so seeing eye floaters can be very
bothersome and you may know them as those drifting little spots or cobwebs
in your vision and in this video I’m going to be reviewing some new research
on a natural eye floaters remedy let’s take a look hello and welcome this is
dr. Allen here from the dr. eye health show helping you learn all about the
eyes vision finding the best vision products so if you’re new here to the
channel make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and turn on
notifications so that you don’t miss any of my future videos and today I’m
reviewing some new research on a natural cure for eye floaters and no I am NOT
just holding on to this pineapple just for fun there’s actually reason for it
and we’ll get to that soon also if you actually want to read the research
yourself I’ll include a link to the article along with some extra a health
tip educational videos and resources in the description below so chances are if
you’re watching this video you have already experienced eye floaters in some
form you know them as those little drifting spots in your vision and they
can be really annoying for some people or some people they are just tiny little
black or white spots that drift across your vision when looking at something
like a computer screen or maybe when you’re going outside and looking up at a
gray sky or something like that you might see those little drifting spots
for other people they look like giant cobwebs and for some people who have
actually developed what is called a posterior vitreous detachment or a PVD
then these little floaters can actually be quite large and very bothersome and
can even obstruct vision now I’m not going to go too much into exactly what
these floaters are I have covered that in other videos and I’ll include a link
to the entire video playlist about floaters up here in the YouTube card up
above as well as the description below if you want to go back and check that
out now floaters are so extremely common it’s rare that I’ll ever have a day in
the eye clinic where I won’t see a floater at least discussed floaters in
some fashion historically we haven’t really had good ways to get rid of
floaters other than what’s called a vitrectomy where they removed the gel
inside the eye a YAG laser vitriolysis where we can actually use a laser to zap
away the floaters inside the eye or the ever-famous just waiting and monitoring
and hoping the floaters resolve on their own and guess for most people after they
first start experiencing floaters they do usually neuro adapt and just kind of
get used to these floaters in their eyes but I have actually had a lot
people asked me if there was some form of a natural cure for floaters whether
it could be a supplement they could take or something they could change in their
diet to actually help these floaters resolved and honestly I have never
really had a good answer for this until more recently there’s a cool study I
want to share in April of 2019 a pilot study was published in the Journal of
American science describing the pharmalogic vitrolysis of vitreous
floaters with a three-month supplement of pineapple. YUM, but wait
pineapple well the whole idea of this study was based on that pineapple
actually has a protease or enzyme called bromelain and if you’re an author of
this study or you think you know a lot about this substance then please go
ahead and comment the section below because I’m not exactly sure how to say
this correctly but bromelain is supposed to be an enzyme that is believed to help
really dissolve the aggregating collagen that creates these floaters inside the
vitreous gel inside the eye in the first place so in this research what do they
do and what do they find out in this study they took 388 participants and
separated them into two different branches of the study I do want to point
out that 388 individuals in this study is a pretty small sample size in really
large scale studies that a lot of medical real facts and treatment is
based off of our from large-scale repeatable studies but for this one at
least they did do a really good job of vetting which participants or in the
study these were actually individuals who actually had to have a dilated eye
exam they observed that they had at least had one or multiple different
floaters these individuals developed these floaters and had been stable for
at least six months and they didn’t develop them due to trauma or surgery
and they didn’t have any other real serious medical issues such as diabetes
high blood pressure or some form of uveitis or inflammation in their eye not
only did they record the presence of floaters through a dilated eye exam with
an eye care professional but they actually measured them objectively with
a bee scan ultrasound of the eye as well as with an optical coherence tomography
or an OCT which actually allows us to actually physically see the separation
of the vitreous interface from the retina inside the eye it’s pretty cool
now remember there are two branches to this study in the first branch so they
actually took a hundred and ninety people and they separated them in
two individual groups a hundred and twenty and these people only had one
single floater inside the eye while the other 70 participants had at least
multiple or at least two different floaters inside the eyes then they took
these two groups and they actually fed them slices of pineapple and the
