy and went to a homeopathy and here i am cured in 15 days.
    So keep your bullshit scientific approval with you.

  17. I am so very happy with Homeopathy. I am a hypothyroid patient and my levels are under control. And just as it claims… Like cures Like…. Many of my other ailments aggrevated and finally dissappeared. My son is getting better and better from ADHD. My family cannot even think of existing without homeopathy.

  18. Obviously extremes with anything aren't a good idea but you can't negate a whole by extreme outliers. Some of the basic principles of homeopathy do align with modern medicine and science. Maybe homeopathy is still around because when done correctly, these practices mimic those. i.e Like cures like principle is exactly how medicine makes anti-venoms and vaccines. Dilution (which in homeopathy includes vigorous agitation) is exactly how pharmacotherapists produce nanoemulsions.

  19. This coments though! I bet no one that favors homeopathic have a degree in sciences (chemistry, biology, physics etc). Please, go study for 5 or 6 years and then i'll listen to you.

    Also, Placebo works some times! KEEP this in your mind!!!!!

  20. it works on natures law similar things repeals each other.so patient must be prescribed with the medicine in potentised form which produce same disease when given in crude form.means the disease which patient has must be similar with medicinal disease in crude form. five years of course how can lay man understand in few minutes ..it works on sick not on healthy human being….dont misunderstand it ..to understand this pathy u need to be patience..

  21. It should be criminal that CVS drugstores sell homeopathic remedies right next to real medicine. I find that deceptive and harmful. Many people don't know how to recognize a homeopathic bottle vs. the real thing.

  22. Don't know which homeopathic sleeping remedy James Randi takes in his shows to prove it's fake, but I was suffering from severe insomnia until I was prescribed Kali Phosphoricum by a classical homeopath, now I sleep soundly and feel great in the morning. Homeopathy works exceptionally without any side effects whatsoever.

  23. homeopathy helped my kid's acne. NOT the acne cream, or the acne face wash, or the anti-acne pads. Helped my friend's coldsores from growing and blistering as long as she took them when she fist felt it coming. They disappeared before the filled with liquid. Cured my bronchitis – nearly overnight even though i did not think it would. I did have a lot of faith in the antibiotics I took and that took weeks and the bronchitis came back anyway a month later. Haven't been on antibiotics for about 5 years now, not have my kids. Garlic, vitamins, and rest, and homeopathy. TRY IT BEFORE YOU KNOCK it.

  24. I noticed YouTube favours videos that are negative on homeopathy and you have to go many pages in to see vids from people who understand that it works. IS YouTube in bed with pharmaceutical companies too? LOL Oh YouTube, you whore.

  25. The British Government subsidizes homeopathy treat as part of their national healthcare BECAUSE IT WORKS! Catch up USA.

  26. “If you’re still curious about alternative treatment options, you should visit a medical doctor” 😳😂

  27. What is the best way to get rid of my acne problem? I read many great opinions on the net about how exactly Fopobiacne Secrets can assist you cure your acne naturally. Has anybody tried this popular natural acne treatment?

  28. Cure Of A Case Of Congenital Cardiac Problems (Patent foramane ovale with Mitral Valve Prolapse), By Hahnemannian Homoeopathy within a year.

    Dr. CHATTERJEE Ardhendu Sekhar (cte*)


    Case No D/424/Bagmore, girl/ 7, came had been suffering from Continuous Fever-104^f, and admitted in Kalyani J.N.M.Hospital , with clinical symptoms of ‘Herpic gingivo stomatitis’, later detected ‘Patent foramane ovale’ with ‘Thickened mitral valve apparatus with mitral valve prolapsed (both leaflets >2.5 mm). The parents were advised to take surgeon’s opinion and came to me. Amazingly enough, the girl patient was cured within a year.

    Present complaints (as on 21.03.2015)=Ventricular Septal Defect with diagnosis as of (1) Thickened mitral valve apparatus with mitral valve prolepses (both leaflets’>2.5mm) and (2) Patent foramane ovale on 21-03-2015

    Generalities: (as on 21.03.2015) = Hot in constitution, avoid clothing at winter. Thirsty – ++, wants water after eating. Stool, Urine, Sweat = all normal. Sleep – salivation during sleep. Food – desire – salt ++++, sour, cold.

