– Hey, it’s Dr. Gregg with
Align Wellness Center, and I’m here today with one
of our team members, Annie. – Hi! – And what we’re going to
do is go over with you some of the things that we do here in our office in Northbrook
to help people that have difficulty with migraine. Now migraines can be a
really complicated issue, and there’s a lot of different causes that can wind up making them happen. However, one of the things we know, is that most migraine sufferers can wind up reducing the
severity, the frequency, and the intensity of their migraines by following through on some
of the care that we outline. Today we’re going to go over some of the exercises that we might have you do if there’s certain things that show up as a part of your exam. So today I’m going to have Annie go through an exercise that we may have you do. It’s called a turtle. It’s kind of what you
look like when you do it. So, Annie if you want to get
started and show us how to do it. We typically have our patients
do it up against the wall. And the first step is that you wind up pushing your head as
far forward as you can, then you slightly look up to
extend the top of your neck, and then you bring your head back and almost down over your shoulders. Our patients here in the office who have this as an appropriate exercise will do it somewhere between three
to five minutes each day. What happens with this is if there’s a misalignment within your cervical spine, from the side, this is
an exercise that can massively help in re-stacking each of the vertebrae into the right position. It helps to warm up the tissue and warm up the muscles, so
that they’re ready for an adjustment if
adjustments are necessary in our office, as well as to
help with tractioning if we need to make changes to some of the ligaments and soft tissue that have learned a new position
that’s causing more damage. If you or someone you
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you get information about how to live a life of optimal health and well being as we wind up producing it. If once again, if you
or someone you know has migraines, these exercises,
this exercise, is something we do specifically for individuals that it’s correct for. Remember, this isn’t for everybody, but for the right person, this is a piece of the puzzle to put together and figure out how to reduce migraines. Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin, a chiropractor here in
Northbrook, Illinois with Align Wellness Center,
and I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your health. (playful music)

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