In Homeopathy we learn, we learn
that each organism has its own severity of state, that means: headache one person,
headache the other person. In this headache, which is similar to his headache,
it’s much more easy to cure than this headache, that means there is a depth
on this headache and not a depth in that headache. That means that
this headache will be cured without almost any perceptive aggravation. His headache which is over deeper kind,
he is going to have a tremendous aggravation. At this point we have to be very clear
because when we explain Homeopathy we have to explain it in this way that
makes sense to the patient to ourselves, to understand what we are
doing and this understanding it’s useful later on when you evaluate a case,
what has happened, shall I give another remedy, shall I wait,
what is this, what is that? Do I give a remedy for one symptom?
These questions are going to be solved if you understand very clearly
the mechanism of cure Who is more sick? A person with a heart
problem, a person with a liver problem, a person with a lung problem, a person
with skin problem? Previously to that understanding your answer could be
immediately: the person who has skin problems is better. Not always! We have weak spots, weak predispositions
in different levels. Which of these spots is going to be activated potentially, that means
potentially we are going to suffer with this or this or with this or with that disease.
Potentially! Now we get a stress, we get antibiotics, we get a stress
we lost our parents, we lost our children, whatever, we’re in big grief, which
of these spots is going to be activated? It might be activated a spot which is quite deep,
That means that the organism jumps up very fast. The levels of predisposition from
the lower level goes right deep. That means the grief was so much that
almost killed the organism, so it can go very fast to the heart. In the same way
as the physical body is structured on this hierarchy level in the same way
the emotional body is also structured with systems and organs. We have systems
and organs which dealing with different emotions. So if we go on the emotional level
we see that from suicidal depression, where people just commit suicide and finish,
we come down to apathy state, to indifference, sadness, people
many times they confuse depression with suicidal depression where you jump,
and finish. There is no way out of this depression, and that’s why you jump. Number 4, 5, 6 level, then in this
group of diseases we observe acutes that becoming frequent and more severe We have to be very careful in evaluating
what is going on when an acute comes. In this group, the meaning of the acute the
evaluation of an acute has a totally different meaning than an acute
in number 3 or 4 group. The evaluation is totally different.
The moment you hear that I was having frequent colds etc. acutes, and since
one year, since eight months, since two years I don’t get
so frequently, calculate from that time the organism has gone down to level 3.
Pathology is more strong and you are going to have a difficulty
in treating such cases. It is not going to be an easy case. So therefore this idea: “I will know the
remedy if I know the miasm” is a wrong conception. Nux vomica you remember, irritable
and impatient and especially when they get tired especially when
they are confronting with a lot of issues Nux vomicas, they can just break
the table or break the telephone it could go like this, exactly like that. What sometimes has happened,
the secretary… and because you ‘re many times late because you had a
difficult case before you couldn’t calculate the time and he is late. And then
it comes like this, 5 minutes, 5 minutes it’s OK, 10 minutes,
15 minutes, he jumps. He says to the secretary: “Listen, is the doctor
going to take me or not, I have an appointment at 4 o’clock and
it is quarter past 4. We have Stramonium, we have some
type of aggression It is very seldom that Stramonium
will be indicated where there is no aggression, there is no violence
and when I say violence I mean the appearance of the
symptoms as well. So Stramonium is a remedy
which can express that which is inside which is on the
subconscious and can express it in a violent manner, in a violent way.
We realize that these persons they have kept inside them
a lot of darkness, a lot of dark elements, it is a heavy darkness and it is indicative
that they cannot stand external darkness. If you have a Stramonium and
you sleep in a dormitory and switch off the light in the night.
Even if he is in sleep, wakes up in a terror to open the lights. It is so much
the fear of darkness which indicates the condition in which this person is living.
Yet in spite of this description which I make you may imagine somebody who comes
in front of you and he is violent. No! They are very controlled and very nice
and can be very sweet when they are in the consultation room
but then they will say from time to time or when time comes
the feat comes, anger comes, the violence comes and the violence
is heating, striking and killing. The desire is not the desire to kill,
I have to complete the action of violence. Hyoscyamus which is similar remedy,
has the desire to kill. It’s very interesting because I cannot understand the desire
to kill and kill, what is the difference. Well the Hyoscyamus will tell you
I have the desire to kill constantly, who to kill, anybody,everybody
but they never, you never know, they don’t go ahead and detonate
their anger by doing some very violent thing.
Well with the Stramonium they will take a knife
and they will charge and hit and then you see the aggression and hit
their children, they hit their mothers, their fathers, they will attack
tremendously, aggressive and violent in their feat of anger

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  1. It seems to be a great program to learn not only the basic principles but advance concepts in homeopathy. Thanks and Regards.

  2. It is hard to believe only 3000 people have viewed this so far.  One of the the most profound truths of this world explained by its greatest luminary.  The music track is a little overpowering at the start though.

  3. Hello Sir @George Vithoulkas ! I am also practicing Homoeopathy in India since 1994. I attended your seminar once.Your contribution to Homoeopathy is great.I  have not been in direct touch with you, but i am your student by reading your books & watching your videos.I will be highly obliged if i can ever talk to you. 

  4. Do u have correspondence homeopathy courses ? I have complited my ND i. e. (Naturopathy n Yoga ), MD (AM)

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