Hey ya’ll and welcome back to my channel. This video is a little hard for me to record. I’m going to be honest because I am starting
to have some pains and my belly is getting tight and I think that I’m having contractions. I think that I’m going to be having her in
a day or two. I’m not sure. But last night, I had a sharp pain. Are you kidding me, what!? Oh my gosh. If you are new here, I’m Heather and I am
currently very pregnant with our rainbow baby. I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow. And last night, I had this very sharp almost
cramp feeling in my belly and it started at the bottom and went all the way up to here. And it stayed like that. It was hurting. I laid down last night because I’m like I’m
not going into labor at this time of day. It’s too late. So I went to sleep and I woke up this morning,
and I wasn’t in labor. But I’m starting to feel those pains again. This could be it, but I’m not sure. I just wanted to keep y’all updated on that. I have not been feeling good lately. To be completely honest, I’ve been crying
all day today because my family… I don’t know why, but today they just thought
that it would be a great day to humiliate me and make fun of me. They think it’s funny when it’s not to me. And everybody just joined in and was laughing. I think because people take it lightly when
you have a baby. They think that what you’re going to go through
is just open to jokes. I just got a shower and washed my face to
put on more makeup because it was just everywhere on my face. Today has been really hard, and I’m very emotional. I’m very uncomfortable. But I do have y’all and that means the world
to me, it really does. I think that I’m going to open up my po box
for y’all, but I don’t want y’all to feel obligated to send anything whatsoever. I just think that if anybody wants to send
something, maybe a letter, but you don’t have to. I was going to do an online baby shower, but
I’m probably not going to have a full on online baby shower. But I will share whatever I receive in videos. But I just feel, I don’t know. I just feel like I want to open up more to
y’all and I really love y’alls support. But you don’t have to send anything at all. I just have decided to share my po box with
y’all because I do have one now. And that brings me to what I’m going to do
today. And that is share what my friend, another
YouTuber, her name is Halie and her channel is halieandbaby, and she asked me “can I send
you stuff for the baby”. And she sent me this box! It is just full of stuff. It is so heavy. I am in just in total shock. She is such a good person and I absolutely
adore her. I love her. She reminds me of myself a lot. I don’t know, I just really like her a lot. I definitely consider her a friend. But she is so nice that she sent me all kinds
of stuff for the baby. I just want to go through it all with y’all
and share because I’m just in shock by the amount of stuff that’s in this box. I want to do that really quickly too. And it definitely made me feel better because
I’ve had a pretty bad day. And I’m not going to lie, my belly is hurting. But I want to look through everything really
fast on camera and share with y’all. Thank you so much, Halie. This really means the world to me. You are amazing. Oh my gosh, y’all. Oh my gosh. I literally was thinking I need to get something
like this because she has shared this on her channel before. But it is a Ryan & Rose Cutie pacifier. I love this. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this. I’m literally just going to stare at this
stuff all day. And look, then she gave me some pacifier clips. Halie, did you make these? Did you make these? If you did, that is amazing. I’m really so excited. I’ll be honest, I don’t have any of these
and I only have a couple pacifiers. Awww I love this. It’s like a reese’s cup. It’s like a reese’s cup. This is really cool. What the heck. This is really cool. I really want to check this out. I’m in shock. I love these. These are more pacifier clips. They’re so pretty. Here is Ryan and Rose Cutie Utensils Tinsils. This is really nice. Wow. Oh my gosh, this is really cute. That is so cute. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. This is adorable. I love this. You are spoiling our girl. What the heck. I’m in love. This is another Ryan & Rose Cutie Teether. I feel like this is a baby shower. Awww I love this. Awww I love this so much. This feeling magical, and
this little onsie has rainbows. Oh my goodness. This I love. I love this. And this one. So cute. I love this. What size are these? 0 to 3 months. These are really cute. I love these. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. 3 to 6 months. Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? I’m like shaking. This is amazing. I love this so much. This I love. I love this. Oh my gosh. This is cute. This is really cute as well. I really like this a lot too. It’s a notebook. I love this. And it has bible verses on each page. I really like this a lot. I’m just in shock. Halie, you’re amazing. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. I love this so much. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. What? Oh my gosh. I’m in love. Are you kidding me? Look at these. I love these because the rainbow stands for
our rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a baby that you get pregnant