    On Examination (as on 21.03.2015) = (1) thin body, sad, dark ring around eyes, unhealthy decalcified teeth, dry rough tongue. (2) Lab inv = Hb 11’5 gms, ESR – 2’5, Tlc 15’600, N- 69, L – 25, M – 4, E – 2, B – 0. (3) Echo Cardiograph report = Patent foramane ovale’ with ‘Thickened mitral valve apparatus with mitral valve prolapsed (both leaflets >2.5 mm). Good LV function (04.043.2015).

    Past History= At past the baby was treated occasionally by me. On 21. 07. 2007= haemangeoma on scalp, possible cause was birth trauma, no tenderness was there, R/ Arnica Mont 0/1 to 0/3, 16 X 3, TDS with mother. On 12. 08.07- dysurea with startling out on noise. R/ Borax 0/2, 8doses. On o6.09.07 – pain injected area – R/ Ledum 30, 8 doses. On 03.10.07 – loose stool, mother – quarrelsome R/ German Cham 200, 2 doses. On 20. 01. 11 cough preventing sleep, h/o rubbing of row mustered oil – R/ Lach Muta 200, 2 doses. The same symptomatic treatment was carried with development of new symptomology at long intervals up to 12. 04. 2012. Then due to family problem (mother eat ‘Biriani’ by the money of patients treatment, the baby hadn’t been treated by me.

    Family history :- Paternal G.F. – hyperglycemia, muscular atrophy; P.G.M.- hystectomy; Father –Unemployed, Drug addicted, Sugar; Pan sister – GB stone.

    Miasmatic Analysis:-Congenital degenerative disease always a syphilitic / destructive miasmatic disease. Girl’s facial appearance also indicates the fame. Moreover the family history wanted an immediate anti-syphilitic treatment to save the child.


    21.03.2015 = R/ Ignatia 0/1 – 0/4, 16 doses of each potency, twice daily. Basis of Selection of Medicine and Potency (B.S.M.P.) = Acute of Natrum Mur (Hot, desire for excessive salt) and Aurum (sad, dark ring around eyes). The baby was advised to take potassium containing banana, orange, tomato and hilly fruits; Iron containing carrots, liver, kidney, kismis, khagur, patal, oll, kochu, etc; mineral & trace element containing sprouts (germicide different seeds, or making boiled food with salad). Restricted to running, wrestling, jumping, to be torturing mainly.

    05.05.2015 = C/o hair falling, R/ Nat Mur 1m only dose. Further N.M. was repeated on 05.06.15 with 10 stroke; again 11.07.2015 only dose with 20 stroke ; 18.08.2015 N.M. 10m only dose (30 Kg); 26.09.2015 10m only dose with 10 stroke, wt. – 30 Kg.

    07. 11. 15 = wt. – 30 Kg. R/ Syphilinum 200, 1m only and only dose, morning and morning. BSMP- as the patient was in progressing condition, anti Syphilitic-miasmatic chosen.

    30.01.2016 = Patient brought normal Echo-cardio graphic report.

    Final comments (20. 02.2017)

    The bare truth was the baby-girl-patient was cured. Later Aurum Met, Aurum Mur Nat in different potency prescribed to eradicate the hidden miasmatic dyscrasia patient born with. I had also a scope to treat a baby-boy of one month age of same problems, where mother and father of mother were totally non-cooperating. However I verified the infant and prescribed Chinimum Sulph 0/1 onwards to only mother, and after a moderate period further Echo revealed normalcy. Yes these are Hahnemann, only Hahnemann’s gift to generations’, believed on eternal truth of creation-progression-and perfection.

