if you’re looking at this video you’re
probably thinking about an epidural steroid injection and interventional
spine procedure and it’s very common to have apprehension and anxiety when
thinking about this procedure but I’m here to show you what’s involved and to
allay any concerns or anxieties that you might have you know I didn’t know really
what to expect I knew that my spine in needles wasn’t a
great subject but really it really wasn’t a big deal actually the first
thing that happens is that the patient will check into the Medical Center that
will involve a filling out of registration forms insurance forms and
then they’ll be escorted to a pre procedure waiting area a nurse will come
and take your vital signs and review your medications and may or may not ask
you to dress into a gown you’ll sit there for a few minutes
and one of the staff will come out and go over the procedure with you explain
the procedure in detail and answer any questions or address any concerns that
you might have most people ask how painful the procedure might be we all
recognize that you’re here for pain management and pain control that’s the
goal the procedure itself is surprisingly well tolerated about
equivalent to a blood draw when it is time for your procedure to occur you’ll
be escorted into the procedure area you’ll be asked to lay down on your
belly on a table and the correct injection site will be identified by the
staff the area will be exposed and there’ll be a few minutes taken to
adjust the x-ray machine over the body at one point there’ll be a brief timeout
where everyone in the room discusses the patient the procedure what’s going on
you the patient would be actively involved in that process to verify that
we’re doing the correct procedure on the correct person after a few minutes the
medications are drawn disinfecting the area with some surgical soap the
procedure itself involves using the x-ray to guide us exactly to where we
need to be and then putting in some cortisone and some numbing medicine in
the area and then performing the procedure with a very very
thin spinal needle we’re just finishing up the needles out we’ve done with the
procedure so after the procedure patients are escorted to the recovery
area where they’re met by another nurse and vital signs are taken and the nurse
just observes for any issues that may come up there’s a simple list of
common-sense things to think about after the procedure
but for the most part patients don’t have too much to worry about and in
about five or ten minutes they’re free to go on with their day a cortisone shot
usually takes about five days before it kicks in so don’t make any changes in
your pain medications until you start feeling the benefits it was very
relatively painless what I want to say and I felt no pain and I am looking
forward to the results I hope this instructional video help
demystify the steps involved in a spinal procedure and I hope that it lessens any
anxiety that you might have if you’re thinking about this procedure

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