(light synth music) – Hi my name is Kalpesh Patel, and I’m a licensed
acupuncturist and herbalist. Today we’re here to talk about the new facial rejuvenation package that we now offer at On Point
Acupuncture and Wellness. It’s a comprehensive approach
to facial rejuvenation. The use for the
recommended treatment time. It can help erase years from your face, safely, painlessly, and without surgery. A lot of celebrities
are doing it today, too. Kim Kardashian, Katy
Perry, and Meghan Markle have been using Chinese
medicine for cosmetic purposes for quite some time. I would say along the
reasons why they utilize it is because of that red carpet look that they’re tryna achieve. The more of a glow and a vibrant look before some of these big events is the reason why they’re
approaching this type of medicine. Some of the benefits
that they also have been able to utilize is the
fact that it can help soften fine lines, reduce inflammation; puffiness in the face, it can help smooth out
the bags under the eyes, it can help lift the skin,
as well as tone the muscles underneath the face as well. Another added benefit is that it can help increase collagen
production, which in itself will help strengthen and provide
a little more of a elastic, more toned type of appearance. As far as modalities that are utilized within this comprehensive
approach to rejuvenation is acupuncture, facial cupping,
an all natural herbal mask, as well as a custom herbal prescription. With the acupuncture,
acupuncture is the use of very thin needles placed in
strategic points in the body. It’s been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions from a holistic approach, and so, the reason why we use it
for facial rejuvenation is to insert those needles in to the skin, triggering fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are a connective cell tissue that is primarily, purpose
is to produce collagen. And, so if we stimulate those we can help strengthen the face, improve elasticity through that alone. And then, as far as the facial cupping, with facial cupping, it
utilizes the suction. That suction does help promote blood flow to the skin surface,
providing more nutrients, as well as oxygen, which will also help trigger these fibroblasts
to producing more collagen. And, as far as the facial cupping, another more technical term for that is myofascial decompression,
basically the release in tension along the face can
provide more of a softness and supple texture to the skin. And as far as the third
modality that we utilize, will be an all natural anti-aging mask. It consists of several Chinese herbs, and basically that applied to the face should help firm, tighten, and tone. Some of the specific
functions with the herbs, should help with cell regeneration, skin hydration, as well
as having much more of a lifting effect. And, as far as the custom prescription of Chinese herbs, since I
am a licensed herbalist, we’ll evaluate each
individual patient or client that’s coming in for this package and see what imbalances
that are going on with them, and also compound that with some herbs to help continue the rejuvenation
aspect of this package. And so, hence, that’s why it’s more of a holistic approach,
’cause we’re tryna help improve your overall
health to then, you know, exude through your skin, so
not only will you look younger, but you’ll definitely feel
younger along the way as well. (light synth music)

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