Okay Okay, so what do you feel in your body when you think about that disappointment? Okay and What do you got the final number did you feel disappointed yes, okay, so thinking back now to see that final number How intense is the beating of your chest Right now Okay, how much was back then? What do you? Okay So you looked at your tax return and realize you hadn’t done as well as you hoped you’ve done. Yeah So just think if there’s some time when you were a child that you felt that feeling in your chest Some type of incident that happened when you felt that feeling Okay So don’t tell us what it is, but just give us a one-word summary Last week okay And what number you now in your chest in your tummy? Are you keeping that number low try to keep the number down or are you letting it be big Before I cut out sighs Okay, I’ll work with that by the fire then so So let’s tap over here And just say hi sweet What number you now That’s good, so get in touch with it Let’s just let everybody feel it We’ll say iose ween ice cream I Didn’t get what I wanted I didn’t get what I wanted. I offered get what I want I Want these things so much Thanks so much And all my wanting isn’t enough oh my wanting isn’t enough to make them happen to make them happen I Want these things so much, thanks so much I am not good enough I deeply and completely accept myself I do I accept my not good enough self I Want these things so much Happen let us sit down. Would you like to stay standing? Okay, whatever is it right now? No yeah, they keep on checking with yourself to see if it goes up it goes down Keep on touching base with your body anybody will tell you how you’re doing Also, let’s just go ahead and sit down rather than standing out so Remove this shirt here George asleep and take a seat and Brooke. You just sit somewhere where you can pull the microphone No sir could just bring George’s some Kleenex and a glass of water. I’d appreciate that Now Jordan of numbers God, I’m guessing probably some of you had your number gonna have gone as well That as you feel her intensity and Her willingness to be courageous and feel and intensity fully. It’s probably triggering you as well and again this Technique where we watch someone else do we have tea and tap ourselves is called borrowing benefits And so you will be your borrowing benefits the whole of today yesterday, and that will help you shift your own issues Because we’ve all had these disappointments as children So I go and just tap on all your points I want things that don’t happen I’m not good enough They don’t happen because I’m not good enough I’ll never be good enough. I am did it up I’m not gonna doubt I deeply and completely accept myself I Accept myself just where I am And just where I’m not I love and accept myself I Don’t deserve things I Don’t deserve anything I deserve everything My dad deserve anything Now I’m gonna demonstrate one other Element of EFT that’s used infrequently, but it’s very useful sometimes and It’s called the 9 gamut technique And what number you right now get in your chest and tummy Higher up your body is higher Is the 9 or is it? Okay, so it’s a high number still okay Okay, so what you do that. Don’t try to use herself right now but Georgia just tap over here this little groove over here and then Look straight ahead of yourself, okay, I’ll keep your head still and Close your eyes your eyes look down hard to the left. That’s good look down hard to the right I Said it again And look straight ahead now. I is it a big circle there we go Good eye is the big surf on the other direction. They go circle as you can make them go in Okay, let’s leave with that and see see how you’re doing has it ever shifted as your body changed at all Good that’s start nificant yeah I’m good enough to have a voice My parts mido desert have a voice Parts me do desert have a voice part I Accept all the parts of me Even the unacceptable ones Supports me. Don’t deserve anything Supports me deserve everything I Deeply accept all these parts I accept, Georgia Myself Not all of myself all the time But some of myself some of the times. It’s okay Here okay That’s what he you can’t make myself in sentence statement you say a partial statement of self acceptance You can’t say the whole thing and say no, maybe there’s one little bit of me that deserve something sometimes Maybe I deserve one scoop of ice cream every three years This is good I don’t register this part when it closes I Didn’t know this Stop But my stomach feels fine in my chest So think about the ice cream incident again See what let me even make it see every evoke the intensity Looks like there’s something there, that’s that you’re experiencing some kind of emotion am I right let’s top again Even though I slab some of his feeding left even though I have some Even though I don’t get what I want even though I deeply and completely accept myself Aiya sweet I Love I did like I asked me I disappointed by that sweet I’ve disappointed by myself Parts myself Doug deserve They’ll never deserve. I’m not good enough. I’ll never be good enough Hyah screams good enough I Get what I want sometimes sometimes I don’t get what I want sometimes down and Without the things I don’t have without I love myself anyway. I love myself anywhere. Just where I’m just with the things I have and Without the things I don’t have Okay, so see how you feel though So what it was was I was about five and I Picked an ice-cream out got one scoop right picked it out, and it was liquor Disappointment Yeah, yeah and sometimes it looks like a small thing but It really Hurts us Yeah Yeah but again honoring your own experience and that maybe just been a better for a few for other things going on in your life that I that I couldn’t That I couldn’t say I didn’t yeah Yeah So let’s tap on that I couldn’t say I didn’t like this I Just took my lumps I pretended. I was okay I’m good at pretending. I’m okay Well I’m really hurting inside I have an expert In pretending I’m okay in pretending okay? I’m not really okay What would happen if people knew I wasn’t really okay They might hurt me even worse So I cover up my pain I Always have to do this these have to do this. It’s not safe to show you a vulnerability it’s not You have to pretend it doesn’t hurt you have to pretend it doesn’t heal everybody hurts Except myself where except myself the way, I am all these hurts I accept my texts which are the way it is Even though it’s not what I want even though It is it is I accept what is I accept, what do you argue with reality you lose? Why argue with reality sometimes I don’t like it and might not like it I don’t get what I want No matter how hard I tried I don’t deserve it. I know I never have deserved it Never will