Hey there, folks. You know that saying “an apple a day keeps
the doctor away”? You probably first heard it back in kindergarten. I still live with my mom so I’m told that
everyday! While this expression can be irritating, there
is some truth to it. Today, we’ll be talking about Why You Should
Eat An Apple Everyday. We know not all of you have apples on a list
of your favourite foods, but dang are they good for you! Do they assist in weight loss? How about heart benefits? Can apples really prevent type 2 diabetes? Or even cancer? We’re talking all that AND more… Apples Supply Your Body With Great Nutrients When it comes to your health, apples are a
nutrient goldmine. Just biting into one means opening a floodgate
of amazing health benefits. For those of you who aren’t apple enthusiasts,
prepare to have your mind changed… For starters, the average medium-sized apple
is around 72 calories. You are also looking at around 13% of your
daily fiber intake. And let’s not forget about Vitamins. Eating one apple means you are receiving about
6 mg of Vitamin C, which is 11% of your recommended intake for the day. There are also satisfying amounts of manganese,
potassium, Vitamin K and copper. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Sure
apples have a lot of nutrients, but you said ‘benefits’. What benefits will eating an apple a day provide
me with?” Well let’s get into that… Eating Apples Can Help You Lose Weight Geeze, apples are looking better already,
aren’t they? One of the great benefits of eating any fruit
is potential weight loss. Apples are surprisingly filling. Because of their high fiber content, this
fruit will make you feel full for a longer period of time. Not to mention all the water you are consuming
by eating a single one. A study conducted in 2009 focused on people
who begin their meal by eating sliced apples. As it turns out, they consumed 200 calories
less than people who didn’t eat apples before meals. The average woman needs about 2000 calories
per day, while the average man should have 2500. In order to lose weight, it is recommended
that you subtract 500 calories from your daily diet. If your schedule is a little hectic, and you
have zero time to head to the gym, have no fear! Munching on an apple is a great place to start
the weight loss process. Apples Lower Your Risk of Diabetes Diabetes is listed among the world’s most
glaring health concerns. Did you know that an estimated 1 in 3 adults
in the United States are prediabetic? No kidding. By 2013, around 382 million people around
the world are estimated to have diabetes. That number is predicted to shoot up to almost
600 million by 2035! For those of you concerned about diabetes,
well you may want to consult a doctor. But in the kitchen, you can start eating apples. Research has linked the consumption of apples
to decreasing a person’s risk of diabetes. Take this one study for example. This piece of research from 2011 focused on
people who ate one apple every day, as well as a group who didn’t. By the end, those who ate apples had a 28%
less chance of diabetes. You see, apples contain a type of soluble
fiber called pectin. This acid is released into the bloodstream,
helping to maintain a proper level of blood sugar. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to
fighting the risk of diabetes, apples are on your side. There’s no way you can so ‘no’ to one
now. Or can you? Well how’s this for a confidence boost… Apples Potentially Prevent Cancer Now let me quickly say that this is not a
certainty. Many studies have simply pointed toward this
claim being true. For instance, lab studies have shown that
several compounds found in apples have the potential to prevent cancer from growing. Keep in mind, further studies are needed to
confirm this. Apples contain several nutrients and polyphenols
that may very well assist in cancer prevention. The apple peel even carries chemical compounds
of its own. These are known as triterpenoids, which as
evidence suggests, may help battle cancer as well as several other diseases. A study conducted back in 2005 suggested that
people who scarfed down 1 apple a day had a 20% lower risk of colorectal cancer, and
an 18% less risk of breast cancer. But before you get excited and go on an apple
splurge at the grocery store, you must remember that further research is required! Still not convinced that apples are the way
to go? Well don’t you worry because we’ve got
plenty of other great points you’ll want to hear. Before we continue, have you been concerned
with the overall state of your health? Perhaps you should check out our video discussing
7 Foods That Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Do you have kids? Are you searching for better ways to detect
health issues in your little ones? Click on our clip discussing Health Symptoms
In Children That Indicate Serious Disease. Now let’s continue with our discussion about
why you should eat an apple a day…. Apples Fight Heart Disease For every 25 grams of apple you consume, you
are 9% less likely to suffer a stroke. Is there a simpler way to put that? Apples can be great for your heart. When I mentioned the triterpenoids located
in the peel a second ago, I didn’t mention the other polyphenols that exist within it. One of these is a flavonoid known as epicatechin. While triterpenoids maintain proper blood
sugar, epicatechin lowers your blood pressure. Flavonoids such as these are linked to a 20%
lower risk of stroke. One study done in 2013 put apples up against
cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins. By the end, it was found that apples had a
more potent effect against heart disease than the statins. This just gets better and better, doesn’t
it? Well don’t run to the grocery store just
yet. Apples Keep Your Gut Healthy Everybody wants a healthy gut. After all, it is essential to our wellbeing. And what better way to help cleanse it of
unwanted bacteria, then to eat an apple. Ever heard of microbiome? Well your microbiome is comprised of different
kinds of bacteria that help control your guts digestion. The amount of good and bad bacteria needs
to be balanced in order for your body to remain healthy and function properly. If there’s an imbalance, you may experience
high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol and many other health issues. So how do we maintain a healthy balance? Apples contain a fiber known as pectin. This serves as a type of fuel for your healthy
gut bacteria, growing inside your colon and transforming into healthy compounds. This is all the more reason to munch on an
apple once a day. Now that we’ve got the gut taken care of,
let’s move on to the lungs, shall we? Apples Battle Asthma Not only are 25 million Americans suffering
from asthma, 8.4% of the country’s children currently have it. It sounds a bit far-fetched, but if you’re
one of those people, an apple may be your answer to breathing a tad easier. The antioxidants in apples defend your lungs
from harmful particles. The flavonoid quercetin helps to reduce inflammation
and cleanse the immune system, making it easier for your lungs to function. I bet you didn’t know that eating less than
a quarter of an apple each day can decrease the severity of asthma by 10%. There is also good news for pregnant women. Research shows that the kids of women who
eat apples on a routine basis during pregnancy show fewer signs of asthma before the age
of 5. It’s so ironic that apples fight asthma,
because the amount of benefits this fruit carries is leaving me breathless… Alright, bad joke. I’ll forget about it if you do. Let’s just move on… Apples Help Your Brain Function That’s right! If you want better cognitive function, apparently
apples hold the answer. Let’s discuss apple juice for a minute. We’ve all had it at a certain point in our
lives. In a study on mice, those that drank apple
juice exhibited minimized mental decline and produced more oxygen in their brain. Apple juice also helps to preserve the brain’s
neurotransmitters like acetylcholine. This chemical works to send signals to other
cells in your body. When your level of acetylcholine is low, you
can become vulnerable to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. To add to the good news, the quercetin located
in apples will protect your brain cells from folding under oxidative stress and succumbing
to free radicals. Now that’s what I call food for thought. Are you an “apple a day” type of person? Would you consider being one after watching
this video? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  6. Guys the last 6 months I have lost 30-35 Kgs!! For the first time in my life. And I'm 40! I achieved that just by consuming 2700 Kcals per day. Which is very easy. You just need a digital kitchen scale. And I must say that every day I have a sliced apple with cinnamon and 11gr of walnuts no matter what. Try it. You lose weight with pleasure when you know the calories of each type of food. And to calculate kcals it's a matter of a minute.

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