Are you suffering with chronic pain? Have you heard of Dry Needling or Dry Needle Therapy?
Dry needling can relieve a range of musculoskeletal problems by inserting very fine needles into taut and contracted muscles, or trigger points.
The purpose of inserting the needles is not to inject a drug or chemical, in fact, nothing is injected at all. The aim of the needling is restoring the proper function and motion to muscles and joints.
Dry needling is relaxing and therapeutic procedure that can be a very beneficial part of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, especially when other therapies have failed.
Dry needling has been shown to be effective for treating conditions like back and neck pain, sporting or work related injuries, and pain and discomfort resulting from a whiplash or car accident.
There is a wide range of acute and chronic orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions that can be treated using dry needling, and it is most frequently used in conjunction with manual therapy and physiotherapy treatment.
Dry needling relieves the pain caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction by relaxing superficial and deep trigger points in the muscles — these taut bands develop within a muscle and occur in cases of both acute and chronic pain.
Trigger points can also cause severe pain in a muscle due to structural stresses like poor posture, repetitive actions like factory or computer work, or even from emotional trauma.
Once a trigger point develops it can refer pain to other regions and create dysfunction in other muscles and joints of the body. Some severe headache patterns have been found to be due to myofascial trigger points.
Dry needle therapy involves gently inserting a solid filament needle into the painful part of the muscle (the trigger point) to break the pain cycle and allow the muscle to relax and release the painful trigger point.
Treatment is continued until the associated pain and discomfort has been eliminated and the imbalances caused by the muscle being taut and contracted have been resolved.
Despite using the same type of needles, dry needling and traditional Chinese acupuncture the two therapies are in fact very different.
With dry needling, the needles are slowly inserted into the body, in areas of muscle dysfunction. This is unlike acupuncture, where needles are inserting along meridians that are believed to contain “chi” and the goal of treatment is to balance this invisible flow of energy.
Unlike acupuncture, needling is focused directly on treating specific neuromuscular problems that are causing pain or hindering mobility.
Dry needling is a very safe and relaxing process.
Many patients experience favorable results with dry needling after the first or second treatment, finding that their painful muscles are less taut and contracted, and that they are able to move with less restriction and pain.
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  1. I have been begging for dry needling for years. No one will do it. Pain management drs keep shooting botox into me making me worse but because insurance will pay 5 grand for it they do it and say that dry needling is too time consuming and they cannot bill for it. Also in my state of NY it is illegal for physical therapists to perform it.  Acupuncturist feel it is for them to do and not pt's but the few I called said no we don't dry needle just acupuncture. So I can't figure them out and why they complain about letting pt's dry needle. I have suffered too many years and nothing takes them out

  2. My naturopath sent me for dry needling. I had never heard of it. It has been a godsend. I suffered with neck and shoulder pain since a work injury 8 yrs ago. Nothing ever helped. I took so much tylenol and advil it was beginning to hurt my organs. So I was switched to narcotics, which of course made me sleepy and sick. I finally found dry needling. Had ONE treatment and was painfree for weeks. Of course my original injury is still there so I flare up. But now when I have pain 2 days in a row, I go in, get needled and get back to my life.

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