Hey guys, today I am going to talk about Facial
Palsy. Often times, patients with Bell’s Palsy
will wake up, all of the sudden and they feel like they can’t close their eyelids properly
or they start drooling or they start to feel numbness of one side of the face and headaches
and dizziness. sensitivity to the light. Normally what happens, they usually rush to
the emergency room or go to their local GP and there’s nothing that they can really
do about it. Aside from giving them steroids, sometimes
it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. So today, I will talk about acupuncture for Bell’s
Palsy. Usually Bell’s Palsy is a form of audio-immune
system function failure or a kind of Epstein Barr, post-viral infection or you could just
have a low immune system. So What happens is your facial nerve get inflamed
and presses against the other nerves, so it causes the drooling and the numbness of the
face. So it is just inflamed. So What acupuncture does is to help reduce
the inflammation. So the first thing that you can do for Bell’s palsy is to see an
acupuncturist. What acupuncture does is to promote the body’s healing process and reduces
the inflammation around the facial nerve. Another thing you should do is keep your face
covered away from air conditioned, winds or cold drafts, so that it doesn’t slow the
healing process of the body. And the last thing you could do is run out
and get some herbal medicine from your local Chinese medicine practitioner.
If you have any more questions about Facial Palsy, please feel free to leave comments,
send an email or give me a call.

13 thoughts on “Facial Palsy Acupuncture Brisbane”

  1. bell palsy completely recover or not …because I'm suffering from last three years but it can't recover completely …but I want know ur opinion

  2. hi my daughter who is 9 is currently under acupuncture treatment. she has been through 3 sessions. I wanted to ask, is it true that the affected area should not be treated with needles? she has not touched the paralized area at all. she just does acupuncture in the rest of her body but excludes the affected area. is she doing the right thing?

  3. Hi I'm 37wks pregnant & just wondering what would b best for me to do to recover, I'm on day 13 and not in providing. Hope you get back to me as it really knock the life out of me tks.

  4. sir I have been suffering from facial paralysis two years back in went to the doc and got myself away from the pain but the facial did not get to its former I did facial massage exercise but it is not improving much even though it's late can I go for acupuncture

  5. Is this something good for some whom is blind in one eye … after a while the muscles under the eye does not work the same .. can that help that situation?

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