NATALIE: At the minute I weigh just over 24 stone. Yes, it is the heaviest I have been
throughout my life, but it’s the happiest I’ve been throughout my life. COMM: Supersized Natalie Werrett’s bountiful body has won her a legion of adoring fans.
The 29-year-old mum of one posts saucy underwear shots on websites dedicated to big beautiful
women. But her biggest fan is chubby chaser husband Liam, who she met nine years ago.
Liam even takes Natalie’s photos and helps her post them online for her admirers. LIAM: I’ve always kind of liked bigger girls without being shallow I suppose I thought
she was absolutely stunning, beautiful, couldn’t take my eyes off her kind of thing. NATALIE: It’s been so nice to be with him because I can actually eat what I want, be
how I want, look how I want, I mean he loves all my curves, I mean no matter what and I
can just be my absolute self around him. COMM: But Natalie has not always been so comfortable in her own skin. NATALIE: I got bullied, I’d say at least end of infant school going into junior school
because I couldn’t fit into the same clothes everyone else was in. I did get quite a bit
of name calling for that, you’re too fat for this and you need to go on the diet. LIAM: When I first got with Natalie obviously she had a lot of confidence issues and it
took a lot to kind of break down some barriers and break down some walls. COMM: Now Natalie and Liam are married. And Natalie shares naughty snaps of her body on SSBBW websites. NATALIE: SSBBW, super sized beautiful big women. Basically it’s above and beyond your
average big beautiful woman. Just purely do it to encourage bigger women to come out and
embrace yourself. There’s people out there of all different sizes that are lovely people
and you shouldn’t judge them. COMM: And Natalie believes she’s setting a good example for Megan, her and Liam’s seven-year-old
daughter. NATALIE: We have spoken to Megan about the size issues because she has seen me have my
modelling shoots done. And she does say, what happens if I get a tummy like yours? And I
always say to her if you get a tummy like mummy’s then mummy won’t love you any less,
it is hard because some people might not like it, but if that’s how you feel then mummy will
support you. COMM: And Liam’s so proud of his wife’s curves, he even acts as photographer on her racy shoots. LIAM: I do like the whole taking pictures aspect of it. I’d never claim to be a world
class photographer. There is a sense of art and beauty, it’s not all about getting your
boobs out, it doesn’t have to be smutty it can be classy. She’s seen other people
doing it, oh I can do that, y’know I can be big and beautiful. I can be happy. And she’s
just passing that message on and I would stand by her through that to the end. LIAM: If she got bigger I wouldn’t be unhappy. I do like big girls, I’ve always kind of liked
big girls. I’d really have a limitation, if she didn’t want to do it herself I certainly
wouldn’t force her into eating more food to get bigger to please me because that’s very
selfish. COMM: Natalie’s confidence has soared since her difficult childhood, and she couldn’t
be happier with her body despite the potential health risks of being obese. NATALIE: If I were to go on a diet now I would tell you no. You couldn’t pay me enough to
go on one right now. NATALIE: If I was at home on my own I would probably snack most of the day. At the minute
there’s not a size that I wouldn’t really go over. It’s more basically on how it affects
my family. If I couldn’t do things with my daughter or cook a meal or things like that,
that’s the time when I’d change it and say no, enough is enough. LIAM: I’m not gonna say that I don’t worry about Natalie’s health and stuff but if she’s
happy and the doctors say that she’s healthy, the number on the scales shouldn’t define
what health is or what happiness is. NATALIE: At the end of the day I find now how I am is how I’m meant to be, I want to
live my life how I am and I’m happy as I am.

