Dr Richard Needle talks about Water Plus and
Cancer Hello, I am Dr Richard Needle, PhD, Nutritionist
and medical intuitive. This is Water Plus, Aging Plus under my own
label this is supplement water it makes 30 Gallons a 3-month supply in addition to the
other water that we drink every day, the reason this water is so special there are 2 major
highlights 1. You are oxygenating your body at cell level.
This does not occur because we drink 8 – 10 glasses of water every day, this occurs because
this water allows, oxygenates the cells of our body by penetrating and allowing at least
a minimum of 60% oxygenation and we are drinking this water supplement 7 days a week. So it
will wipe out cancer cells and markers that begin at the cell level. My patients who drink
this water do not have any, any cancer in their body.
Medical doctors will tell us that every body has this in their system, these cancer markers.
Our patients don’t have that, this is a major factor of the Anti Aging Plus, Water
Plus, you’ll drink so many cups per day it is strictly water, there is nothing added
to it. And for people who meditate; we have people, spiritual people who tell us that
they are raising their vibrational frequency and they feel so much better, lighter, higher,
so to speak. (Slide) ‘Dr Richard Needle talks candidly
about hydration, cancer and water plus. WWW.dowsingforhealth.com ’ How do they use it? I dowse how many cups
they need. I tell them how to mix it, they mix three capfuls in a gallon of their best
water, ideally spring water, and they drink 32 ounces a day, a quart a day, plus any other
water they want to drink that’s all. It is about 3 to 3.5 months worth of supplement.
I will go through every single water out there; Penta hydrate, smart water, dumb water, vitamin
water and its all dead. And in fact some of it, Penta hydrate can be cancer causing in
some peoples bodies. Ever seen that in the stores, Penta hydrate?
Some people who buy these water machines they are going to balance their PH, that’s the
magic thing out there, PH balancing and what happens is, that, not only it is water with
stuff added to it; it is not going to be right, never because they put other stuff in it.
If you want your body to be; balanced and have the right Ph let the body tell how to
deal with it. I left this out today, the body heals itself, I did tell it in the first round.
Your body will let you know and give you alkalinity by eating the right Lectens; and drinking
the right water and the water plus along with the supplements. The litmus test, so what.
It is such a scam. So it is Gluten, its Lectens. They made a whole industry and called it Gluten
free we are going to have meetings on Thursday night, incredible, it’s out there that ‘s
because of the lack of information about this kind of stuff, I’ve known this, and its
proven itself and I don’t need to convince myself anymore..

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