Taylor– Taylor
Ashton Hoit, will you make me the luckiest
man in the world? Hey guys, I’m Ashley Graham–
model, designer, entrepreneur, and body activist. I’m so grateful to
be where I am today, but the path wasn’t easy. Now I’m so honored to help
others gain the confidence that they need to take the
next step in their lives, to be totally,
unapologetically fearless. This is Taylor. Say hi, everybody. She’s an amazing
mom of four kids. What I love best
about being a mom is making these little
humans become good people. I just love to be with them. I love them. The biggest challenge is that
you can feel really isolated. So every day, I wake
up, and I’m mom. I don’t always get to be Taylor. That’s hard. I found Taylor when she
posted a photo of herself just 10 weeks after
giving birth to twins. I wanted to be like, hey. I have to do something for
me and for my daughters to show them, you don’t
have to get your body back, because your body
was never lost. It just changed. And just love it. And I’m still trying to
work through loving it. Taylor struggles
with self-confidence despite having an amazing
partner and co-parent. I don’t think Taylor
sees how special she is. Not many people could
walk into a room and light up that
room like she can. I love Taylor so much. I couldn’t have asked
for a better partner. He’s the love of my
life, and I hope he says the same thing about me. Total Wireless is
connecting us to help Taylor gain the
confidence that she needs to be able to see
how amazing she truly is. I actually first
discovered you when you posted a photo of
yourself on Instagram. It was right after I had posted
the side photo of myself. But what made you decide
to post that photo? I belong, also, to a mom group. It was a day where
everyone was saying, this is how much I’ve gained. This is how much I’ve lost. This is what I looked like. And I wanted to change
that conversation. Like, what are we
talking about here? We grew children. Our bodies did that. How grateful and lucky we
are that we’ve done that. But I struggled. I wanted to take it down. And then you liked it, and I
was like, I want to keep it up. [LAUGHTER] And that’s the truth. [LAUGHS] It was 10 weeks after
you had just had twins? Yes. Everything bounced back very
quickly before, and this time, it just hasn’t. And I feel like maybe my body’s
changed forever kind of thing. And I’m just trying
to figure out how to feel beautiful on the
inside and the outside now. It’s interesting that you
say that, because the reason I had posted that
original photo– I had just announced
that I was pregnant. Yeah. And I thought then I was going
to feel good, and I didn’t. I felt like– I
just felt terrible. Yeah. And that morning,
actually, I was– [SIGHS] I’m sorry. Yeah. That morning, I really
thought to myself– I’m sorry. You’re going to make me cry. Listen. Oh, my goodness. That morning, I would like,
[EXHALES] get it together, Ashley. There’s other women
out there that are going through the
same thing as you. Why don’t you have a
dialogue with them? Yeah. This is a new body
that I’m walking into. Why don’t I just put myself
out there with this new body? I felt so isolated. I felt so alone. Because you do. I know. You feel alone. So it’s like I’ve had to come
into this new world of body confidence. But what does body
confidence mean for you? It’s feeling good
in your own skin. It’s like, take the picture. Wear the bathing suit. I struggle with that. Would you consider yourself
a confident person? No. [LAUGHS] I don’t think so. Does it come from this idea that
you’re just not good enough? I would say probably in some– Capacity? Yeah. Or that maybe you don’t
love yourself enough? Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Mm-hmm. But it’s you who inspired me. I want you to remember
that for when next time you look at your body– OK. –next time you see your scar– Yeah. –next time you see your
tummy and you think, God, I feel so alone. Yeah. God, I feel so ugly. Gosh, when is my body
going to bounce back? Yeah. None of that matters, right? No. And you do have this
amazing boyfriend. Sean. Tell me about Sean. First of all, I think
he’s so handsome. Oh! He came into my life
at a time where I didn’t think love was possible. I feel like he started
my heart again for me. I want to show you something
that truly matters the most. OK. Hi. Surprise. Wait, what are you doing here? Hi. Surprise. Oh, my gosh. This is a surprise. I’m so proud of you. You are the best mother
and the best friend I could have ever asked for. And I love you so much. So Taylor– Taylor
Ashton Hoit, will you make me the luckiest man
in the world and marry me? Yeah. With Taylor and Sean,
it’s amazing to see how their love is so strong
and passionate and real. They are an inspiring,
beautiful couple. This is amazing. Yeah. How do you feel
right now, Taylor? It’s amazing. And I didn’t know
about this or anything. Well, you’re not
supposed to know. Sean, how do you feel right now? I’m excited. I’m excited. I’m so happy. I finally got to do
what I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Yeah. I also heard that you
traveled all the way here without cell phones. We wanted to give you guys two
cell phones with two free years of service from Total Wireless. No way! Oh! Boom! Oh, my God. Thank you so much. That’s amazing! But that’s not all. This is a very exciting time,
and things cost a lot of money. And we want to give
you guys $10,000– What? To go towards
anything you need– your honeymoon, your wedding,
your family, whatever it is. Gosh, you guys are
making me cry so much. This is better than anything
I could have expected. Guess what, Patty? We’re getting married! We’re engaged! [INAUDIBLE] My mom. Definitely, putting myself
out there the last couple days has been something different. And I’m excited to
keep doing that. You guys have a beautiful story. Thank you. And I’m grateful that
you were able to share your story with us. Because Taylor, like I
said, you inspire me, and you’ve inspired
so many women. Thank you for everything. You’re so welcome. Her story, it brought
up all the emotions that I’ve been feeling
for the last six months. [CHEERING] I hope that my confidence
can just keep growing. I’m excited and happy. This was perfect.

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