interuniversalism is a new window in
understanding creation and existence and is becoming a worldwide idea and being
taught across the world to over 5 million students master Taheri came up
with into universalism ideology through enlightenment and research for three
decades he is currently kept in Evin prison in
Tehran Iran since May 4th 2011 on their torture and abuse he is charged with
being active in non-permissible ideology although many petitions to support his
freedom have been signed and demonstrations have been held in nine
countries such as u.s. and Iran and also United Nation has shown interest in this
case in the recent report on human rights what the Iranian government has
not yet responded and mr. Taheri still in jail …I undrestanded the situvation that I had cancer … I had kidney cancer and liver cancer… From the first contact all my symptoms were resolved and the doctor herself said that it is a miracle. …5 YEARS OLD BABY: I was born through Faradarmani! so life-changing for me I don’t really
feel myself being swept away by negativity anymore …I was depressed and had bipolar disorder … I resolved two HIV disorders through Faradarmani …The quality of my prayers improved My family and I owe our peace, health, joy and love to Master Mohammad Ali Taheri… I was supposed to have surgery but the disease was treated with Faradarmani and I did not need surgery anymore… I had MS disease for years… …With this treatment I became free… Dr. (male) : All of these are in his medical records… All my contradictions with God and the universe were resolved… …I’ve been in pain for a long time and not anymore it is so interesting for me… I am receiving clarity, strength and harmony… …I had been paralyzed for almost three years… I was involved in uterine disease for 6 months… I had hypothyroidism… When I tested, the doctor found that our patient had been completely erased and had no effect anymore… I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 14, my mother met Faradarmani and she took me to the classes… I bear witness to the truthfulness of the teachings of Master Muhammad Ali Taheri… The Interuniversalism (Erfan Halgheh) documentary if you had any experiences of treatments of Faradarmani and Psymentology please share it with us get in touch with us trough I would like you to introduce yourself
and tell us how you got introduced with Erfan Halgheh. my name is Chelsea wolf and I was born and raised in BC Canada my name is
Taylor bascially I’m a Canadian I’ve lived in Vancouver for 9 years now
I’m a landscape architect by trade and also a visual artist my name is Juniper
Quin I’m an entrepreneur currently living in North Vancouver BC Canada and
I was introduced to Erfan Halgheh through my husband as an entrepreneur
I’m really passionate about helping people live their fullest most aware and
most graceful lives and Erfan Halgheh or interuniversalism it seems like a
natural extension of that and as I experienced the links more and more I
realized that it would be just a natural extension of my work to help other
english-speaking people become more aware of the teachings of master Taheri
so I ended up co-founding a nonprofit organization to help translate his
teachings to the english-speaking world my name is Clara Goldenhar I am a life
coach name is Novinder from uganda i have businesses here that i run my name
is Sean I’m a dental technologist my name is Praveen and i am american of
indian origin .. My name is Andrea I was born and raised in Colombia about 15
years ago I started feeling really depressed suicidal thoughts was coming
to my mind and you know I was being really bad I had a lot of lower back
problems I was drinking heavily doing some drugs
sometimes I just needed to drink to go to sleep when I was introduced to into
universalism I just came here to dismiss the whole thing I was first introduced
to Erfan Halgheh in 2013 in the last year of my undergraduate degree I was going
through a period of pretty intense emotional stress I had just you know
gone through a breakup and moved out of my boyfriend’s house is living on my own
and was about to graduate and the results of some things going on in my
family at the time which were difficult and I found myself it’s kind of be in a
state where I didn’t have any control over my emotions and it felt like I was
also struggling a lot with controlling my thoughts in my mind for a long time I
thought that I was this kind of person with this kind of ideas of myself maybe
in someone who didn’t want to be here and so for multiple times I try to leave
this physical experience going to the meetings has helped me not to think
about those things anymore and maybe help me to be more positive I have found
that it has changed me it it changed my life it changed my life in so many
different ways I have really greatly been helped
I was sitting for you know connection to the divine intelligence everyday for
15-20 minutes and right at the right at the time that I was supposed to connect
my whole body was going through some changes
I felt that I really did connect with my god or my source the
first connection that I got to the divine intelligence my body was
rejecting alcohol it was so weird it was so strange for me that was the first
time that something like that happened I actually moved in the chair readjusting
realigning my spinal cord and to this day I have a little pain or no pain you
know so that really got my attention I have become more calm I will say that
inter-universalism has really put on a different facet for me a much higher
level of understanding I got it all the pain I didn’t take any medicine I
couldn’t drink and I was feeling good for no reason at all I couldn’t just
dismiss that and I for one have benefitted greatly from this I think I’m
a different person I’m a changed person and I’m a better person because of the
knowledge that he’s been able to impart and I can help others I have to share
this with everybody this is very strange was very strange for me but it’s true I
wasn’t imagining it I think the most important thing that I have experienced
is that there is no need for ritual there is no need for anything other than
connecting with the source in a direct level I am a Sikh I believe you know
this I mean they would teach us this but until it is took this class I did not
feel it this made me feel it and I think that was the most important thing I’ve
been living a lot better everybody around me is just claiming that you know
you have changed for better I have become a better person I’m still a long
way to become a good good person of course it just created a simplicity
