So I’m an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. An Upper Cervical Chiropractor’s very different than standard Chiropractic. I don’t do any twisting cracking popping. I make a very precise correction to this top bone in the spine and we put it back exactly where it’s supposed to go. This top bone is called the atlas. Now all the other bones in the spine look like this and they have these bones that interlock and limit how much the spine can move but that atlas that top bone is very different than all the other bones in the spine in the fact that it doesn’t have those same bones that hold it into place. It’s very freely moving. The only thing that holds it in the place are these muscles tendons and ligaments and so throughout life we have different accidents and injuries that happen and it doesn’t have to be a major car accident or a you know, a head-on collision type of thing. Everybody’s rang their bell. Everybody seen stars and when that happened. It makes little tears in these muscles tendons and ligament which means then this bone moves out of place. When it moves out of place, it heals out of place. Now the first thing that happens as you can see that this is the skull it takes the head with it. now the brain As a self righting reflex where it wants your head to go level. So it’s going to level your eyes. it can’t change the position of this bone. And so now we’re going to start getting compensations all the way up and down the spine we can have issues at low back. We can have issues at mid back, neck, knees, hips because we’re trying to balance the weight of this bowling ball up on top of the spine. But the other thing that happens is that when this bone moves out of place. It puts pressure on the brain stem. now the brain communicates to every function in the body not only how the heart, liver, kidneys, digestive tract, everything is hard wired to that brain through nerves it also controls Fluid regulation to the brain and also affects all of the cranial nerves in the brain and other words the eyes, ears, nose, throat Everything is affected at that brainstem level. So we have interference at that brainstem level it can literally affect any function in the body So that’s in a nutshell of what I do. I take pressure off this brain stem so that we can start restoring normal function and normal posture to the body.

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