Hello! Um.. today’s video is going to be really weird and really serious and even just talking about it makes me incredibly uncomfortable I avoid talking about this at all costs. I never had any intention of filming a video like this really because I honestly think that filming this video is going to fuck with me more fuck with my life more It’s going to put thoughts in my head that were never there. and it’s gonna make things ..worse? But um…. My life is really crazy and that’s always what I’ve done is told crazy stories from my life and I feel like this is one of the craziest things that happens to me all the time that I always avoid talking about. And I don’t even know what to call it so you’re just gonna have to bare with me. Hi I’m Tana welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel. I came up on Youtube telling stories about my life and that is what I guess I’m gonna be doing today? It’s gonna kind just be a rambly video but also kind of a story there is no conclusion. I don’t know. If you’re new here, please subscribe for my wellbeing because that’s literally all I have going for me. *laughs* Click that little bell to turn your notifications on You can subscribe to my vlog channel if you wanna see all the behind the scenes of my life. Ashly: Ew ew ew what is this? What is this? What is this?! *intense panicking* An artichoke. *disgust sound*. As can you tell by the amount of profanity I’ve used in this video I’m probably demonetised so if you wanna buy my merch I will also link that below. And all my social media and all that kinda stuff but I just wanna get into the video so.. I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of a preface. Last night, I was at my wife Bella Thorne’s christmas party. and um.. it was really fun I had a really great time. and while I was there, I’m standing there talking to all my friends and this guy comes up to me and I I guess you could call him like “my ex”? Ex is a big word that I don’t really like to use That’s the best way to describe it I guess like I really liked him and Ashly: He didn’t wanna fuck you? (savage) Yeah like we.. We actually kind of recently like “ended things” these are all really big terms for things but I don’t know how else to explain it. And so we’re civil we’re on good terms. Friends, even. And so he comes up to me and we’re just talking. He starts talking to me and he’s like I kind of have like a new fling going on in my life, you could say. In my love life. 😉 He comes up to me and he’s like “Hey, like” Dead serious like. Like hand on my arm. “If anyone’s hurting you like just let me know.” And I thought he meant like emotionally So I’m like “I will”. Like “I will.” Okay? Like I don’t know what to say Like I thought it was weird He’s like: “Looks like they’re getting a little rough, aren’t they?” Or like whatever something like that. And just kept making these dead serious insinuating comments that like if I was being like abused like to tell him. And I’m like “Okay” like I thought he was just saying that you know? And he’s like: “Promise?” And I’m like: “I promise.” like he’s a “good guy” whatever. *laughs* Um and so.. I’m like “Yes, if I’m getting abused I will tell you I promise.” And like 20 minutes go by, we start talking again, it kinda gets brought up again, and I realise that he’s referring to this bruise on my arm. Tana Mongeau taking off her clothes for views?! It looks like this. If you look at it the other way, it looks like a smiley face. It was way worse, it’s starting to go away I’ve had it for like 3 days now. It hurts really, really really bad. As you can tell by looking at it, it’s just it’s a weird bruise. It looks like someone grabbed me looks like you know what I mean I realised that that’s what he’s talking about and I’m like “This isn’t… you’re not gonna believe me but like no one grabbed me here like I don’t..” like, this isn’t from any person, if that makes sense. And he’s like “Okay! Just be careful! like, you could have been play-fighting, it’s fine, whatever.” And I’m like “I mean, I can tell you what I think it’s from but you’re think I’m fucking crazy.”
And he’s like “Well, I already think you’re fucking crazy.” (laughs) I go to tell him bout something that happened to me the other night.
But before I get into what happened to me the other night and what gave me this bruise, I need to give you guys a giant preface. I also gave him this giant preface as well.
I literally hate talking about this so much So, the second I moved out from my parents house, in 2015/2016, whenever my youtube channel took off, the first thing I did was move out from my parents’ house, just because I didn’t get along with my parents; we would fight everyday, it was horrible. I need to make a video all about my horrible childhood, and the way I grew up and my family and all that kind of stuff, because at that point it was absolutely horrible the worst thing happening to me in my life all I wanted to do was move out. I ended up moving out with my mom and even just the second I moved out, the first time I moved into my new house, weird shit was happening all the time with my stalker.
I will link all of those videos below.
If you don’t know about it, I’ve had a stalker since I was in second grade, whatever That has nothing to do with this video though.