deserve it. I do deserve it I Deserve happiness as much as anyone else Georgia deserves happiness What’s her tail ender So where is that nope in your body? I got What number is it Four or five So, Georgia thinkit’s some things you can tap on yourself right now to help you feel that feeling and Then move through it so you can intent might intensify the feeling you can try and shift the feeling that how can you process this? hold unhealed emotion Okay, so you’re feeling this feeling in your gut it’s a four or five, and it’s that beanie of nope about, Georgia yeah So I want to have you make up some statements of your own now you can tap on It’ll help you feel that and release it So this just tap just have anywhere at any point you like And it’s talk to yourself Tell yourself about your disappointments about your aspirations about not wanting are not getting things about deserving Say those things I don’t deserve. I don’t deserve Sometimes I am sometimes. I’m not good enough Sometimes I can have what I want Sometimes I can’t have what I want Sometimes what I want isn’t good for me sometimes what I wanted this okay? Sometimes I do deserve what I want Sometimes I don’t deserve Keep going I don’t have to be perfect I’m an adult. It’s alright Sometimes I can have what I want sometimes I can Sometimes like Sometimes I can I’ll sure you are you have that? Sometimes you have what you want. Are you sure I Don’t know how I get what I want I Don’t know how to get what I want I’ve never knowed how to get what I watch I Want these things that I’d get them My life doesn’t work out the way, I’d hoped I Had a lot of disappointments in life I’ve had a lot of disappointments Life doesn’t always work out too well People that always work out too. Well I Love itself myself Just where With all the things that I’d have Were the things I have I love and accept myself I love it except, Georgia Well they’re tax returns the way it is With licorice ice cream Okay, just like that for another to see how you’re doing more accepting You’ve also taken deep breaths and gone Several times that looks like you’re working through different layers of intensity there But that’s what a few yes As anything else coming up view And something about why something not working out that I have to negate myself It doesn’t work hot well, it’s all my fault all my fault only my fault. Tell me my fuck no one else’s fault what else Because I’m stupid yes, because there’s something wrong with me yes Morphic field of Real estate Good Yeah, you definitely are but I first met you I thought he’s Deborah sponsible the entire morphic feat of all the real estate in the world The entire world we all take crashes probably all her fault Yeah, yeah, I like that feeling about you. Yeah, no, I know it’s becoming my worst fears about you I am really stupid I made some decisions Even though I’m having to sell my house because I really love and accept myself Who will I be without my house Will people still love me without my house We’ll add still beat, Georgia without my house Well I love and accept myself He tried the opposite skin say I will never love it except myself and office house I will love and accept myself without this house My friends will love it some he would office house I might be better off without this house It’s alright to blow this house I’m still me People still love me. I don’t always love myself That’s the real problem People love me People trust me I deserve My dad deserve. I don’t I never deserved I never will deserve I do deserve I Always deserve My house my tax return my texts my house Myself I Love and accept myself I Have difficult things to deal with It’s love except myself I’m okay I’m not okay So what’s happening to your body right now keep tapping this? It’s very hard I don’t know I can’t even function. It’s so hard I Don’t know how I can function I don’t know how I am functioning Get this pain inside I’ve kept this pain inside for so long It feels normal to keep it inside It feels normal to show to not show how much I’m hurting I can’t show how much I’m hurting What will people think of me if I tell about Chuck hurting Well people think of me if they know how much What will people think of me that I’m losing my house? Well people think of me they know about my tax return Well think of me to know about the licorice ice cream I Hit the PD except myself Adelia a DPF completely accept myself Licorice ice cream Tax return and no house I Slap myself I love myself Even it’s hard Just love myself Nice to accept myself even when it’s hard I still have me I still have me that people still love me I Just love me George you’re so good at letting go I see you really releasing layer after layer after layer and We’re tapping into vain of hundreds of disappointing experiences here All which her to you most, which you did not share or tell people how much they’d hurt you So we’ve got a lifetime worth of stuff here And forty years of therapy never yeah Yeah, so the I can see myself first in the little girl who? Took the risk to order the ice Get down the disappointment about taking the risk She looks different to me now how does she look different I? Don’t I Feel soft toward Rather critical toward her yeah What we’ll do now is we’ll take do another exercise with where you pair off and work with people and we’re put some of you don’t know don’t know well and Let’s work on this Ida deserve peace so Let’s focus on that as as our theme and I’d like some news who knows why the EAP to work with, Georgia, and this is realm somebody hari Or you Terry could work work with Georgia and everyone else despite someone that you don’t know well And then just helm about all things you didn’t deserve Cuz I I can tell I mean yet the energy in the room is so intense We all but in this place of meeting. I don’t deserve. I can’t have I’m not good enough And it is such a powerful Tale ender in our mind every single thing every single aspiration we have even a normal request for courtesy and love Often doesn’t get met and we have that part of ourselves telling us. We don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve even the smallest of things So this is a really intense moment and I want to carry it forward in to work with people having to work with each other one-on-one so find a partner you don’t know and Just think about all the those statements that a lender is about not deserving not wanting not having enough and Let’s just tap on them tap tap tap tap tap and I’ll we’ll start with them. I think Quarter of an hour each, so this is your big chance to take those voices in your head and let them go promotional freedom So find a spot find a partner Thank you

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