100 thoughts on “Fat Admirer Husband Loves Wife’s Bountiful Body”

  1. I like her confidence and that she’s happy with herself but again he’s just cooking up a storm for her and encouraging her to work herself into an early grave. That part is not right, what about her kid too?! What if the mum just had a sudden heart attack and popped her clogs, she’d be no use for the kid then

  2. All I can say is, there’s nothing that you can compare to health, because healthiness is the key of life,
    I will never ever let myself to this, not just unhealthy but it’s absolutely ugly too
    But end the day it is your life not others & I respect that

  3. Pretty face and as a female I think she's attractive, but I don't understand a fat fetish with men. Being overweight isn't healthy which means men don't look for that normally if it's biology wise men go for tiny waists and larger assets. If I got bigger my partner wouldn't love me and i'd be ashamed if he was ashamed & he didn't want to be seen with me 🙁 nice partner she has

  4. If your husband has true love for you, he would help you lose the weight and become healthier. Your killing yourself! There is nothing to be proud of in showing people how you look, feeling good comes from the inside not outside.

  5. Woah, girl, those are not curves, it's rolls of fat. I hate when morbidly obese people say they're curvy.

  6. 2:04 This awful woman would support her daughter in “having a belly like [her mother]”. Not only is that sick, but it’s child abuse. If a minor is overweight, the parent(s) should be doing everything in their power to get the child down to a healthy weight for their age and height. It’s no better than supporting a child with an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia nervosa, which would be absolute insanity – and any parent that would do such a thing would quickly lose their child to the state. This is INSANITY. This kind of mindset is why we have a child obesity epidemic. Children are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes! STOP IT! ??

  7. You are beautiful. But being healthy is best for you and your family and you could be so much happier slender! I know, because I’ve been bigger than I have wanted and smaller is better! Health wise!!

  8. I wouldn’t have an issue if I didn’t live in canada and have to pay for their health issues down the road later

    But since that’s the case, damn right I get a voice

  9. So since killing yourself and glamorizing addiction is considered beautiful now, will we start seeing women smoking cigarettes again?

  10. I really don't care about body shapes and sizes, but at least eat heathy….

    If I did any mistakes writing this please let me know…sorry English isn't my first language… '_'

  11. I am proud that they are people out there who are plus size and proud and not chase the magazine looks.We all have our unique bodies and must not be shamed for taking pride in our body images, as wearing your confidence mainly as a woman is the most alluring thing.It's sad to see women commenting negatively.

  12. She is not "big" she is obese. Big is beautiful but that was worrisome. I hope she reaches a healthier weight, she doesn't have to be skinny but she sure as hell couldn't be obese. Goodluck to her and her family.

  13. People can do what they like,but leave the baby out of it.Some weirdo get fixed on her.Thats a no no.Dnt feature the kid.

  14. Um I am glad you love you body but you may need some medical help to be honest I feel like this is going to far but it’s your live not mine but just be carful ok please

  15. It's not about the size it's about the HEALTH wake up peeps obese is NOT healthy
    Being a bit chubby? Sure. Slow metabolism? Sure. But obese thanks to unhealthy things that shorten your life? BISH IF U DONT TAKE A DIET IM WORRUIED FOR YOUR PHYSICAL (and mental) HEALTH!!


  17. You are beautiful, but you need to set a better example for your daughter. This is nt a good life style. It's a deadly one

  18. Personally this is gross to me, and he’s helping her die faster, but hey-to each their own ??‍♀️

  19. My bf wants me to gain but I just want to be how I want which is healthy amd fit. I don't wanna be big like that but he keeps pushing it on me

  20. Overweight and obese aren’t necessarily the same thing. A little over weight- fine. Dad gum obese?! That’s not ok people. No.

  21. I think you guys have a great marriage truly based upon love I don't see anything wrong with either one of you. I actually envy the love you have for each other.

  22. مـيــــن? يـــرحـــب? بــــي? يــضـغط لايـــك?ويــــراســنـي خـــــاص واشـتـرك بـقـنـاتـــي

  23. She gotta stop eating junk food. Shes going to get fatter and I thought she hated how fat she was and now you see her getting more fat by eating junk food. That makes sooo mutch sense. NOT!!!

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