Normally only with head movement does
fluid within the inner ear also move informing the brain that a head turn occurred however should a crystal called an otolith
that gets displace into the poster canal of the inner ear,
BPPV dizziness occurs. Fluid movement occurs
due to the crystal rather than head turns causing the brain to think movement has occurred even though none has happened. When the Epley maneuver is performed to
treat this posterior canal BPPV by trying to get the loose crystal
out of the canal this maneuver is started by turning the
head forty-five degrees and the body laid back such the head is extended
about 20 to 30 degrees. If BPPV is present, eye twitching call nystagmus will occur. After 30 to 60 seconds the head is turned 90 degrees to the
opposite side and held for another 30 to 60 seconds The head is then further rotated another
90 degrees accomplished by having the patient turn
onto their side which is then held for another 30 to 60 seconds. At this
point the head should be turned 45 degrees from the horizontal. When performing this maneuver another
individual can help with these position changes the maneuvers then completed by having
the patient sit up. So what’s going on with these position
changes? Essentially the head has moved in such a way to manipulate the crystal
to fall towards the canal opening. With each position change it takes about 30 to 60 seconds for the crystal to settle into the most
dependent position in the canal. If turns are made before the crystal has
a chance to settle the crystal may fall back the wrong way
and the maneuver will fail. It is also important that they head
positions are angled correctly or else the crystal will not settle to the
correct position in the canal and the maneuver will fail. Also if the position changes are done
too slowly the crystal may not settle quickly enough from lack of momentum and the maneuver will also fail. Once the
Crystal Falls out of the canal, the dizziness should
resolve if due to posterior canal BPPV.

100 thoughts on “Epley Maneuver to Treat BPPV Vertigo”

  1. i am so appreciative of your kind of people willing to just help others! this worked for me like a snap of fingers from the world spinning for almost month to nothing… thank you for giving me my life back as my local doctors have no idea. you rock ! xx

  2. Hi, I tried it two times n dizziness still there when I get up from laying sideways, have been having theses dizzy spells n lightheaded for the past two weeks or 3, sometimes feel like I m walking in air that's how weak I feel, prayer doesn't work either, pleeeeease help me 😭😭😭😭

  3. My head was spinning one morning when I was switching position in the bed. I had only 2 beers the night before, but it was spinning like I was dead drunk!
    I've read about this symptom and possibilities and found these videos. I did the tests, first side was ok, then the second side, it was spinning. I followed the instructions and the last position before to get up, omg… spinning so much I was wondering if I was going to puke! I was not sure about the results after that because I was feeling a little bit dizzy. I did those tests again later on and the symptoms disappeared. Thank you for the videos !!!

  4. I was suffered by left head moving vertigo , since 4 days ,
    4 times i tried this exercise and feels too much vertigo on all the side moving, this was because of dehydration , 2 days 2 drips (5% glucose 500ml) with ( 2 B12 , 1 velocef antibiotic , 1 metoclopramide injection) and 24 hrs sleep in 48 hrs
    Now i am feeling better , vertigo and dizziness is gone.

  5. Great Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Schallingora Automatically Update Scheme (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great exclusive guide for getting rid of virtigo without the headache minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my best friend Jordan at last got astronomical success with it.

  6. Excellent Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered – Schallingora Automatically Update Scheme (google it)? It is an awesome one off guide for getting rid of virtigo without the headache without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin at last got amazing results with it.

  7. Split open the top of my head against the bathroom door lock last week and it left me with pretty bad vertigo. Tried this yesterday and I was truly amazed. All signs of the vertigo gone !! Thank you to whoever posted this to YouTube. I owe you one.

  8. I did this as I have been having vertigo with nausea for the past 3 days. When I turned to my right, I started having vertigo and vomitted 🙁 I will try it again and hopefully it works.

  9. This is quite a revelation. Case studies have shown high success rates too.

    It's a shame the likes of the NHS in the UK for example never mention this techique, but rather approach the problem largely by prescribing medication.