And so, while all the weird stalker shit was happening, like, my stalker was breaking into my house and I was getting all of those weird messages and all that kind of stuff and I had to move away, a lot of weird, unexplainable shit would happen too if that makes sense.
Like we would walk into a room and there would be towels all over the floor in my mom’s room and we would, like, leave and come back and the towels would be, like, folded. And no one folded them, if that makes sense. It was always like, “Okay, that’s super weird.” That would almost be like paranormal But did my stalker do it, because he was doing all that kind of stuff to me, whatever. And so I would always write those things off As my stalker because it-obviously that’s more tangible. Jesus is gunna protect me And I wake up in bed, literally wake up Next to Ashley’s deceased drunk body Going “JESUS!” like at the top of my lungs Like actually, like, actually yelling that out loud And I just sit up, I look at my phone And it’s 3:30 in the morning. Like I went to sleep 25 minutes ago And I just look around and I’m like God fucking dammit. Like you’re kidding me, again! Again! So I lay there and I go “God thank you for protecting me in that dream Like de-da-da, I pray again. My arms hurt, I feel like you feel – you physically feel like whatever was just happening to you, actually happened to you. And so I go back to sleep and I wake up with this bruise. What’s the creepiest thing to me about the bruise is first and foremost, that is exactly in my dream where -whatever was grabbing me- was grabbing. When you look at it from afar, it looks like three dots. Three. Three is the devil’s number. and when you look at it this way — which, i don’t even know how to put on camera, Ashley took a better video it looks like two dots and a nose and the faintest little tiny mark of a smiley face. and i don’t i don’t know. I know the thing- the majority of the comments are going to be people being like, “you are a stupid bitch who just got a bruise and you needed a story time.” and that’s fine, that’s why i have never filmed these stories it is technically all in my head that’s what my brain is creating i don’t know if it’s something fucking with me. i don’t know if the psychic twins were right i don’t know what the fuck is going on but imagine explaining all of that to your ex at a party who thinks your new bae just beats you. so i’m moving and I’ll keep you guys updated on this saga I feel like for the rest of my life, this is going to happen. I mean, I don’t know, I don’t want it to keep happening i don’t know. so, i look back to me on my — in my house in my first house, sitting down to film that stupid paranormal story time about the Luxor Hotel and I’m just like, bitch, you THINK you want a paranormal story time but you really fucking don’t want a paranormal story time. and i don’t know what it means when it crosses over to real life and you start getting bruises and all that If you guys have any advice for me in the comments below, if you guys have any tips or anything please let me know and what’s funny also is since that dream happened every night that i’ve slept here, in this house, since that dream I’ve still just had horrible nightmares. so far no sleep paralysis. But like, I had dreams where people i care about I had a dream that he robbed me that like he robbed me at gunpoint. and I had a dream– dreams of people dying and just bloody ass, creepy ass dreams i’m like sweating right now and the other day, Trevor and I went to lunch and he came back here and we both took a nap here and i woke up before Trevor and started getting ready just the other day -like a day ago- and Trevor’s music video, Sinner, came out the same day I walk into my room and Trevor’s sitting in the corner of my room. you can ask him about this if you don’t believe me crying. and i’m like, “why are you crying?” “what’s wrong? your music video just came out, you’re fucking killing it.” and Trevor’s looking at me, dead in the face, just goes “I just had the worst nightmare.” “Like, I just had a dream that where my ex was just beating the fuck out of me.” “And like it felt so real.” “I’ve never had a nightmare–” Bawling. “I never had a nightmare in my life where it felt this real.” like, dadada, and I was like, “i’m so sorry.” and everyone that’s like stayed here pretty much says that they have like creepy dreams and all that kinda shit. and everyone who sleeps in bed with me in my beds, in my houses, have creepy dreams i don’t know what the fuck is going on. alright guys, i don’t know what the fuck to make of this, i don’t care if you don’t believe me it’s clearly all in my head i’m Trisha Paytas-ing i’m going insane i’m already fully aware. I have a bruise on my arm I don’t know what it’s from I think it’s from this fucking succubus thing that’s trying to fuck me in my sleep i don’t know i’m going crazy but i love you guys and i hope you enjoyed this video that is all i would get out of it is someone enjoying my misery so if you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe make sure to click that little bell to turn my notifications on make sure to follow all my social media in the description below to keep up with if i’m alive or having more sleep paralysis and i will talk to you guys in the next video. Bye. and on another complete side note i know that my brain has been everywhere in this video makes no sense, but people always ask me why i don’t fuck with Ouija boards heavy and like if you guys have seen that video of Shane Dawson like chasing me with an Oujia board, and i’m like freaking the fuck out everyone thinks it’s just me being overdramatic but i don’t fuck with them because i feel like it’s going to open me up to even more of this. and i never really talked about that I’ll literally see an Ouija board and I’ll just go home like, Trevor was literally like asking to move in with me and i was like, “as long as you throw away the Ouija boards.” Like, I – I could never live with one. I don’t fuck with them at all. Bella last night at her house literally had an Ouija board rug and I was literally like nuh-uh I’m going inside… Like I just, I don’t fuck with them at all, I stay so far away from them because like why would I wanna remotely open myself up to more of whatever’s happening to me. if that makes sense. okay my camera is literally going to die. but i just shut the fucking camera off And Ashley just looks at me and goes, “Yeah, no,” and just says the most jaw-dropping thing like you couldn’t have included that? in my video? -[Ashley] sorry. the only time Ashley ever slept in my bed. I’m just bringing her here to vouch. -no haha.
