Hey guys! Doug Soell here with Velocity Physical Therapy in Denton, Texas. Just want to kind of go over what dry needling is and how it differs from acupuncture. You know this is a question we get all the time as we offer dry needling to most of all of our patients as they come see us. There’s a lot of research behind it . You know? There are really quick results, patients love it, and it’s relatively pain-free for the patient to go through. So what kind of touch base with acupuncture and then finish it off with dry needling. You know acupuncture is based on traditional chinese medicine. There’s meridians throughout the body that have acupoints on them. Those needles are inserted into those acupoints and they’re trying to move chi or energy up and down those meridians and treatment systems of the body. Where, when we’re using dry needling, the philosophy behind it is based on Western modern scientific studies of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. So we’re putting / inserting these needles in the muscle bellies and the tendons, Maybe where the tendon the bones join together or even around the nerve to stimulate the nerve. We know you know through various research studies that there’s certain chemicals throughout the body that are there with trigger points, that are there with pain and you know with the insertion of the needles actually reduces those chemicals and brings natural healing to that area. It could increase the blood flow to that area could stimulate the nerve and then also controls the pain centers of the body and decreases those so you get that that pain relief as well. Commonly, will put you know electrical stimulation on these needles as well. There’s more research with electric stimulation the use of needles We will often use that in conjunction with the needling itself. They’re left in the body for about 10, 15, 20 minutes and are taken out. You may have a little bit of soreness from it, but typically get some good pain relief and improved range of motion and just a lot of good results. So, if you’re curious about any of our other services or any more about dry needling give us a call check us out on our website velocity-pt.com subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’re bringing you more information about our services and testimonials for patients. So, we look forward to seeing you guys here at Velocity Physical Therapy and you guys have a great day. Thanks!

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