  10. Note that this is an example for if it affects your right ear as said in the description.
    If it affects ur left do the opposite :
    Left Right Right

  11. I've had mixed results. Five or six episodes over the last two years and I'm about at the end of my rope. It usually starts first thing in the morning when I get out of bed and then lasts about 10 days. It happened again this morning and now I'm facing 10 more days of not being able to get anything done, followed by weeks and weeks of fear of it returning. The last time it happened my heart went into atrial fibrillation and I had to be cardioverted at the hospital. I recorded the nystagmus of my eyes and it was unbelievable to watch afterwards. tomorrow I'm going to a chiropractor who claims to be able to do the maneuver more effectively than when someone does it on themselves at home. Fingers crossed. I can't take this anymore.

  12. If you have a vertigo and dizziness and you already have done it with dr but you still feel dizzy and sometimes vertigo. Try allergy dr must be a good dr I had dizziness and vertigo for almost 5 years and a lots of ENT dr and allergy dr didn't know what's going on with me MRI CT scan Brain dr no one knows what's going on with me tell by chance thanks god I mate Dr Greg sheron in Illinois first moment knew what problem I have I had nerve damage and information because of the allergy I have I start having problems with any noise and any smell but you are not going to feel it in the beginning so if you have vertigo and dizziness for more then six months that's mean you need allergy shot as you know every body it's deferent but try at least a good allergy doctor. I m just try to let you know what happened with me because I was suffering for 4 years but now my first year with the allergy shot I fell way batter and I don't fell dizzy and vertigo st all for last 9 months. God bless you all.

  13. I tried it half an hour ago, and I'm not sure if it worked. Does it take time for the uncomfortable dizziness to fade? Should I do it again?

  14. first time i implementation it, I had right bppv to left bppv, second time it's better, although still not 100%

  15. Just started having vertigo. Awful spinning sensation, and ear ringing. i hope this works. I also stumble when doing that maneuver with feet together standing, and eyes closed. Assuming it's bbpv.

  16. Major head concussion and wasted time seeing neurosurgeons till one recognized my symptoms (he was a medic in war zone middle east). Couldn't walk without holding onto walls it was so bad. First visit to Baylor in Houston improved it 90% but had to return weeks later to adjust other ear. Been about 6 years and starting to suffer again. Unfortunately, don't live in Houston but will try to treat myself with these maneuvers. Hope more people will try this that suffer, and more doctors will prescribe it!

  17. Immediately after my mother developed vertigo and also encountered a fall and also concussion, the given treatments through the medical professionsal just made her fed up and nauseous. In only a few weeks of employing this dizziness vertigo solution “ , her light headedness dilemma had been gone. .

  18. This worked for me!
    The thirty seconds during the first step of the maneuver is fairly nightmarish. You'll be dizzy as hell during that time but you have to keep your head in that lowered position. Don't bail! When the dizziness stops, stay there for 30 seconds more, then go on to the next step.

    The dizziness is kind of like the feeling you get when you throw up. It sucks when you're going through it (like it sucks when when you actually are vomiting) but the feeling afterward is so, so much better.

  19. This is one of the most helpful of the Epley videos on Youtube. I particularly like the attention paid to the proper head position during the movements. I tried this at home after after putting up with pretty severe vertigo following a head injury and it worked! I ended up needing to do several repeats to get the last of the symptoms to go away, but now I know what to do if it comes back. Thank you for posting this!!!

  20. Why are those 'crystals' there in the first place? Is that some kind of waste material and isn't there a way to dissolve it? By merely changing its position, doesn't that leave open the possibility it could float into the wrong position again. I suffered a concussion in a bike crash 5 days ago and am dizzy as all hell now. CT scan of head and neck came back normal, so I guess the culprit are these crystals.

  21. It works!!! This video was the best one as I used the 60 seconds for each side and it worked !!!

    Thank you!!!!!

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    اسأل الله لي ولكم الشفاء من هذا الداء والحمدلله على كل حال

  23. Terribly frightening at first but so worth the result ! Tried it for two days and no more vertigo ! I’d recommend having someone you trust with you .

