– I pivot my line of questioning. I start asking the patient what’s going on their lives now. What was their childhood like? What were their parents like? And once you get this release valve, a lot of symptoms go away. (soulful keyboard and percussion music) Hey guys, welcome to another episode of the Wednesday check-up. Today I wanna talk about
mind-body disorders. And I know that sounds
like a froo-hoo topic, I promise it’s not. It’s something that’s
not talked about enough within the medical community. It’s under-researched. And it can be contributing
to millions of conditions all across the world without even us knowing about it. Mental health and physical health are truly one and the same. You can’t have very good physical health without very good mental health. To give you some examples
of how powerful the mind is in taking control over the body, let’s take into consideration
the placebo effect. Someone, let’s say having a lot of pain, someone gives them a sugar pill that has no active effect on pain, but they tell them that it’s gonna have an effect on their pain, voila, the person feels less pain and in general they think
that they feel better quicker. Reflexively most people think that if they are given a placebo,
it’s only a mental effect. In reality, it’s also an
effect on your physical health. Because when a person
has 10 out of 10 pain, as an example, their heart rate also goes up. That’s an objective
finding that we can use to gauge whether or not someone has pain. Once we give them a placebo, not only do they feel
that they have less pain, but their heart rate drops as if they’re actually experiencing less of that pain. This works also the same way on the other side of the spectrum. If you’re having, say a lot
of stressors in your life, you’re suffering with some sort
of mental health condition, your blood pressure can be high. I’ve realized that we
don’t put enough emphasis on this mind-body connection. And I’ll tell you what I mean. Very often, as a society, as a culture, we want to tie everything
back to a physical cause. If someone has elbow pain,
if someone has low back pain, even if someone has a condition like a chronic cough or acid reflux, we’re always ready to tie it
back to a physical condition. If it’s not there, we say, “Well then, we don’t
know what’s going on.” And we label it idiopathic, which is the medical term is we have no idea what’s going on. What I started doing,
after doing some research and reading some really
good books on the subject, is understanding that patients
can have physical symptoms as a result of what’s going
on in their mental state. What your own mind is doing is trying to figure out
how to best distract you from some of these horrible, what your mind labels as
life-threatening emotions, and distracts you with
some physical symptoms. Makes you repress these emotions. And the more you repress these emotions, the more that they can overflow and cause complicated symptoms. I have patients that come in
with horrible low back pain. And as we move through the process of understanding what anatomy is there, trying to rule out, is everything okay from a physical cause, getting a thorough history. Once we get to the point where I have a strong enough suspicion that I think that there’s a
mental aspect to this pain, I pivot my line of questioning. I start asking the patient what’s going on in their lives now. What was their childhood like? What were their parents like? What emotions are they feeling
very powerfully right now? And once you get this release valve, a lot of symptoms go away. Now I’m not saying this
is right for everybody or this should be your
first line approach, but I’m just saying this is
something that I’ve noticed work incredibly well within
my patient population. Being an osteopathic doctor, someone that has a sports medicine focus, I’ve been treating patients with pain, sports injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain for a very long period of time. Up until I started incorporating more mental health questions in my sports medical diagnoses, I wasn’t having a lot of success. There’s an important line of questioning that needs to be addressed
within the mental state that often goes overlooked. But we should not be
blaming doctors for this. Or at least solely blaming doctors. Nowadays, we have such
an influx of patients, and with decreasing amounts that we’re getting paid per patient, it’s very difficult
when you have 15 minutes or even 10 minutes with a patient, to think in this broad
scope of whole patient and give adequate care. That’s why I make sure that whenever I’m meeting a patient for the first time, or I know a patient is coming
in for a complex diagnosis, I spent more time with that patient. Because we need to take into consideration all of the things that could
be causing these symptoms before jumping and getting pigeonholed into a single diagnosis. A very common question, and maybe something you’re
even thinking about now is, how does my mind make my back
hurt or my shoulder hurt? Research has been tremendously underfunded when we’re talking about
mind-body disorders. A doctor who’s made tremendous
strides in this field by the name of Dr. Sarno. He talks about a condition called TMS, which is tension myositis syndrome, or tension myoneural syndrome, where basically the mind, in order to distract your conscious from focusing on these
repressed unconscious emotions, actually decreases a little
bit of blood flow to a muscle. And a muscle that
specifically in your mind you know you’re weaker
in, or that you use often, and when you have a
decrease in blood flow, just how if you have the air conditioner blowing on your neck and you
wake up with a stiff neck, that can cause a muscle to
spasm or to function poorly. He’s actually done some
really interesting trials in showing tremendous cure rates, not just treatment and
symptom-resolving rates, but cure rates in patients
who were having these problems like low back pain,
shoulder pain, neck pain. Now I understand how
hearing Dr. Sarno’s theory can feel like, it’s a little bit far out. Things to take into consideration: When I as a doctor spend extra time talking to my patients about mindfulness, it’s not a waste of time, ’cause it’s gonna help them in other ways, even if it doesn’t solve
their physical problem that they’re coming to see me for. Second, it doesn’t cost
them any more money. I’m not selling them anything. I’m not doing anything for any self-interest purposes of mine. And the most important
thing is it’s low-risk. I’m not sending them for a surgery that can go horribly wrong, and they can have a permanent
defect in their body. It’s just a little harmless conversation that can actually benefit them even if it doesn’t cure
their original problem. You’re probably wondering to yourself, well what’s my role in this? No doctor has ever asked
me about my mental health when I came in for my
chronic low back pain. First and foremost, have a primary doctor. There’s been articles coming out lately that young folks,
millennials specifically, don’t have primary care doctors and are resorting going
to urgent care centers and telemedicine sites. It’s not an optimal solution. You need to have a quality
family medicine doctor, or internal medicine doctor, who knows your history, who knows what’s going on in your life, who has the time to take
this line of questioning. And that can only happen if
you have a primary care doctor. But one who practices
with a holistic approach. The second part of this is it’s up to you to be very
honest with your doctor. If a doctor asks you questions
about your mental health, or asks you what’s going on in your life, don’t just brush off all
your worries and stresses and very powerful emotions
that you’re feeling and say “I’m okay.” That’s a very simple thing that you can do in order to get the best treatment. I know this was a little bit dense, but I think these are conversations that we really need to be having. And with mental health getting
so much publicity nowadays, I feel like this is what
we should be talking about. Because this way, we
can influence doctors. We can influence researchers. And most importantly, I can influence you to think about this yourself and to ask your doctor
the right questions. I’m gonna have some resources down below in the description box. If you’re comfortable
sharing your questions, drop ’em down below. I am active in the comments section and I do have my monthly
responding-to-comments video. And I am gonna be looking at this video’s comments specifically to answer and give you guys some guidance. As always, stay happy and om. (soulful keyboard and percussion music)