with after you have a miscarriage. And earlier this year, I had two back to back
miscarriages and then I got pregnant with our baby girl. And Halie gave me onsies for our baby girl
that have rainbows on them. And I’m just in love. You just don’t know. I’ve tried to find onsies with rainbows and
stuff on them and clothes. It is really hard to find. It really means a lot to me. Oh we got some bath bombs. Oh my goodness. You are so stinkin nice. Here is a facial scrub coconut and rose milk. I’m going to be honest. I’m blown away and I’m kind of speechless
and I don’t really know what to say. It just is amazing. Oh my goodness. And she got me coconut and rose milk body
wash. I don’t want to pour it on myself. I’m scared. Oh that smells really good. Whoa. And this is coconut and rose milk bath soak. I’m going to be spoiled. Oh my gosh. Like I just feel like just so loved and overwhelmed. And facial wipes. Are you kidding me. What!? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I love this so much. She’s definitely going to wear this as soon
as she comes out. I love this. This is a I think you call these a head band
hair bow. And it says, after every storm there is a
rainbow. I love this so much. I’m like overwhelmed. I’m just speechless. I really am. Oh I love this too. I love this too. It’s a woman after God’s own heart. I really like this a lot. I definitely am going to be reading this. And here is a letter and it says read after
opening box. I’m going to be honest, I’m speechless. Like I’m so overwhelmed and I’m like hot because
it’s like. I don’t know. I’m just not used to feeling so loved. This is like I can’t get over this. I just can’t get over this at all. Oh my goodness. The cutie pat is from Ryan & Rose obviously. I thought it would look cute with the rainbow
clip. All teethers and clips were made by me. Praying for you and baby girl during your
delivery. Merry Early Christmas / Baby Shower. Love Halieandbaby. This is incredible. I first want to say that you are already an
amazing mom and wife and YouTuber and I love you so much. And you just don’t know how much this means
to me. I’ve had a rough couple of years. And a lot of people don’t know anything about
things that’s happened with me and everything that. Even my own family doesn’t know a lot of stuff. And a lot of people turned their back on me. There’s just been so much that’s happened
in the last few years. Just to meet you, such an amazing person,
who clearly has a heart, a humongous heart. and the fact that you put so much thought
into what you sent me. I’m speechless. And I definitely appreciate it. and thank
you so much. I’m going to read your letter over and over
and over again. It just means the world to me. You just don’t know how much this means to
me. I want to tell you that I am extremely proud
of you because this is amazing. This is amazing. The quality is unbelievable. I’m just in shock. I’m in total shock. This is amazing. You are super talented. I’m just. The quality of these are you kidding me. You handmade these. They feel so high quality and I feel like
honored that you sent these to me seriously as a gift. I feel very honored that you created these
and your own business of pacifier clips and teethers and you sent them to me. I’m just in shock. I really love these so much. Thank you so much. You just don’t know how much I’m so happy
and thankful that you. You just don’t know how appreciative I am. I mean look at how beautiful these are. Look at how beautiful these are. There’s a red one with white. This one will be so good for Christmas. All of these. I mean these are just incredible. Look at this. And this is amazing. And love reese’s cups. Reese’s cups are actually my favorite. I’m just in shock right now. Are you kidding me? What? Oh my goodness, and this I didn’t even see
this one y’all. This is the rainbow one. I didn’t even see this one at first. It fell right here. Oh. I love this. This is amazing. I love the grey. And I love the rainbow. Oh my goodness. Whoa. I’m just in shock right now. I’m in total shock right now. I’m speechless and I just want to say Halie,
I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are definitely very special to me. So I met Halie on YouTube because she was
also a trying to conceive mom. And I just knew that I really liked her because
I just. You can just tell when you like someone and
they have that personality that you just love. But I’m just in shock right now. I’m in total shock. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. And I will say that if y’all are interested
in any of these pacifier clips or teethers, she does make these. Here business is called Saved By Grace Creations. I will link that down below, so that y’all
can check them out. I will say these feel really nice quality. They feel really nice. And I feel honored that she sent them to me
as a gift for our baby girl. I feel I feel really just blown away right
now. Honestly, people aren’t this nice to me in
real life like honestly people are not this nice to me like my family, besides my mom. They’re really not this nice to me and it’s
just I don’t know what to say. I’m just like blown away. But thank y’all so much for watching this
video. and I’ll see y’all in our next one. Bye. I love y’all so much.

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