pineapple had to be measured out to be about a hundred and 120 grams of
pineapple and they actually fed them two slices every single day after lunch for
90 days and so after three months they then actually measured where all the
floaters were and these were the results they actually found significant
improvement in both groups this first group with only one floor about 120
people that actually decreased to only 35 individuals with floaters after the
three months and then in the group with multiple floaters actually went from
about 70 individual cases down to only about 19 cases honestly I think that’s
pretty incredible now get this because I find this part to
be very interesting in the second branch of the study they actually took 198
individuals really about 66 people into three different groups first group was
only a low amount of pineapple where they served just one slice of
pineapple a day this medium group of pineapple eaters which was two slices of
pineapple a day and then a large amount of pineapple served which was three such
as a pineapple a day again 66 people and each one of these groups the no real
count of how many Florida’s they had at least one again each slice of pineapple
is about 100-120 grams and they served them every single day for 3 months and
the results were as follows and the first group was people only taking one
slice of pineapple a day for 3 months after the 3 month period they actually
had a 55 percent improvement so 55 percent of the cases of those 66
individuals actually had improvement in their floaters the people who are taking
2 slices of pineapple a day had about a 2/3 of cases in proof and the people
taking 3 slices of pineapple a day 75% of the cases of those 66 individuals
actually had improvement and what’s special about this branch of the study
is that it showed that it was dose dependent meaning that individuals who
were being treated with more pineapple actually ultimately had better
resolution of their floaters now certainly the study was not perfect even
the authors addressed some of the faults in their
own study I know when I was reading the study I actually had some questions
about some of the math that they did overall I do find that their actual
methods as well as their intro and discussion section of the actual study
was very informative and again if you were really science he or you just want
to know more about this stuff I again have included that link in the
description below now wait before you start running off to
the grocery store and start loading your cart full of loads and loads of
pineapples as a few safety things we really should talk about now remember
this whole study was really about testing whether pineapple and the enzyme
bromelain which is inside the pineapple actually helps reduce floaters but it’s
important to remember that bromelain has never been actually F proven to be
effective at treating any disease and has not been approved by the US FDA for
treatment of any sort of disorder now if you read the research they actually did
address that bromelain is available in a powder cream and tablet form however for
this study they specifically used pineapple and they cut it horizontally
because bromelain is actually included more in the stem as well as the flesh of
the pineapple now I’m not sure if you’ve ever eaten pineapple before but most of
the time whenever I see pineapple made the core is usually not eaten in fact
it’s usually sliced off and removed but here in the study they said to cut it
horizontally which honestly I have no idea what that means if I’m cutting it
this way or am I supposed to be cutting it this way I’m not really sure also a
hundred grams forgive me for being from the US but usually people don’t have any
way to measure actual grams in the kitchen unless there may be a pharmacist
or perhaps you do because you’re just a big fan of the great british bacon
competition either way I actually did measure it out about 100 grams is equal
to about a half a cup of pineapple but hey if you actually have any tips for me
and how it kind of pineapple go ahead and comment in the section below let me
know because I need some help if you think there’s somebody who’s gonna go
out now and eat lots of pineapple every day do keep in mind that some people are
allergic to bromelain and pineapple in general certainly something you don’t
want to be doing all the time I do also believe that pineapple is very
acidic can can actually affect your taste buds as well as other problems
with your gums and teeth also keep in mind if you are a diabetic or very
sensitive to high sugar foods pineapple has a lot of sugar in it and that’s
actually one of the reasons why in the study they limited the maximum amount of
pineapple to be eaten was only three pieces a day but again this study was
not perfect I do hope however that this opens up more avenues for
research with more participants and that maybe will at one point have a
medication or at least some sort of actual cure for floaters from Mother
Nature so last question of the day have you
ever noticed if your floaters actually improved somehow do you think it was
just due to random chance or was it something in your diet go ahead and
comment and connect in a section below and thanks for watching if you got value
out of this video in any way hit that like button for me share with a friend
otherwise keep an eye on will talk to you soon