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    Also my breathing. I'm feeling oddly out of breath and I find myself forgetting to breathe.
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    It's either one days laziness and horrific grief or I'm really physically sick.

    (Just to mention that I did call the night doctor and she said to take painkillers and call my doctor in the morning if I was still in pain. Long night. I was still in pain and called my doctor the next morning and his assistant told me to take painkillers throughout the day and see if the pain decreased and otherwise call again the next day.) It's been a few days now and I'm stil in a little bit of pain. I didn't call back because the pain has decreased quite a lot. I still have to force some deep heavy breathing but as of today maybe that is also getting a bit better. So, I'm just waiting to see if it will go away by itself.

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    No it ain’t. I feel like I’m internally bleeding because my heart is going too fast when all I’m doing is sitting here.

    Go to a therapist for depression.

    “Yea that’s a panic attack. Here’s what you do for that”

    3 doctors told me I was fine. Did not help me. 3 heart monitors. But no I’m fine you can’t tell me what’s wrong with me.

    MENTAL ISSUES CAUSE PHYSICAL AILMENTS PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. If something is wrong with you and a doctor tells you you’re fine but you know clearly something isn’t okay then it can actually make your mental issue worse thus making your physical issue worse.

  57. Can you talk about the stigmatization of physicians with mental health conditions and the “invisible curriculum” of invincibility within medical training?

  58. Yes I developed "vulvodynia"due to rape. I began therapy and later pelvic floor physical therapy and have made significant improvements in my health. It's a very difficult thing to begin due to humiliation. Fear, etc but I am happy I started. Before realizing this I had seen 6 doctors who put me on meds, lidocaine, and even suggested therapy. I had nothing physically wrong with my anatomy. It was all in my mind. Heal the mind heal the body!!

