– Welcome.
Only eight of you remain, and once again the teams
are even, four on Team Peck
and four on Team Nuñez. This week we are testing
technical application. – Technical application
is what’s happening when you put the needle
to the skin. Is your line work clean?
Is your shading smooth? – For this flash challenge
you must tattoo one of the most delicate
and sensitive areas of the human body…[dramatic music]The palm of the hand. – Oh.
– Ooh. – There are more sensory neurons
on the palms than any other part of the body
and a larger brain area devoted to receiving
their signals. That means your canvas
will definitely be in excruciating pain. – Getting your palm tattooed
is one of the most complicated, serious areas.
It’s extremely painful, and it’s not like
normal tattooing. – You must have flawless
technical application. Overwork the skin, and
you’ll damage it permanently. Underwork it,
and your tattoo won’t hold. – Anybody have their palms
tattooed? – Anybody have done it
before? – There is a right way
to tattoo a palm and a definite [bleep] load
of wrong ways.– I don’t know
the technique.
I don’t even know
where to start. – Let’s meet your canvases.[dramatic music]Canvases, please tell us
what you’d like tattooed in your palm. – Traditional black and gray
eyeball with a teardrop. – Colored traditional
sacred heart.– Not going to happen.Color tattoos are impossible
on the palm.They’re not going to stick.– Color realistic
tiger fish. – Colorful realistic
betta fighting fish.– Can’t really do realism
in the hand.
Their expectations are
way wrong. – A yeti in color,
new-school. – Neo-traditional
planet Earth. – 3D crystal ball. – Hell, no.
Everybody’s gonna have to do some finessing today
to get their canvases to something
more realistic. – Okay, canvases, one-by-one,
please draw a skull. The name on the bottom
of your skull will determine your artist.
Go ahead. – Nikki. – Ryan. – SketchyLawyer. – A lionfish, realistic, on the palm of her hand
in color? Completely undoable. – Gian. – Nate. – Boneface. – Kevin. – Kelly. – As you know, the winner
of this flash challenge will have the power to assign
all human canvases in the elimination tattoo.
You have three hours to tattoo your canvas’s palm,
and your time starts now. – I’m Ryan.
Nice to meet you. – Double trouble right here,
huh? – That’s right. – Palm tattoos are
incredibly difficultbecause the skin type is
completely different.
– Only thing that stays
on the palm is black. – It’s always being used. The skin’s always peeling,
always changing. – Color with this thing
is impossible. I’ma put you through
so much pain for nothing. – Palm tattoos are
all about specialized
technical application,and it’s something
that has to be deep.
– Anything around here
where the calluses start to begin,
it will fall out. – Today Oliver and I are
not gonna help whatsoever.This is something
that either, as a tattooer,
you know how to do
or you don’t,
and we’re not here
to teach tattooing.
We’re here to critique it. – Here’s the thing
with the hands. You got to make it
a little bit simple. – No, it’s got to stay
close to the realistic. – There’s no way she’s
not gonna do colors today.I’m just gonna
have to do it.
– It says something
when you have eight tattooers in a room and not a single one
has their palms tattooed. – Think about it.
– Ah. – How bad could a palm
actually be, you know? – Pretty bad.
[laughs][dramatic music]– So Kelly, when you did
your palm tattoo, do you go in
just kind of like– – It’s pretty similar
to, like, lining, making my lines
with stippling. – You’re a badass. – I’m more than happy
to help Nikki and Ryan. We just need one of the girls
to get the skull pick. – Hey, Kelly where do you think
I should stipple? Just, like,
a little under here? – Yeah, that way
it’s, like… – Got it.
– Depth. – Okay, I can do this.[dramatic music]– I am really proud
of my ladies right now.Our canvases are
all compromising
on the realistic design.We are about to make these boys
look like fools.– Five, four, three,
two, one. That’s it. Machines down.
Time is up, no more ink. – Whew. Oh, my God,
that is gorgeous. – Little moment of pain
for a lifetime of pretty.– Sketchy gave her
something that looks
like she put her hand
in an ink spill or something.What even is that?– Are you happy? – I’m happy.
– Okay, good. – All right, artists, it is
time to critique your work. Boneface. – It’s a smooth tattoo. If it was on a regular part
of the body, that nice, smooth, gray shading
was a beautiful effect, but you can see–
the texture of the skin that has the fingerprint texture,
you can see that shading is just sitting on top of that.
That’s the skin that dies in a tattoo process, so when
that skin dies and leaves, the tattoo’s leaving with it,
so for that point, your technical application
on a regular part of the body is fine, but in this challenge
it didn’t hold up. – Kevin. – Be questionable
how it will peel. Typically, you’re not
creating enough depth when you just come with one pass
no matter how slow or how deep, so typically,
it tends not to hold. – You see, when you try
to outline on that skin, it’s not like normal skin. When you run the needle
across it, it just doesn’t come out
looking crisp, and it’s gonna heal
even worse.– The judges are showing
no mercy.
I’m consumed by fear
right now. – Kelly. – I really like the design.
Very simple. I like the approach.
This is the way to do it. When it heals, it will
still look like the world. – Obviously,
the moral of the day is that detail isn’t gonna hold.
Color’s not gonna hold, so you can pretty much
omit all that and just get in and get out.
– Thank you. – Gian. – What we’re looking at
right now is a beautiful tattoo, but I don’t know what percentage
is gonna be there when it heals. Gonna be
a very low percentage, so low that people are not gonna
be able to recognize what it is. – Nate. – I’ve done
a few palm tattoos. I know color’s a bad decision
to make, but– – But you put color in it. – I couldn’t talk him
out of it. – The fact of the matter is,
is that tattoo doesn’t look great now, and it’s not gonna
look good later. – Ryan. – I know that to get
a palm tattoo to stay it has to be as simple
as it possibly can be. – I really like the design.
I really like the simplicity of it, and
I like the way it fits the hand, but the majority
of your dots, you can see that they’re
just not deep enough. – Chances are it’s gonna be
the disappearing tattoo.– Nikki. – The approach you used
on this tattoo is definitely
the right technical application. The ones that stay are the ones
that are done like this. Very legible, clean design. – The placement, I do wish
that you came down a little lower
and made the flame a little more pronounced,
but the execution was very clean.
The route that you chose is the only route
that will stay. – Sketchy. – I think it should stay
pretty good. – It’s not.
It’s a huge black splotch. Those lines, that’s just
a bunch of pain for nothing. – It’s hard to see
what’s going on. Looking up at it close,
the detail is very scratchy. – If I did the tattoo
that big, it would have been
hard to read. – It’s just a mess, man.– I know that
I’m a great tattooer.
Getting put on blast,
I’m not used to that,
and I don’t
[bleep] like it. I mean, Jesus. – All right, guys,
today we’re testing technical application
with palm tattoos. – The top three for me
is obviously the girls.– Nikki did
one of the best.
– Nikki understood what they’re
supposed to look like. Her technical application
was spot on, and her technique
was right. – And if Kelly would have went
the same approachwith the line weight
that Nikki had
and the bigger dots,
I think it would have been
a bigger punch.
As far as design goes,Ryan’s is one of my favorite
of the day.
At least Ryan, Nikki, and Kelly
all took the right approach. – Let’s let ’em know.
– Cool.– All right, guys.
Today you had to show flawless technical application
by tattooing your canvas’s palm. Judges have decided.
The winner of today’s flash challenge…

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