    Dr. CHATTERJEE Ardhendu Sekhar (cte*)D.M.S. ( Kol, 1983). HMD (UK: The British Institute of Homoeopathy , 1997)= Writer- The Homeopath (UK), and different National and Regional Journals ; Former Examiner = Nagpur University, ( Maharashtra); Regional editor – Advent Of Homoeopathy ( Delhi) ; Member : Asian Homoeo Medical League; Life member – The Zoological Society Of Kolkata. Phone 9836573034..E-Mail [email protected];

    *Reference Authurs for Synthesis Repertorium Homoeopathicum Synthesis, LONDON and Vithoulkas Expert System (V.E.S.), International Academy of CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY, Greece.

  29. Leach therapy can actually be valid for a couple things. Of course for most we can just use a machine that filters your blood. Plus we don’t all live in Flint Michigan

  30. for ppl who do not know much, everything is a conspiracy. that applies to homeopathy as well. most ppl do not know about energy. most ppl do not know that water has a memory. the more ppl use the internet to learn, the more they will understand and what appears to be a conspiracy will now be understood and it won't be a conspiracy anymore. it takes time and the willingness to learn.
    We are so far removed from nature and natural things, it's not funny anymore.

  31. Homeopathy activates innate immune sytems, produces memory cells for infection. It works very well. However, modern science can't discover total mystery of homoeopathy till now. Homeopathy cures whole body without side effects .

  32. FDA is the mouthpiece of pharmaceutical cartels since day one….they regulate people's minds towards having a blind trust in those who have as a goal just making more money…..well too bad ..homeopathy costs very little…make the math.

  33. i don't know the science behind it but still I'm using homeopathic treatments for many of my diseases. Currently I'm taking pills to sharpen my mind, it helped me a lot.

  34. You have more than 3 lac people who assume that you are giving out authentic content.
    But it seems that you have done superficial homework.
    I agree that homoeopathy is not understood. But by whom? Those who have not studied it?
    Come on, is a homoeopathic doctor qualified and authorised to comment on allopathic medicine? If no, then how come people unqualified in homoeopathic medicine pass judgement on homoeopathy?
    As far as the Australian study is concerned, it was never conducted as it needs to. To make you understand, to study the effects of physics, you need physics experiments, not mechanics. The entire study is flawed. Have you even studied it, or just found the conclusion on Google and mentioned it here without even going through it.
    Also one has to be unbiased when doing research in any subject. There should be no conflict of interest.
    And your cat scratch analogy is not applicable here.
    I know that many including me don't understand how homoeopathy works.
    But can you answer the following questions.
    Why do allopathic doctors give very small amount of peanut to cure peanut allergy?
    Likewise why do they give rabies virus to prevent rabies? Or tetanus toxoid to prevent tetanus? Or any other vaccine made from the same causative agent as they intend to develop immunity against? Why don't they use hepatitis vaccine to build immunity against polio? Or pneumonia for measles? O know the difference between homoeopathy and isopathy, but the concept is clear. What can cause, can also give immunity. You call it vaccinations don't you?
    Did you know that that the father of modern vaccine was introduced to vaccination by Dr. Hering, an allopathic doctor who had mastered homoeopathy and was treating anthrax infection by potentizing the snort of infected animals. Using this method he learnt, Louis Pasteur treated small pox.
    So as per the data available, had it not been for Dr. Hering, Louis Pasteur would have never made vaccines.
    And if homoeopathy is placebos, how does an infant know the difference between non homoeopathic water and homoeopathic water?
    If homoeopathy is placebo, then how do blood test results and USG show improvement in the results when under homoeopathic treatment?
    And if it is the mind being made strong with homoeopathic placebo, such that the body itself does the healing due to placebo effect, then why can't the allopathic medicine also make the mind so strong that the body undergoes healing?

    I can go on and on, recognising the effects of homoeopathy, yet I do not know how it works. And because we don't understand it, we should acknowledge our limitations of understanding the science rather than outrightly denouncing it.
    Lastly, remember that while Hahnemann didn't know that atoms and molecules existed, he spoke of "morbid matter", "contagion" and "effluvia" as the invisible and dynamic agent as being responsible for disease. We call them microbes today.
    I am still trying to study and prove scientifically that homoeopathy is garbage, but the unbiased scientific evidence based study shows that there is some truth to it. I am a sceptic of many sciences. I want to know the truth for myself, as I discover it, not as what other people say who's views and opinions could be biased.