  59. This is a really great topic, I know i found it a little late, but Thank You! I agree that it is important to be honest with our primary care docs. I have a great relationship with my PC , but he has never asked me mental health questions. There is a question on the patient form, but that has been my experience. How can we get more docs to take a larger view of the patient as a whole, thus generating naturally to the personal questions that are necessary to get to the emotional problems?

  60. So, you're gonna be angry with me, but I don't have a primary doctor. My personal interaction with most doctors when I have a health issue is being told "You're young. It will heal." and when I go back in later, with it not being better, I get the same line. There is very little in the way of "Let's work to figure this out." that has ever come from a doctor for me. So, now I go to urgent care. I'm currently needing to go back in for my checkup (the first one I'll keep to) over a lower back issue that has spanned years of my life at this point. I can't stress enough how important a good, and genuine doctor is to having us "millennials" actually want to return. Being told time and time again that my back will just get better because I'm young, and being brushed off when I say it isn't, is exactly why I don't trust I'll get the care I'll need when I go in to see a doctor. I don't pretend to know what it takes to be a doctor, and I can imagine that having younger patients (<30) can lead to hearing all kinds of lies and question dodging. That shouldn't then translate into treating that age group like they are lying or negatively when they come in. I have mental health issues (a HUGE taboo when I was growing up), so maybe it's causing further health issues, but i find that I just get the mental eye roll (and sometime the actual thing) when I mention that to doctors. So, to bring this to the video topic, If doctors want there patients (especially their younger ones) to be open and honest, they should do the same for the patient, and actually work to find the issue. Because if my issue is mental, I want that to be the focus of my recovery and not have eyes rolled at me.

  61. There 100 percent is a connection between physical and mental health. I feel anxiety in my stomach and my forehead. depression feels physically heavy on my shoulders and upper back. It's hard to describe.

  62. Mike, 2 questions.

    Most of my current illnesses are endocrine related and I love my endocrinologist. The last time I saw a pcp, they told me that aside from vaccines, they felt like I had a really good doctor already who was acting as a pcp and endocrinologist for me, and suggested that I just stick with him. Is this ok?

    Second question, I had a horrible reaction to a flu vaccine, and it was suggested after another reaction to a different vaccine that I'm allergic to vaccines grown on egg medium. How can a patient know what vaccines are grown on egg medium in advance and are there alternative vaccines that aren't grown on that medium?

  63. I have a central prolapsed disc and I've had it for almost 15yrs. I'm constantly in pain and I've had 2 rhizotomies but the last one didn't do anything. What's your opinion in surgery to help and relieve the pain?

  64. For what it's worth, I have a LOT of physical issues that cause a ton of pain. To the point where I take high levels of nsaids and a TID dosing of Gabapentin with the occasional dose of kratom for super bad days. Once I was able to get treatment for my mental health, a lot of my pain eased up. I have severe anxiety in multiple forms(including panic disorder) and once I found a med that actually helped that a good bit of my back pain eased up. Obviously not all of my pain is gone and my pcp and I are still figuring out what is going on, but having even that relief had been drastically beneficial.

    I've also noticed that high stress increases my pain levels. Its a whole adventure!

  65. Thank you this really help me alot thought I was loosing it.hahaha this is what up.doctor yuh keep you keep it 100%

  66. Thank you so much for advocating for the importance of seeking medical care. Because of your videos I stopped putting off my health and just had my first appointment with my new PCP a few days ago. I was having chronic lower thoracic back pain and was also diagnosed with postpartum depression (again ?) so I feel the two could be related. I love seeing doctors like yourself so open to talking about mental health since it’s been such a taboo subject and I feel like that needs to change. I hope you’re doing well and I can’t thank you enough for your videos giving me that extra push to establish care and get help?

  67. This is exactly what my yoga instructor was going on about! You can exercise and practice yoga all you want but it’s not going to always help take pain or tension away like a relaxed mind condition will do.

  68. My therapist is always on his phone texting , or has to leave early so our session is only like 30 mins. Instead of a full hour! I have a new therapist which doesn’t talk about any of the things that need to be discussed and it’s so frustrating because I want to get better and they are just no help… I’m getting fed up!