he created a understanding of humanity and understanding of who I am as part of
humanity this whole thing the connection to the divine intelligence whatever they
was master Taheri`s idea works it worked for me changed my life
overnight I can’t just sit on and be quiet about this because I want
everybody to know so I I strongly strongly believe that it can do a lot of
good to other people at first I didn’t feel the links very much but over time
maybe the first few months I felt some sort of pressure lifts from my life if
you consider your to-do list over the course of the day you have this list of
things you need to get done and there’s the constraint and pressure of time but
then you might have your own thoughts and feelings about the ease or
difficulty level of the things on that list and I found in general that that
pressure that stress was lessened and lifted and I thought that there was a
much easier transition between me having the idea to do something and then
actually executing it especially if it was a task to positively support my life
and my path or to positively support someone else’s life and path so those
endeavors became far less pressurized for me it was easier for me to do them I
felt less stress and it was generally a little easier I’ve received a lot of
benefits so far and I would say the most profound ones for me have been the
ability to clear my mind at the drop of a hat at any time now if I notice that
some type of negative thoughts or emotions are coming into my head I can
immediately use the link and my mind will clear and I
find inner stillness which has been so life-changing for me yeah I I don’t
really feel myself being swept away by negativity anymore I have control at any
moment that I want to just stop it and recenter myself from my personal
experience I’m receiving clarity and strength and harmony and the boundless
sea of love that is coming forth through this discipline of medicine the first
time that I became involved with earth on how that was in 2013 when I was
feeling depressed and anxious and after healing from that a few years went by
and I ended up getting sick again but this time my sickness was physical I was
diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis April of 2018 although the condition
started for me about six months before that and it primarily affected my feet
and I was actually unable to walk for six months I really couldn’t even
stand without taking like the maximum dose of ibuprofen and naproxen
painkillers everyday without without those drugs I couldn’t stand and do the
dishes couldn’t like shower couldn’t do a lot of really basic things so when
when that happened I came back to Poirier and said I’d like I’d like to
connect again using it to Universalism to try and now heal this physical
disease that I’ve been afflicted with if you if you don’t know rheumatoid
arthritis is a disease where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue
so for me my immune system has identified the joints in my ankles and
my feet as a problem so yeah it’s an autoimmune disease when I came back the
second time Korea suggested that this time I should attend class and learn how
to become a healer using far Adar money for myself and so I started attending
classes every week within two or three months my disease had gone into a state
of remission and I was able to lead a normal life again but I still attend the
classes and I still use the links for other parts of my life even though
physically I’m healthy again when I go to the classes or meetings and we try to
link we intend to link I have definitely felt some of those chips another
particular benefit I found which is very notable for me especially considering
that over the last decade or so I’ve been meditating regularly practicing
yoga regularly and trying to do different things to control my emotions
and quiet my mind what I noticed is that when I started linking I was able to
bring my mind with the support of the links into an absolutely clear and empty
and spacious state almost immediately I basically stopped meditating because
when I was attempting to do through those practices
I was given an immediate result with the links so that was really amazing for me
no matter what you do who you are this kind of system of repressed in someone’s
life instead of assisting them the things that they need help with or in
these case you know just because he shared some of the things he values some
of the things he cares about things that thought will not only help
him but all the people and it did and his helping me now I think be fair though
but he’s in there and he doesn’t get to experience more of what we get to
experience outside of jail and with no no right to do anything you know because maybe he has a different opinion from
whoever that’s not great with him what type of life do you want your future
generations to be experiencing yeah our family family members somewhere on the
lines that do and/or you yourself are a future generational leader of your
family lineage and you have also come here to help bring awareness of how we
as a humanity can coexist I would say to the people who are directly in charge of
making that decision I would say like I wish you and your family absolute
happiness and health and well-being and I know that the fact that there is
growing international pressure to free master Taheri I know that that situation
creates a lot of pressure for people who are making that decision to release him
or not and so I really do sympathise with the difficult position that they’re
in right now but I would also say that you can’t stop a movement from
happening you can’t stop this movement from happening it’s already spread to
the other side of the world it’s actively being translated in Canada it’s
impossible to stop and keeping master Taheri in prison is such a small
insignificant step toward slowing down or stopping this movement so he really
may as well be released the longer he is kept in prison the more of a hero he
becomes please release master toggery so he can come to Canada so that I mean I
don’t have to meet him but it would just make me so happy to know that someone
who has so much to offer and someone who has done nothing wrong they should be
allowed to walk freely they shouldn’t be taken away like that please release him
and please let him come to Canada so that I can see him talk and I can listen
to him myself yeah of course
please free master Taher it would be absolutely amazing to be in his presence
and learn directly from him Thnaks to:

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