  35. I’ve used homeopathy for fevers, arthritis, otitis media, Post concussion syndrome, warts, hernias, and insomnia.. and let me not forget of two cases were there was heavy menstrual bleeding and the next day they were regulated the most awesome thing just to be clear is when associations, allopath that hate on homeopathy say all this crap about the system and what it’s composed of.. and I keep seem results.. at this point in time I’ve become immune to the criticism to the “sugar pill” placebo ..randi.. EBM article homeopathic bashing as long I see results that’s alll I care about

  36. Practical Demonstration Of The Case History Of HEPATITIS E

    Case No.- B/D /601, married female., aged about 40 came on 04. 04.09. for treatment of her diagnosed Hepatitis ‘E’ with extreme fear of death and melancholia. She is still our treatment and observation, her bilirubin not detoriated, weight increased, ( from 49 –56 Kg.) sometime laughs also. The details of case history is narrated below.

    Present Complaints ( as on 04.04.09)

    (7) Dry cough , single paroxysmal , tendency to hawk, aggravation lying on back amelioration lying on either side.

    (8) Abdominal pain aggravates after eating, better on bending forward.

    (9) Always sleepy, during sleep, tendency to lie on left side, dreams of death.

    (10) Headache with nausea = aggravates on sun heat, fair as exposed during cooking.

    (11) Menstruation = Scanty, persist for only day, LMD = date forgotten.

    (12) Leucorrhea = occasional, bland discharge.

    Family, Past Occupational history:-

    1. Five brother and sisters.

    2. (2) Marriage, two issue, son, 18 and 16.

    3. Under contraceptive tablets.

    4. H/O jaundice, sudden anorexia vomiting, nausea to see or thinking about food, used to lie on left side ,was hospitalized and diagnosed the case.

    5. Occupation:- Bidi ( country cigarette) labor.

    Generalities :-

    (1) Thirst less , now drinks forcefully.

    (2) Appetite = normal.

    (3) Stool = clean.

    (4) Urine = hot.

    (5) Sweat = Profuse, offensive.

    (6) Hot = Prefers winter season.

    (7) Food desire for warm, chili, sour, row onion, Aversion for sweet bitter.

    (8) Fear of lightning, forgetful.

    On Examination:-

    (11) Thin body, short,

    (12) Anemia ,

    (13) icterus conjunctiva

    (14) Yellowish white tongue rough.

    (15) HEV Ab Total ( 1gM + 1gG) anti body detected against HEV 0.971 ( ref = 0.720) Interpretation = Positive

    (16) Hep. B – Surface Antigen 0.137==Non reactive.

    (17) HAV Ab Total ( IgM+IgG) antibody detected against HAV. Serum by ELA 0.017 Interpretation =Neg. ( 26 July, 08)

    (18) Lab Inv. Of 19 07-08 Total bilirubin 5.1 mg/dl Bili. Cong. – 3.3; Bili, Unconj. – 1.8 mg /dl. SGPO(ALT )=982.7 ( normal range male upto 41 U/L; Female – upto 31 U/l ;Alk.phos 173.5 U/L ( Adult 65—645)

    (19) Facies = extremely sad, not answering properly as reflecting in the case history.

    (20) Heart- rhythmic, Lung – free, Abd. – soft, no hardness present.


    04.04.09 = R, THUJA 200, two doses with successive strokes.

    Basis of Selection of Medicine and Potency (B.SMP.) =

    THUJA the chilly king of anti-sycotic being choose in this syphilitic hot case because of presence of strong sycotic features as =

    (i) No family and past history present .here, that may be due to the habit of hiding.

    (ii) Presence of mole, warts.

    (iii) I Hepatitis a long lasting inflammatory process continuing which is basically a sycotic symptoms , where the rate of degeneration is slow ( rapid = syphilitic)

    (iv) Food desire for row onion.

    (v) Aversion to bitter which is contradictory to NAT. SULPH.

    (vi) Thirstlessness i.e. contradictory to MEDO.