100 thoughts on “Eye Floaters No More! New (Natural) Eye Floaters Treatment Research | Doctor Eye Health”

  1. You know I been eating pineapple almost daily for breakfast for the last 2 years, usually frozen and I blend it into a drink with blueberry's and banana's. I use to have a lot of floaters and now that you mention it in this video, I haven't really seen much of any for some time, today/right now NO floaters.

  2. My wife and I experienced something unexpected having to do with our eye floaters recently. We live in the Minneapolis, MN area. We took a 1-week vacation to the Taos, NM area a few months ago. We both experience significant eye floaters in MN. We both noticed that our eye floaters nearly disappeared after a few days in Taos, NM and our eye floaters remained reduced for several days after we returned to Minneapolis. Any idea what would cause this? Would the elevation change (atmospheric pressure) have something to do with it? Our diet didn't change significantly in that time on vacation. The air was thinner and dryer up there at elevation. It has us both curious about what could have affected our eye floaters in such a positive way. Oh, and we drove there and did not fly.

  3. 3 years ago, I had a vitreous detachment. this caused a lot of floaters. 2 years ago, because I own a organic farm, I started eating a pineapple a day. My floaters are minimal now. I still have a little swirl if I close the other eye and look for it. But it is lessening also. Yea Pineapple

  4. Here in Australia we love the metrics thanks, it’s interesting the USA officially have the metric system but don’t use it. Very informative, thank you!

  5. I don't think enzymes can get through the stomach into the bloodstream. Enzymes are proteins which are broken down in the stomach. So how could bromelaine even get to the eye?

  6. Wonderful talk, Dr. Blue Eyes. I read somewhere floaters are age related, so hoping they'll disappear spontaneously is like hoping wrinkles will do likewise. But it's really easy to make them disappear… go to sleep.

  7. Pineapple and Dark 🍒 can
    Reduce high concentrations of Uric acid in the joints and it helps reduce gout symptoms as well as some arthritis

  8. i have been stuffing myself with pineaple for decades (not because of floaters). just because i like it. every day breakfast.
    I have tons of floaters and increasing over the years. so from my standpoint bromelain doesn't do much.

  9. There seems to be more floaters as I age. One is a large black dot in my left field of vision which I used to think was a fly or bug. Some light makes them more noticeable. They cause anxiety as I cannot stop them gaining my attention. I will try the pineapple to see if anything changes.

  10. That pineapple looked pretty darn green. Here's a tip on picking a pineapple that's ripe– check out the crown on top of the pineapple, and pick a leaf near the center of the top and give it a slight yank. If it disconnects easily, it's more likely to be ripe than if it's in their solid. Pineapples will ripen on your countertop though. And don't worry all that much if the base where it was connected to the rest of the plant is slightly moldy– that's not uncommon in a ripe pineapple given the amount of sugar. You'll cut that part off anyway so don't sweat it. The darker yellow the insides are usually the sweeter and riper it is. When buying already cut pineapple, look for darker slices, they'll be better.

    Also, don't try to use fresh pineapple in a gelatin dessert– an enzyme in pineapple will prevent it from gelling properly– people use canned pineapple for that because something in the canning process degrades the enzyme. Makes me wonder if the anti-floater properties would survive that as well– a study will need to be performed to see if canned pineapple works as well as fresh on floaters…

  11. This video caught my attention because I have tons of floaters due to a vitreous detachment and also narrow angles, I would love to believe that something so simple as eating pineapple every day will help with the reduction of them. Let me tell you floaters are a pain in the ass, they definitely impair your vision field. I will get started on this and let you know

  12. My vision is -12.75 left eye -13 right eye. I have seen floaters since elementary school. I’ve seen a retina specialist for evaluation of each retina. I love pineapple and will try this for a month to see if there are any changes.

  13. Presumably this would work with kiwi too? On the back of jelly (jello) packs in the UK, it warns that adding pineapple or kiwi will prevent the jelly from setting due to an enzyme those fruits contain, that I now realise is bromelain. I may have to start adding these fruits to my morning smoothie to see if there is any change.

  14. I started getting floaters this year
    I live in hot desert climate and needed to drink more water this helped.. Also I started taking more omega 3 flax oil. I hear that the odorless fish oil omega 3 is actually better than flax oil. After I finish the flax oil tabs I will buy fish oil
    there is a krill fish oil that is supposed to have 3x better absorption.. Iwillgetthat one next OK..
    That's my experience I still have floaters but very tiny and they don't show up very often anymore

  15. Boric acid/boron/borax removed my floaters, removed my cataracts, cured my arthritis, remineralized my teeth/ bones, killed the systemic candida, cured my UTI in a couple of minutes, and I don’t know what else… no wonder they don’t want us to know about it as a supplement. They want us to think it’s poison. We used to get it from our food before they destroyed the nutrition in our food with pesticides and who knows what else.