  24. I woke up today with severe vertigo. I was laying on my left side. Upon opening my eyes, I felt like I couldn't wake up, like I was in a very deep sleep. My left crown of my head felt and still feels very strange – almost smooshed and as if it was pressed on the whole time I was asleep. I got up verrrrrry slooooowly and didn't even get to a full sitting up position and the room was just spinning over and over around me. I laid back down and just freaked out. I've been up a few hours and the slightest movement and I still feel it. I have had vertigo before but not like this and never got nauseous from it as I am now. I really just wanted to know… Has anyone else woke up with vertigo and felt their left side of their head feel weird? What helped? I've done this BPPV maneuver before and it helped in past times but I'm not sure this will this time. I'm gonna try though 🙁

  25. So if my eye doesn't twitch, I don't have the vertigo described in this video and I need a different resolution?

  26. If you have residual dizziness after successfully doing this move. Here what I found works. Stand up straight and tilt your head upward at 45 degrees or so and bounce up and down gently

  27. Please write someone what is the best way for cure vertigo??only people who has this problem knows how bad feel is that..

  28. Question, am i ment to turn my head to the other direction if its like, my left / right ear thats affected? or does that not matter?

  29. This hit me day before yesterday when I was underneath my pickup installing a new gas tank. I thought I was having a stroke or something. Luckily for me, (not him) my father in law had this happen to him a couple of years ago, so I we figured out what it was pretty quickly. I did this a couple of times today but I haven't tested myself on the ground laying down yet, but I feel some better I think. I may have to have assistance with holding my head and counting. Thank you for sharing this video!!

  30. One of the better videos. However, it should be clear that you move into the next position 30-60 seconds once the vertigo stops. There can be up to a 20 second delay before the onset of vertigo. If you move 30 seconds after lying back you take a chance of maneuver failure because the otoliths have not completely settled.

  31. I have vertigo and dizziness for 2 years without any diagnosis or medication 🙁 i am sick of this annoying condition… i am only 16 years old. Not even maneuvers helped me. Should i believe that i will ever get rid of my problems?

  32. Right after my own mom acquired vertigo and also suffered a fall as well as concussion, the recommended treatment from the medical professional just made her drained and dizzy. She experimented with this dizziness vertigo treatment solution “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it) in just a few weeks, her light headedness was initially vanished. .

  33. I had this condition about 10 years ago. I was told then that the condition will likely return someday. That day has arrived. I did this exercise back then and I will do it again. It helped me. As I understand it there is left side BPPV and right side BPPV. This video is for right side BPPV. If you have left side BPPV start with your head facing left. Search the web for BPPV Exercises to get more detailed information. I like this video. It shows how the crystal(s) moves with each turn. My doctor called these crystals ‘Head Rocks’. So how do you determine which side BPPV you have. I found the following on the web. It would be helpful to have someone look at your eyes in step 4 and 9 to see if you have the eye movement illustrated in the video. Just as confirmation. NO, I am not a doctor.

    Steps to determine affected side:

    1. Sit on bed so that if you lie down, your head hangs slightly over the end of the bed.

    2. Turn head to the right and lie back quickly.

    3. Wait 1 minute.

    4. If you feel dizzy, then the right ear is your affected ear.

    5. If no dizziness occurs, sit up.

    6. Wait 1 minute.

    7. Turn head to the left and lie back quickly.

    8. Wait 1 minute.

    9. If you feel dizzy, then the left ear is your affected ear.

    Good luck.

  34. Woke up this morning and did the maneuver and was dizzy prior to doing it and it ended up going away. Thanks for the the video

  35. Wow. Recovered very quick after following this. Why doctors are prescribing lot of medicine to fix this. Why they are not guiding such small procedures to fix faster.