    All this classification I followed according to the formula present in different books , more particularly of Dr J T Kent . Centesimal two hundred two doses applied , because of the medicine was selected according to the conception of the miasmatic .analysis that founded its strong basis but not on the totally symptomatic one. ( The Organon AP. 153, 213 -246 ).

    Follow Up Of The Case History.

    11.04.09. = LMD 06.04.09. continued one day. B.P. = 130/80, eye clean, heart rhythmic, pulse =72 pm, sad = ? due to the anxiety for recovery.

    R/ ARS. ALB, 0/1,0/3, 16+16 doses twice daily. One globules of no 10, mixed in 120 ml. of distilled water, added 20 drop of rectified spirit and divided in 16 doses. Every dose of medicine to be mixed with 60 to 80 ml. of clean water, and one little spoon ( 5 ml. ) to be taken at 6 am. and 6 pm respectively. 10 downward strong stroke has to be given on the bottle , every time before taken of medicine.

    B.S.M.P = ARS.ALB. being selected, in considering the anxiety for disease, persisting sadness which may developed due to fear of death as she already heard that the disease is incurable as she told.

    21.04.09. = Now better, wt. = 50.5 kg. , Pulse = 80 PM. , B.P.= 130/80, pain of stitches part of cesarean abd, today talking more , weeping , telling her grief that nobody looking to her, all that her previous doctors were very good , merciful ( except I (cte) )

    R/ CALC. SULPH 200, two doses. with repeated strokes.

    B.S.M.P. = CALC. SULPH being selected according to the symptoms of hepatitis –lie on left side that definitely gives relief, In KENT Rep. p.= 563 only CALC FLOUR is written. We know within CALC FLOUR .symptoms of both CALC and FLOURIC ACID is present , moreover the patient was selfish in character . I have had helped this patient too , for many years. treating almost free but , when ever she had any money, she used to go to other doctor, and this was happened for more than 10-15 years during the treatment of her both sons . After a long absent now again came and started to shown her previous technique . So I choose CALC plus selfish SULPH = CALC. SULPH.

    12.05.09. = L.M.D. 02.05.09 . cont. 3 days , today also telling about her incurability R/ ARS. ALB. 0/4, 0/5 , 16 + 16 doses ; twice daily. as before.

    20.10.09. = Within this period ARS. ALB 0/6, 0/8, 0/9, 0/11, prescribed, now she is free from problems. Wt. = 50 kg, H/O Lab. Inv : Bilirubin = 1.2, Sugar(f) = 80 , HB =100 on 04.09.09.

    R/ ARS.ALB. 0/12, 30 doses once daily.

    13.07.11.= Within this period patient used to came occationally ARS ALB 200. 1m. 10m.. , complimentory ACID PHOS, intermediate COCCULUS, NAT MUR, antimiasmatic THUJA applied according to symptoms.

    Now Bilirubin total – 0.7 ( 0.4 + .3) , Hb..11.4 gm/dl, WBC = 7.800 . NEU.=66, Lym. = 29, Mono.= 01, Eosin = 0.4, Beso= ) ) , ESR= 27 ( mean) , body weight 56 Kg., puls-84 p/m. , BP – 120/80 mm of Hg. , . To day came with symptoms of pain of left neck to ear, aggravated doing her professional works.. Nausea, unsatisfactory stool, cough, angry, non-co operative face. R/ PLATINA, 200C., three doses, on successive stroke, respective mornings.

    Final Comments:-

    According to Kent Rep = P-44, fear of death, alone, at night is the symptoms of PHOSPHOROUS, In chronic case fear of death might be an ultimate symptoms that developed with much experience of suffering ; As PHOS is a deep aching anti tubercular ( Syphilitic with psoric base mainly ) Dr. Kent also advised us to be cautious about its use. So I choose ARS ALB as the acute of PHOSPHOROUS, and in maximum cases and found success, Then after the total relieve apply the true anti-miasmatics in 30 © potency only dose form with too dilution. Here also the same is being carrying , though the patients cooperation is poor but I am continuing the treatment without any return to revaluing my conception about the antimiasmatic therapy in such a typical condition and to see how her good mentality will be returned ( The Organon Ap. No 210 / foot note no 121) THANKS.

