Do it *Jay squeals* Hey guys welcome to TGF I’m Rick Ross’ facial scrub Towel he… Yo, guys this is Shockwaves volume five hair mousse here today were gunna be be using that shit from our last video- “ah shit” *ahhhh* oh my god its so burlible We’re going to be doing a full body version so you get to see our whole body get covered in that. W- we smashed the likes 7 likes guys! Thank you so much for the 7 likes I’ve got a HAIRY ASS CHEEK It’s gonna sink into every pore of my damn body I’m gonna let it set for a good- how long is it gonna take?- 20… “If you go outside it’ll probably dry faster..” Yeah… or you could just fart on me Yeah yeah yeah bro, I’m good I’ve got bare methane bro *Oh yeaahh* “Nahh PLEASE let me put some on there” “Bro- BRO I’ve got it MAN. Yo I GOT YOU BRO” *Jay moans* “Please don’t make this so uncomfortable” I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life *AhHHhHHh YEaH* this is SO UNCOMFORTABLE *AGHHAAAA* Good luck mate *EhhhH* … This sounds really gay… If you could bend over the sink I can just- like- pour it on your back “No” This is lesson 206 on How to become Black: Hit the *like button* The more support we get, the blacker you get! Don’t hurt me SHIT that comes very cold this is FUN GUYS, this is FUN fucks sake my armpits “Sun beds seem to be working well for you man” “What would you do if you went into a sun bed for like a two minute tan you come out like that” “Your shoulder looks like Yop” *AhhHHhhHh who is this picasso? this is what you call- a YouTube video guys *Romell farts* Why are you guys in my face like this- get out my face guys What is my life right now gonna dry the shit out of this guys nipples Keep still. If I see you moving like that again- there’ll be trouble. Bro why do you look satin you look like you just got wrapped by Yiannimize bro Guys, I actually can’t move my face and I can’t move my body- it’s that stiff Romell’s having to feed me jam on toast This is an unfortunate event. It’s so tight I feel like a virgin *Jay squeals* “look at the stretch marks” Oh my god *AhhhHHH* “Wiping the turtle neck off” Oooh you got some hairs on your chest *AHHHHHHHHH* *Romell continues yelling* that’s not even hairy and its hurting that much “You look like a Skate Electrique’s” track *Jay yelling* This is BAD *AHHHHHHH* “Whats this new high fashion thing you’ve got going on?” You look like you’re wearing Tribe Apparel “That hurt” *Jay screaming* “HAHAH THIS IS WHAT YOU DID ‘immitates Jay’s screech’ AHHAHA *laughter* this man squeals like *imitates Jay’s squeal* “What is that Dominatrix gimp suit” *Jay yell laughing* Boy you look like Bobby Shmurda “ow Ow OW” “That hurts so bad” You need to get it off in 1, you ready? 3… 2.. 1.. *hOOOOOO* *Jay Screeching like a fuckin monkey* You can go on with that- YEsss *AhH* “Relax come on, you can do this, have a sip” “It’s morphine in that, it’s good for you” *Jay monkey screeching* That feels good there- that actually feels really nice *Jay screaming* “They’re all hairs” Look at all my hairs! Guys if you need hair extensions get at me I can mat all of these together for ya, do you a little plait and send it to you through the post *Romell crying a little* My goodness “you look identical to Wiggin’s Next Top Model” *Jay singning* give me oil in my lamp I pray keep me oil in my lap keep me burning till the day I- -I arri -I Paypal Bitcoin …Bitcoin? *Jay screeching* Do you think you’re allowed to touch my- MY NIPPLE COME OFF MY NIPPLE NEARLY CAME OFF Oh my god- I need something to bite like a- a chip butty or something “What is this wedding dress?” Why are you wearing bridal apparel “quick, release his back” Guys, if you- if you want a bespoke back “Just shut the fuck up, nah. Deadass just take it oFF MY BACK” ffFFUUCK Do it *Jay Squealing* I’m done. I’m washing the rest of this off I can’t commence the rest of this video I’m washing this off- please just give me some time to myself, please “Am I the only one thinking I’ve actually seen this exact item in Zara?” 3, 2 ,1 “I’ve got a rash from doing this” Guys If you enjoyed the video- smash that like button lets see if we can SMASH 80 thousand yeah, if we can like the last video then we’ll suck all of your dicks like- all you’ve gotta do is comment your address in the comments and we’ll come to your house and suck your dick


  1. i acc love how Romell laughs at jay for being in pain and then he screams when its him, he never knows whats coming ahahhahha lol x

  2. 4:25 he reminds me of the scene from The Polar Express, where the guy stops the train in front of the moose and some other guy grabs his beard and starts screaming like TBFbro. (:

  3. Jay: that actually feels really nice

  4. Must be satisfying to the person peeling it off the other because its like getting a big piece of dead skin after a sunburn.

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