  16. I believe this issue is likely diet related, being our foods are not what they were, thanks to greed and more of the same for the bottom line

  17. GOV'T: not approved by FDA.

    TRANSLATION: guaranteed safe and effective. sure to work with no dangerous or harmful side effects.

  18. I drink pineapple juice (almost) every day one 8 oz. or pure Apple juice.
    Pineapple juice also is great for wrinkles on you face!!!
    I'll be 65 next week.

  19. “I’m not just holding this pineapple for fun.” Of course not. It’s obvious that you’re referencing Psych. No need to explain.

  20. I just had a giant retinal tear that introduced a large floater. It’s really annoying, however I am seeing my brain begin to cancel it out just after 2 weeks. Curious if the disappearing of the floaters was from the brain cancelling it out and not the pineapple? Didn’t hear if there was a control population and what percent had thro floaters decrease.

  21. Lutein , Taurine and Serrapeptase are helping me but yeah bromaline is really great too. Bromaline is found in the core of the pineapple. I take my bromaline in pill form , its natural and then I know I am getting it right.

  22. Doctor, I copied this (my) comment from your other post about eye floaters. I had increasing floaters starting about 58yo, + hereditary macular generation onset, + on phone ALOT- internet use-, was making my vision blurry, eyes sore, & tears were thick & gunky. Normal eye drops of any kind didn't alleviate these symptoms. I would have to completely stop internet/phone use, & let my eyes rest for 8-10hrs. But it kept occurring, so I did quite a bit of research, & came across the eye wash cup, instead. I made my own formula, mostly distilled H2O( almost 2oz.), a pinch of sea salt, & dropperful of a specific pure colloidal mineral solution (NOT from the Salt Lake in Utah). I started by using it whenever I needed it (eyes sore & tears were gunky), & got up to 2x to 3x a day, because it felt really soothing. I hold the ½ filled eye cup against the socket, let the solution warm by body heat w/eye closed, then, once it's warmed, open my eye, and gently roll my eye, while it's being bathed in the solution, for 1-1½ mins., each eye. I did this for 2 + weeks, and noticed my floaters had pretty much disappeared, & they mostly haven't come back, even 4 months later. I occasionally use the solution still, when I've been on computer/phone over 10 hours. I feel that this method, which is very traditional, AND I know what is in the solution (no unpronouncable ingredients) has helped me tremendously, & alleviated alot of fear about my macular degeneration. There's nothing harmful in it. Hope this helps you, doctor, & your subscribers. You can find eyewash cups on eBay.

  23. I have quite a few floaters and have had them for many years, should I be worried? I obviously can count them all but I would say maybe more than 10 . And i have that many for maybe more than 10 years. I have grown used to them, for the most part but are very distracting at times. I hate pineapples but I may have been coverted.

  24. Interesting. I actually ran this study on myself in 1995 as my senior project in naturopathic medical school. I partnered with a company that manufactures enzymes and used a concentrated proteolytic formula. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any reduction in my floaters, but I only ran the experiment for a month. Maybe if I'd gone for longer, like they did in this study, I would have had better results.

  25. I’m a 20year old girl who had a retinal vein occlusion at 18 causing my vision to go from 20/20 to 20/40 within 2 months. completely healthy, not a heavy lifter or girl who works out intensively, the diagnosis was that I was just dehydrated and had to get injections for about 5 months, I still have 1 floater in my eye and it bothers the heck out of me! thank you for sharing this!

  26. The new thing around here is instead of just drinking orange juice, drinking orange juice with pineapple juice. I'm drinking about a liter a day. Will that work? Ps please talk faster.

  27. I eat frozen blueberries every day for eye health.There was a video about it by Dr Greger of nutritionfacts.It's the cyano whatever in them.

  28. My anecdote.. I've had bromelain supplements from 2 different brands for 2 years taken multiple times a week, with periods of daily. And I still have multiple floaters… *Shrug*. Must be some other combination of the pineapple. Thanks for sharing though. Bromelain is a very powerful enzyme that helps with a lot of GI issues.

  29. Dr. Allen, thanks for the great video! Two questions: Do you think taking a Bromelaine supplement would be as effective as eating pineapple — and if so, do you know how many milligrams of Bromelaine are normally found in one slice of fresh pineapple?

  30. The good doctor has a serious case of the "Actually Disease" that infects young people. He managed to include 31 "actuallys or "actuals." Doing this makes the speaker sound like he doesn't believe that we believe what he is saying. I will, however, try to eat pineapple and see if my floaters "actually" disappear.