  37. Ok guys please help a desperate mom here. My child have AUTISM, severe ADHD, OCD and SPD. Am considering homeopathic treatment not sure where to begin.

  38. Modern science is not capable of understanding and commenting on Homeopathy efficacy……They would probably take another 500 years to understand Homeopathy……I find it Pharmaceutical Mafia Propaganda……LoL

  39. I have seen last stage cancer patients living for a longer time with homoeopathy treatment after trying everything else….

  40. I am shocked to see such a baseless conclusion of the video saying that homoeopathy is nothing but sugar pills , when scientists all over the world are constantly making efforts to establish its effectiveness ……….even so many international scientific journals have already proposed its working mechanisms.

  41. Homoeopathic medicine found in energy form in latest news IITians research institute Hyderabad some allopathic doctor says it's placebo but it also work on animal and babies and they cure it's Activated the vital force of the body and increase immune response to fight against the spirit

  42. homeopathy is the best solution for health problems , FDA wants to earn money so they talk negative things of homeopathy. what science they learned i dont understand.
    if small things they cant understand. take 1 1m carbo veg and see the result.

  43. Homeopathic fans! Please help a friend in need fill out a survey for a business study! Thank you!!

  44. You have to detox that nasty food preservative that your allergic to. Then consult a herbal practitioner one that can evaluate more beyond the symptoms or elements. Alternative medicine is for natural healing. To acquire natural healing you have to be evaluated, detoxed, cleansed, and then once the body renews it's liquids and all other symptoms.

  45. Yeah go where you are killed for health problems,,,,,,,,people need your organs. How do you think they can get them against your will. Why do prescription drugs KILL?

  46. And you think that something approved by the food administration will help you? More like 100 side affects. Food cures you, fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants. Not drugs.

  47. My friend grew up as an asthma child, always using asthma pumps, 1 visit to a homeopath and hasn't used a pump in over 20 years…

    belladonna works like a miracle for fever in most cases, unless you need another remedy, luckily our homeopath is a phone call away and can advise what is needed

    Arnica for wounds

    Just a pity some people are stuck only with harmful allopathic medications for everything

  48. Being a Homoeopathic doctor i think u must frst of all not critisize other pathies without having proper knowledge of it.Allopathy does not cure at all any diseases it only suppresses.It does not so happen in homoeopathy.Its a true science not a pseudo science

  49. Subscribe for More Education on Homeopathic Treatment https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLGiyXrZ11Qe_625BvqhEQw

  50. Mr. lodu man, Have you ever wonder that even after such restrictions and myths about homeopathy there are millions people who take these. I was having knee pain for three years and i took allopathy but it didn’t work but homeopathy worked and i m really well today. For me homeopathy is not less than a life giving medicine. So please Mr. Lodu do not spread such superstition. And one more thing Australia has banned only three recommendations out of 45.

  51. I experimented on myself with homeopathic meds from homeopathic med i didn't get any results but from another med i got an effective result. If it was a placebo then both med should should work.

  52. Rubbing a cat will definitely not cure a rash. I asked my HOMOEOPATHIC doctor about this and shows this video . He explained that when a drug substance diluted beyond Avogadro's number and administered to a healthy human being it produced some symptoms. when it is similar to the disease symptoms it will work . You are misleading people . Watch a stupid person's video and it will make you stupid perhaps it is the best example of like cures like .

  53. Belladonna cured my fever in two hours.. and graphites cured my chronic constipation in 3 days.. oh fuck it was all placebo.. thanks for awareness..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Why Alopathy(psychopathy) hate Homeopathy? Simple answer. Severe Angina pectoris patient needs 200 USD worth Alopathy Med in India per month.(not much effective) At the aame time homeo cost only 10 USD per month!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. My father is a severe Angina pectoris patient and been taking Homeo or 30+ years(He wont last 5 if taken alopathy) How palcebo can help the heart muscles and valves to work??

  56. Wn patient comes to you,you give medicine if it works for him he will tell doctor ur a god –that wt we homeopath wants we don't want prove our self with ur principles and criteria

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