Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist this
is a dry needling demonstration so I’m going to be dry needling Annabelle here
on the table we’re addressing neck and shoulder issues but I’m just going to do
some segmental dry needling through the upper back which is the
beginning of the dry needling sequence that I would do on a full neck and
shoulder treatment so to let you know first of all what the dry needle is it’s
it’s exactly the same as an acupuncture needle so it’s in this clear straw which
is what’s called a guide tube and then if you want to look at the the needle
itself it’s extremely thin it’s very thin filament of steel so
that’s all it is it’s not not particularly intrusive so I’m going to
bin that one these needles always have to be completely sterile before we begin so
I’m going to just demonstrate this just one needle for you in fact I might do
the whole sequence so I’m going to begin by just palpating around and finding
Annabelle’s bony landmarks so I’ve found the correct
vertebrae to start on there so I’m going to be just putting a needle in right
next to that vertebrae so take a deep breath in there for me and breathe out
relax and that’s it so that’s the initial insertion and then I just push
it in a little bit further and that’s it that’s the first needle in and I’ll be
working my way down a couple of vertebrae here for the second needle now Annabelle’s very used to receiving
dry needling so I don’t need to give her the breathing queue every time but if you
were new to it I’d be taking my time with it with you okay so that’s one side of the spine if
I was to treat the the whole neck and shoulders I’d also be putting in some
needles around the shoulders here and perhaps up into the neck as well so
here’s a close-up of the segmental needling on both sides of the spine so
that’s dry needling in a nutshell it’s usually quite a pain free relaxing
yet effective method of releasing tension

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  1. I had this done for the first time today on the right side of my neck and shoulder and it was definitely not pleasant. Not that area is really sore. But they told me it would get better.

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