  69. Hearing about this mind-body relationship (and especially how your mind can create symptoms to distract from the unconscious stresses) reminds me of how a person with dissociative identity disorder can have incredible changes between identities including a change in eye colour or gaining or losing a severe allergy

    I've been really enjoying watching these videos and learning so much interesting stuff, thanks for putting all of this information out there in such an accessible way!

  70. I feel like in Germany we have a problem in the opposite direction. In know several people who had actual neurological problems or gastritis etc. where the doctors didn't believe them or tried telling them they are just stressed. I had terrible pain in both legs for three years, but because of my history with depression barely anyone believed me or wanted to only work on a mental level. Just recently I found out that the tissue in my lower back was hardened which had very negative impact on the nerves in my legs. I am now treating it. Also: sometimes if you have both mental and physical illnesses, maybe the physical problems caused your mental ones. Like if you are in bad pain for a longer time, it's possible to have depression as a result.

  71. I have an elbow pain that's been going on for 6 months and when I checked it on ultrasound about 5 months ago, it wasn't there. Whenever I straighten my elbow it makes that clicking noise and it often hurts. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression 2 years ago and it has gotten worse since the injury happened (at least for depression). I can't tell if it's the mind playing tricks on me or if it's still there. The injury happened when I was practicing on basketball and it was basically an overuse on the wrist and elbow which may have caused an elbow injury. It was probably caused by the lack of wrist or shoulder strength too.

  72. I have anxiety and I have learned to notice when my body starts reacting before the racing thoughts even surface. My jaw clenches, my heart/chest area feels tight and tingly, sometimes my palms sweat.

    I used to have very tight shoulders. It was annoying when people used to tell me to "relax your shoulders!!" because to me, they were relaxed! I just carried a lot of my stress and anxiety in my shoulders so they looked like they were always tense even when I was at rest. I've been able to loosen them up with Barre exercise. It's just crazy how much I have recently been noticing how my body reacts to my mental state.

  73. Hi Mike, I was curious to know if there was any science behind the reason we procrastinate when we know there’s no benefit and the only consequences are bad. By the way, I love your videos, they’re very informative and so interesting so thank you for doing what you’re doing ?

  74. hey doctor mike Im 15 and i was wondering I get back pain (mostly lower)sometimes Imostly when im idle like standing in one spot for too long and not doing much and when I lie down I can feel all the pressure release from my back even if I didn't notice the pain earlier (my dads side of the family has a history of back pain and back issues) now I also struggle with anxiety and get stressed alot could there be a connection between the two or is it just genes and posture.(sorry if this is a dumb question)

  75. Switching my children to a family doctor from a pediatrician was the best decision we ever made. It helps due to our doctor knows the whole family and can take the fact that I have a child with special needs into account. She spot my anxiety from a mile away after getting to know our whole story.

  76. I appreciate this video. It can also work the other way – body-mind connection. I had low grade physical symptoms for years that I assumed must be mental or emotional in some way. Eventually I got really, really sick. Most docs assumed I must be anxious or depressed (I wasn't at the time, but I didn't have a better reason either). One doctor realized I got really sick when I moved. It turns out I was living in a house with mold from water damage, and I'm really reactive to mold and allergic to some strains. It's easy to confuse subtle physical feelings for mental/emotional ones and vice versa, because physical sensation and feeling (mentally/emotionally) are wrapped up together. All the "feelings" I'd dismissed for years were largely physical symptoms when I was reacting to a moldy environment (for instance, exposure triggers the sympathetic nervous system/causes dysautonomia – my heart rate shoots up, feel sweaty, sometimes vision changes – which feels an awful lot like "anxiety outta nowhere"). Treating the physical symptoms cleared up the mental/cognitive component – it was physiological, not psychological. I couldn't believe it after struggling so hard for so long and truly believing it was all in my head.

    I feel lucky to have had a doctor take the time to talk to me and catch a problem that no one – including me – caught for years. (3 cheers for good doctors!)

  77. Do you have a list of colleagues or people outside the new York/New Jersey area that you would recommend that share your passion in providing a holistic and encompassing approach for their patients?

  78. Dr. Mike you took me back when I was taking psychology class in college. I remember learning about ghost pain known as phantom pain. Which is a person who is having pain in a limb that is no longer there. I believe that like you said, it has to do with your mind. Great video and as always lots of blessings to you and your family. Hugs for Roxy and Bear.

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