[MUSIC] Treatments for puffy eyes, and that’s typically when we’re
referring to patients who say they feel like they have
bags under their eyes. Which typically is a result of
the fat around the eyeballs starting to poke through
the skin a little bit. Many times this is
a genetic problem, so patients can identify other
members of their family, like their parents who have
had a similar problem. There are two different ways
that one can treat puffy eyes. The first method is to inject a
filler underneath where the fat is poking out, to basically
smooth the puffiness, so that there’s a smooth contour from
the lower eyelid to the cheek. The alternative method is to
remove the fat with surgery with a procedure that’s called
the lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Either of those options
are good options, depending on the patience
situation and what they desire. There are some patients who
present with one important event that they want their face
to look fantastic for like a wedding. And for them, they want a simple
option appreciating that it’s going to be a temporary
solution, that if they want to maintain it they will need to
do it again in the future. There are other patients who
have as their frame of mind, that they want one intervention
that they can do at a single point in time, and
be done with it. And for those patients,
surgery is a better option. Either option can achieve
a very good result, obviously depending on the
patient’s particular anatomy. [MUSIC] Upper eyelid surgery is very
often done with just local anesthesia. It’s one of the reasons that
it’s one of my absolute favorite procedures to perform. So, that means that we can do
it in the office many times with the patients awake. I simply numb up their upper
eyelids and then perform the surgery, which is typically
to remove the skin and fat of the upper eyelids to
improve the overall appearance. [MUSIC] The recovery from
eyelid surgery, either upper eyelid surgery or
lower eyelid surgery, is generally a very
easy recovery. The one problem with it is that
most patients will get bruising around the eyes. So from a cosmetic standpoint,
they’ll have to be aware that people who see them,
their friends, their family, their colleagues at work
will see some bruising. From a pain standpoint, most
patients have no pain at all. Most patients don’t take any
pain medication besides, perhaps, a Tylenol or an Ibuprofen immediately
after the procedure. Another one of the reasons
that it’s one of my favorite procedures, both upper and
lower eyelid surgery, is because the impact that one
gets on their appearance when they have those procedures,
as compared to the recovery, which is a very easy recovery,
is dramatic. So, in terms of bang for
the buck, in terms of time for investment of time and money,
the outcomes are amazing. [MUSIC] Many patients are delighted to
hear that if their upper eyelid skin is hanging so much that
it’s blocking their vision, then their insurance company
will consider it a medically necessary procedure
that they’ll pay for. They’ll have a visual field
exam by an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist that
will show that indeed, the upper eyelid skin that is in
excess is blocking their vision. So, for those patients we’re
able to submit that to the insurance company,
we’re able to treat them, improve their vision. And as a nice bonus, improve
their appearance as well. [MUSIC] Many times, patients will ask
me if they need to treat all portions of their face
at the same time. They’re concerned that if we
address only their eyes, for example, then their face will
appear mismatched with other areas of their face
looking older. That’s absolutely not the case. Many times, we’re able
to address just one area of the face, and
in particular the eyes. For different people, the aging
process occurs differently. Some patients experience more
aging around the jawline and the neck. Other patients experience more
aging changes around the eyes. And certainly, what bothers
patients about the aging changes will differ based on
the patients themselves. So, it’s absolutely the case
that there is not a one size fits all for all patients. And we’ll tailor our
interventions based on what it is that the patient desires, and
what we think we can achieve for them with the treatment plan
that we develop together. [MUSIC] The goal with all of our facial
rejuvenation procedures, including eyelid surgery, is to
achieve natural looking results. What we want is an improved,
fresher you. We don’t want you
to look different. What we want is for
you to look rested and happy. And like, things are going
very well in life. And so, our patients are very
pleased with what we’re able to give them in terms of very
natural looking results. In other words, if someone knows
that you have had a procedure, then it wasn’t a good procedure. [MUSIC]

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