Hello. I’m Dr. Serene. I’m an Australian
cosmetic and complementary GP and today, I want to show you how to improve your eyes
because hooded eyes run in my family and I thought I really need to find a way to improve
this so I’ve devised a series of eye exercises face so that you can actually contract your
facial muscles and lift up your eyes and make sure they’re not hooded. First of all, I want you to actually look
in the mirror. Open up your eyes like this lifting your eyebrows and pulling down a little
bit and there are two muscles around the eyes really under the heading of the orbicularis
oculi. There are two sections of it – the one closest just around the eye. When you
contract it very gently, that’s what works and if you actually contract it quite hard
and forcefully, the whole muscle gets activated. So, just open it up like this and blink very
gently then you will want to do this whole eye bit. You contract a bit more forcefully.
You can also improve it by contracting these muscles. So, pull it back like this and contract
quite forcefully but not too forcefully that you’re causing contractions and wrinkles
in other areas of your eyes so be really careful not to do that. Now, it’s important to focus on your forehead
as well because the forehead has four different layers to it. You’ve got the skin, the connective
tissue, the muscle and the bone and I guess it’s easiest to bulk up the muscles so that’s
what I want to show you. These are the frontalis muscles so press down
on your eyebrows like this and slightly out like that and try and lift your eyebrows up.
Like so. Now, there’s frown. These are the corrugator muscles and often when you frown,
it’s the procerus as well. So, you want to actually separate that and try and frown
without causing any frown lines.So pull it apart and frown. Sometimes you might activate
this muscle here which gives you this bunny lines. So you want to actually secure that
and lift this up like this and start frowning. Now, this is especially good when the eyelids
hood down a bit but for under the eye area here, sometimes you get bags under the eyes.
Now that will work if it’s just a connective tissue and the skin is a bit loose but sometimes,
when it’s just fat protruding out and that runs in families, it will help a bit but you
might need more than that. Thanks for watching. If you go to my Facebook
and click like, you’ll be notified when my next video comes out which focus on the
lower part of the face.

100 thoughts on “Eye Lid Lift Exercises”

  1. Hi dr serene it seems that this exercise has done wonders for everyone except me. I did this in April and now my eyebrow is way higher than the other like its stuck in that position. My face just looks uneven ever since I did this exercise.

  2. I had surgery for congenital ptosis but on one eye, I now have difficulty looking up. It seems the muscle is too tight and won't allow the lid to raise.  Would this exercise help to strengthen that muscle to help that? Should I do it only on that side to maintain symmetry?  Thank you (and you look beautiful!)

  3. thank you so much, I will do this all every day. I am 19 years old and my forehead skin has to be lifted up somehow because it is to that extend that my forehead is 1cm wider when my hair is not down and my eyes are starting to disappear under my eyebrows. this all happened in one year and I didn't think of searching for videos. I really hope it will help

  4. Started to do the eyelid exercise will let you know how it goes.
    Thanks for the video by the way it's very well made.

  5. Dr. Serene, thanks for your face exercise videos. I like particularly because you explain what muscles are being exercised, Question: how many times do we have to repeat the exercises? Should they have to be combined (e.g., forehead, eye, lower face)? Thanks

  6. Hi Dr. Serene,

    Is there any exercise that you can recommend to reverse the effects of Orbicularis (Oris) Muscular  Hypertrophy?

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  8. Very good video. Her basic point is you can bulk up any muscle by exercise and therefore improve your skin appearance. Which is easy but not so obvious especially when you are so focused on imperfections on your face.

  9. لو سمحتو ممكن ترجمه بالعربية وهل هذه التمارين تفيد العيون المبطنة…

  10. can I just do eyelid exercises without doing a whole program ? .n with jaw cheek exercises will my masseter muscle get bigger ? I got square face as is n don't want them to get bigger

  11. Hi thanks a lot for this videos, do you have exercises on wide nose? I have noticed that my nose is wider then when I was younger

  12. Will these exercises help bring down the bottom part of one my eye because I've noticed that one curves up more making my eyes uneven in sizes. Thank you

  13. Hello , I'm 16 years old and I have really hooded eyes , if I do 40 reps of this exercise daily , will it lift my eye lids ?

  14. I love your video! Very informative. I noticed that my right eye brow is lower than the right eyebrow, and that eyelid is more hooded. Is this lowering of the lid the cause of the hooded eye?

  15. hi doc. thank you for this video. i have one side droopy eyelid and this causing effect on my left eye vision…. what should i do .

  16. can you please help me with my under eye bags??? its very huge and i'm only 17..HELP!!!! i'll wait for your response

  17. I started doing this and now I can't stop moving my eyebrows up and down it been driving me crazy and giving me head aches. any help?

  18. Buenas tardes doctora Lim, exelentes masajes rejuvenedores; me gustaria que pensara, en hacer algunos videos en español.

  19. after doing this for 3 weeks everyday … I found dramatic growth of eyelashes and eyelashes call rate is almost zero

  20. I saw some tightening of the skin around my eyes in 3 days. I did 50 reps when I get to 50 I hold the eyes shut for 20 seconds to feel the burn then open.

  21. I just got done doing 2 sets of “holding your eyebrows in place and close your eyelids as hard as you can against the tension” and shut my eyes for 10 seconds at a time for 5 minutes total (2 sets, 10 minutes total). I can’t even SAY how much of a difference my eye looks with just doing that exercise tonight. My right eyelid has became more droopy these past few months and doing just this exercise tonight already made a difference. It works ladies! Excited to see what results I’ll get with persistence!

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  23. I almost had to wear eye glasses for the first time in my life. Right after 2 months usage of eye-sight advancement method fetching gobam site (Google it), there`s less strain and squinting in comparison to when I was not employing any product. I could say that my eyes haven`t been in a much better condition, especially now that my eyesight has improved.

  24. When I do the first exercise it makes my forehead's wrinkles more visible, will these exercises cause more wrinkles in the forehead area?

  25. com 65 anos consigo tirar pelo menos 50 por cento de rugas que tenho se fizer esses exercicios todos dias

  26. did this and my eyes were droopier than before the next day…. and I only did this one night. glad it works for others but it didn't work for me. i probably did it wrong, idk, but I'm not doing it again.

  27. Hi dr Serena 💋💋 thanks a lot frome your benefit and beautiful videos ,so dr Serena can you tell about Height?i am 26 years old my Height 156 i want beacome a little tall plz tell me something ، Its possible to step up????

  28. Thank you for your videos . They are so well done and informative .

    May I ask how many times do you do each exercise , and how often ?



  29. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video.
    You are also very easy to listen to and watch!
    Again, thank you!

  30. This works but you probably must keep doing it. When I let up a bit eyelids skin goes back to being saggy.

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