  31. I always had a few floaters. I’m very nearsighted and was told that is why. Then, the vitreous in both eyes detached and gave me bazillions of floaters. That was about 12 years ago. Not a day (barely a few hours) goes by that I’m not irritated at them. I’ve learned how to eye-jerk them out of my field of vision when I need to. They do seem fewer than in the beginning, but maybe my brain has compensated on at least the smaller ones. I have a few big ones that are always around. I’d love to eat pineapple everyday, but too much makes my tongue sore. I recently read about MSM eyedrops for floaters, but I’ve yet to try them because I have issues with anything sulfur. Having dry eyes along with the floaters, most days I just want to keep them closed.

  32. Eye floaters are actually aliens. Don't believe me? Just try and look at one. They know you're looking at them, and it makes them nervous, so they move away from where they were. The only way to get rid of them, aside from pineapples, is to get an eyefloaterectomy.

  33. Some form are a calcium and not a protein to get dissolved by Bromelain, Pineapple ?
    Dogs get better eye drops dissolving floaters than humans.
    Pineapple have too much sugar and best is to marinate meat in the juice .

  34. Papaya and Pineapple have a digestive property that helps digest food, Bromelain and Papain. . It's the same ingredient in the old meat tenderizer Accent. It starts to pre-digest meat therefore tenderizing it. Trader Joe's sell this combo PAPAYA & PINEAPPLE ENZYME in a chewable pill to chew with meals. Also wait several hours to eat grapefruit if you are taking a thyroid medicine. Pineapple helps thin out mucus in chest colds so it came be coughed out more easily.

  35. Thanks a lot of this. I've been plagued by floaters for 10+ years and no, I never really get used to it, especially as I work with computer graphics and web design. I've tried lots of "cures", including risky ones (like ingesting hydrogen peroxide), but nothing helped in the slightest. So, yes, I'm running to the store in search of pretty pineapples 🙂

  36. Very interesting. Cant eat all that sweet pineapple as i am diabetic. all that sugar is not good for my eyes. use the Pineapple to lose weight and i cut off the top and grind 1/2 the PA including the rind and use to marinate a steak. even tough steaks get nice and soft.

  37. This is bunk. I've been using lots of pineapple for years in my green smoothies. I always use the core of the pineapple, which is where the bromaline is. I've never had any improvement in my floaters.

  38. I hate my floaters so much! I have a light ones and a few dark ones. One of them tricks me a lot by pretending to be a fruit fly flying at my face. 😆 I love pineapple so I think I will try eating some every week. Maybe not every day, but maybe a little will help. I mean, why not try? Pineapple is delicious.

  39. We can't grow pineapples in Canada and FYI we don't import pineapples from U.S. (Hawaiian) because only metric pineapples (grams) are sold here.

  40. Several months ago, I started taking quercetin with bromelain for my sinus problems. Not only did it help with my sinuses, but my floaters have improved considerably.

  41. There was a significant omission in the study. It should have included another batch of 66 people in the second group with NIL bromelaine/pineapple supplement. This would have identified what % of floaters go away of their own volition over a 90-day period which I think is just as relevant to the study.

  42. Doc, you ARE THE BEST! You get to the point and bring us such useful subjects about our eyes. Thank You! I am going to try the treatment, will let you know how it goes. I have always had floaters, hopefully they'll be all gone!

  43. As a side note, the FDA will never put their stamp of approval on anything that people can grow in their back yards or buy at a grocery store to cure them. They only approve deadly, dangerous poisons, aka modern medicine (drugs), that a drug company can own the rights to, and sell to you. "Let thy food be thy medicine" Nutritional food is medicine.

  44. My wife has floaters I will have her watch both of your videos on floaters Both very informative. Thank you for sharing your information. GW

  45. Hey Doc you're brilliant guy & I never head of pineapple bromelain but I already look it up on internet about pineapple bromelain but I would like to know are there any side effect with tablets if person is taking tablets? & also Doc keep up your work 🙂

  46. Well! Looking at my floaters I'll eat one pineapple a day, I adore the fruit and have always eaten the core but often can't be bothered with it, it hurts my hands when preparing it!

  47. Did the study have a reference group, who had floaters but who did not get pineapple, to see how many of them still had floaters after 90 days?

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