73 thoughts on “Drive Thru Trick-Or-Treat Challenge | What Will We Get?”

  1. Do you guys have any other fun Drive-Thru video ideas that you’d like to see us do??

    Comment them below!

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    💋- Brooklyn

  2. Hey Brooklyn and Bailey!! I challenge you to the Tin Can Challenge!

    To set up the Tin Can Challenge:
    1. Buy 12-14 Canned Foods Ranging from Disgusting like Dog/Cat Food, Sardines, Delicious things like Fruit cocktail or Chocolate Pudding.
    2. Take off the Labels of the Tin cans and write the same number on one of the nice cans and one of the horrible cans (so you should have two number 1 cans, two number 2 cans and so on).
    3. Write down all the numbers and put them in a container/hat so you can randomly choose a number

    Doing the Tin Can Challenge:
    1. Draw a number from the hat
    2. Pick one of the two cans at random with the corresponding number and Open the can
    3. Eat a spoonful…
    4. Finish all the numbers without being sick….

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Who woulda come up with a video like this? Never thought anyone would, but apparently Brooklyn and Bailey do! 😂 killed me, love u guys

  4. Bailey: going all out on her costume

    Brooklyn: slings on a yellow raincoat

    Me: throws candy at people quickly so I don't embarrass myself to the public because I am wearing a black T-shirt and the only thing halloweeny is my bat earing….

  5. For bailey:
    Hi my name is Penny Wise
    I wish someone would give us frys
    When you order a soda they give you a lid
    On Halloween I like the scare the kids

  6. Here something that would be cool so Brooklyn orders something and then at the window Bailey pops up from behind saying trick or treat

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