– the only time she ever slept in my bed -in my house, upstairs…
-the only time, because of this reason… -she had sleep paralysis. and what happened, in your sleep paralysis? Oh my fucking god! It was so scary. Okay so like It was when Maia and Ieuan first started dating So like me and Maia shared a bed at the time so let Ieuan obviously sleep with her And we had a bunch of friends over, so like me and Ivan crashed upstairs in Tana’s bed.
-and I was out of town.
-yeah, you were. and this was when I was telling Ashley all the time, I don’t want to come home Because I don’t want to sleep in my bed because I keep having sleep paralysis. and I keep waking up at 3 in the morning. She would always say that and I was like, okay, yeah, whatever Tana. The one fucking time That I sleep in her room. I get the worst sleep paralysis It was so scary. Someone or something — I was like at a party. Someone or something pushed me down, like this weird, dark stairway and I’m like at the very bottom and I can’t get up for whatever reason, and then I’m like, oh my god, i’m having sleep paralysis mumbling, or like trying to scream, but I know my mind knows i’m not screaming like on the outside. and so I was trying to scream to have Ivan, like wake my body up. so there’s that dark fucking figure just coming at me crawling over me.
-that’s exactly how i felt– just comes like slowly, it was just coming closer and closer and getting on top of me so I’m screaming and screaming and finally Ivan wakes me up and he’s like “oh my god are you okay?” “cause like you started screaming.” and you were like “mm, mm, mmm.” and then your body is just finally like “BAAH.” I literally woke him up and he’s like, “are you okay?” No that’s literally why I have to tell guys Like, “yo, if I’m screaming, I’m really sorry.” Yeah. It just happens.
-yeah. so, there you go. at least whatever it was, it wasn’t trying to fuck you. like in the dream, the thing is trying to fuck me and it like slaps my ass I’ll wake up and my ass will hurt. like sting. like that’s what terrifies me. it’ll cross over to real life. that’s why this bruise terrifies me. that’s why i’m making this video. aaaahhhh. like, of course, i’m not going to get laid in real life so like, demons are trying to fuck me Bye!

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  9. If you have a nightstand or some table like thing near your bed put something religious on it and if you ever have that paralyzed dream again look over and see if you can see it and if it's missing it is most likely a demon or something demonic trying to hurt you and if that is the case get professional help.🐌

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  12. Lol here I am two years late, but her story about the girl morphing into the dark being was nearly identical to one of my experiences. 👀 I was laying in bed next to my boyfriend, and I never felt myself drift off, so through the whole experience, I swore I was awake. But he started talking in words that didn’t make any sense, and he sounded extremely sinister, so right away I could feel that it wasn’t actually him. Just like Tana said, it was as if his body was just a shell. And then before I knew it, he climbed on top of me and started choking me, and then morphed into this dark figure. I could feel it’s body all over mine, and I was trying so hard to pull it’s hands off of my neck. Keep in mind, I thought I was still awake, so I was freaking out!!! I was finally able to kick it off of me, and it literally felt like I had kicked myself back into reality. Like the figure slowly faded away, and I could feel it’s claws drag along my skin as it disappeared, and I was simultaneously sucked back into the reality where the figure didn’t exist. And then I was just laying in bed, and my boyfriend was still laying next to me asleep. The experience felt so real that I honestly believed I had been attacked by something paranormal.

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