  36. I have this now, can’t get out of bed can’t do nothing.. if i stand straight up, the world just spins around..

  37. Can't make this up but I tried this and it made me feel a lot better! I was simply working out at the gym until the room started spinning out of control, thought I was dehydrated, ling story short it was vertigo but this excercise help me a lot 💯

  38. I had researched this to death but NO video explained the crystal positioning so well . The 1/2 somersault also works but ppl forget you have to make the movements in a jerk fashion to get the crystals to move. Slow doesnt work as he mentions here

  39. Dear video uploader. Please let me thank you. I do not know how to thank you. This method saved me from vertigo. If I had a chance to meet you I would fly to thank you. May Allah makes you happy. Many many thanks. Sincerely

  40. Of all the Epley maneuver videos Ive watched this was the most helpful! To see what these crystals we've always heard about, are actually doing. Thank you!

  41. Great Video!
    NOTE: Please ignore or report anyone posting cannibus cures on here, they do NOT help BPPV. Use this maneuver or see your doctor. I am not sure why but they are posting those cannibus garbage cures on every medical youtube now. Damn hippies.

  42. Omg it works! It really works! I've been having this for the last 3 months, not as bad as some others in the comments, but still, it works. I'm free!

  43. Dr how many crystal(s) are there in each ear ?
    The big spin is gone on my left but l still have small wobble(left side) that
    still ongoing
    I am also

  44. I swear this feels like hell. This maneuver helped me like a miracle and I'm free of dizziness now. I did it twice because it didn't resolve the first time. I'm so thankful I don't have to experience this anymore. Thank you for this video you just saved me.

  45. Check out a few videos with an MD moving a patient through the positioning and the correct timing. Then print out the pdf of the maneuver.

    I woke up one morning the first of March one year, and could barely manage getting out of bed and to the bathroom…it's across the house.
    No relief so I ended up being taken to the ER (35 miles) in a house dress/muumuu. I had eaten nothing, but still vomited once I was there a short time. Then again on the way home.
    Sent home with medication.
    The worst went away, but not all of it. By October I'd had enough. Went to an ENT the last day of October and the Epley Maneuver was magic.
    I was instructed to stay upright for the next 24 hours…which meant sleeping in the recliner slightly reclined.
    I used the Epley Maneuver myself a time or two each year afterward.

    Switched to eating Zero Carb May 2018 and my sinus/eustacian tube on the side that affects me is clearer than before and early on I had to do the maneuver, but not since. 16 months eating just meat and some dairy…cream in coffee.

    Last week, I ate too much other dairy, sour cream, cottage cheese, full fat unsweetened yogurt and my ear got a little congested; and when I tipped my head forward when sitting at a desk or standing I had some very mild swimming feeling (my description of precursor to full blown dizziness) yesterday.
    Drinking some herb tea (the heat) helped to stop it (open up the passage) before it progressed further.

  46. Had dizziness and vomiting out of nowhere. Went to my general practitioner – she had the right idea and gave me a flyer describing the treatment. Sent me to an ear doctor for good measure. After some tests he gave me the same flyer. First time I did the manoever I started vomiting again, the next time it worked. Doctors advice: do the Epley three times in a row three times a day.

  47. The first time I tried this, I stopped after 5 seconds, because the vertigo was so bad I nearly threw up. But then I tried again, it was a few horrible minutes, but it worked! To get through it, it really helped me to visualize what is going on inside, I imagined that with each spin, the crystal is moving further and further to its correct place

  48. I had vertigo for the last 2 weeks and now i watched this video and try the method it is so helpful thank you doc for uploading this video

  49. Posterior canal and superior canal are connected to each other and that is not shown in video, making confusion.

  50. Thank you so much for such valuable information. I didn't fall to the floor because my legs were weak. I didn't even feel "bad". But I was as dizzy as you could get. Scared out of my wits – I'd never experienced anything like this before in my life – I crawled my way to the living room and climbed into a chair. The dizziness remained. I made coffee, thinking the Vertigo symptoms would go away. It was only when I started on some very simple exercises which totally healed me at

  51. I have been suffering from extreme vertigo for 7 days straight and my doctor prescribed me meclizine which was only helping temporarily till it would wear off then the dizziness would come back. After finally trying this Maneuver I had immediate relief!!!! Definitely recommend to anyone suffering with vertigo, good luck!

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