– I’m not saying that cooking is gonna fix my migraine, but, cooking is a huge passion of mine so it’ll lift my spirits. (upbeat music) Going on an adventure. – Oh you’ve got freezing cold hands. (laughing) Good Friday morning everyone. Oh, man I had a not great night. That headache turned into a migraine for most of the night. But thankfully, when I
woke up it was just a good ‘ol headache. Not a migraine anymore. So I’m feeling kind of run down today. But I can rest today
because before we left to go see Janice and Paul, I cleaned the house and pretty much got all the chores done, which is nice. And I’m logging on the G7X, which I got yesterday. So I’m very happy about that. This camera’s heavier than the one I’ve been using. So, that might take some getting use to. But, really glad to have it back. And good news. I think the glitch we had
on our YouTube channel here has been fixed. Because I went to look at the 9/29 blog. The Life Hacks one. I could watch the whole thing
on my phone and computer. And then the 9/30 blog,
where I was sworn in as an American citizen, could watch the whole thing. So if y’all could go watch those blogs and tell me how they look, let me know. But I think the glitch has been fixed. I haven’t gotten an email
from YouTube support yet, saying anything, but, I think it’s fixed. Which is very, very, very relieving. And I stopped doing professional captions just until the glitch was fixed. Because I didn’t want
to pay for the captions just to have the videos cut off. But since they’re working again, back to professional captions. Sorry for the inconvenience
of the gap there. I have a box here and
it’s from Kate Farms, which, that’s the company who supplies my feeding tube formula. They were so kind in
the transition process. Like, they helped out a lot. So, I had no idea they
were sending me anything. I wanna, I’m gonna open
this and see what it is. Paper. Oh, look at this. How incredibly sweet of them. I got a tote bag and two hats. So, does that mean it’s a hat
for Judd or a hat for Hippo? Gimme that! She says it’s a hat for Hippo. How incredible. They are such a kind,
down to earth company. They really care about their people. So if y’all don’t know, Kate Farms reached out to me. Oh I don’t have the flip screen up. Look, I’m so used to doing
it without the flip screen. Kate Farms reached out to me. ‘Cause one of y’all, one of you told Kate
Farms this girl’s trying to transition over but
she’s having trouble with insurance and all this stuff. And they reached out to me
and helped with the process. And, like, gave me free samples, to hold me over until
insurance approved my formula. And they were just so,
so helpful and kind. And like, answered my questions, about the formula and everything. They’re a really nice,
down to earth company. And their formula has been, I mean, y’all have seen the improvements I’ve made from being on their formula. It’s just very, very wholesome nutrition. That works for me. I mean, everybody’s different. So there’s not one
formula that’s gonna work for everyone. But it’s working well for me. And I’m so thankful to
be involved with such a nice company. Ooh. My headache. It got, bad again. So I retreated to the couch. Icepack. Actually fell asleep a bit. And I woke up, like 10 minutes ago, and it wasn’t too terrible anymore. But just kind of just like. So today will be a resting day for me head and what not. Plus, just like, traveling, usually takes a lot out of me. So it’ll be good to rest a bit while my body recuperates. Even though I like, enjoy traveling and seeing Janice. It’s just, a lot. So, be good to rest. But what I do want to do today is resume the work I was doing
for my feeding tube video. Now that I have my camera back, I have so many things I wanna
do for my channel for y’all. I wanted to finish my feeding tube video. I wanna do a relationship
Q & A for Judd and I. I wanna make a Welcome
to My Channel video, where people can learn, like, what it my channel about. What’s my upload schedule. Basically, answer questions
people have about my channel when they first come to it. I want to make a chronic
illness cure video, ’cause I have a service dog year video. I wanna make one for my
chronic illness year. And I’d include things like, the ice packs I use, and my heating pads, and my shower chair. And I know y’all want me
to do a draw my life video. I have not figured out how to do that. First of all, I don’t draw well at all. I guess I would do like a
voiceover on my editing software. But it’s in the works. Like its, I have a list of videos
I really wanna make. And now that my camera’s
back, we can get started. If y’all watched for a while you know me. Making these new video’s takes a while, ’cause I can only do a
little bit at a time. That’s what my body allows. So I’m not gonna push
myself too much to, like, get them all done at once. But, should be good. I’m excited. So I’m gonna try to get
another section of my feeding tube video done today. – [Judd] How’s the new camera workin’ out? – It’s awesome. But I wish I felt better
today, to break it in. Literally, just hours and hours have spent laying on the couch, ice pack things over my
eyes to block out the light. Like, no sound, no tv, nothing. It was just, miserable… – [Jud] Okay. Basically. – Okay, but, eventually,
the headache started to go. I pushed some I.V. Fortal. That’s my (mumbles), it’s non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drug, through my port. And that seemed to help a bit. I still have a headache, but it’s like, it’s not as… Why? It’s not as bad. Like, my nausea is way down. I’m not as light sensitive
or noise sensitive. So, doing better. And I’m not saying that cooking
is gonna fix my migraine. But cooking is a huge passion of mine, so, it’ll lift my spirits. – [Judd] Looks like Hippo’s happy. – Happy Hippo. So I’m making stir fry. It’s gonna have, like, a honey garlic kind of terriyaki-ish sauce. With chicken. First I’m doing the vegetables. I gotta get the rice going
in the rice cooker behind me. – [Judd] You know there’s carrots in that. – There are carrots in here. – [Judd] Gross. – Deal with it! Jud and his carrot aversion. My goodness. – [Jud] Like you and water (mumbles). – Anyways. Cooking, cooking’s gonna lift my spirits. (beeping) And it’s that easy. Rice is cooking. Removed the veggies. And now I added a little bit
more olive oil and soy sauce. And now the chicken is cooking. I’ve got a sauce going here. And it’s like some soy
sauce, some chicken broth. I’m gonna put in some
garlic and some honey. And mostly everything I do
is kind of just by taste and guesterment. That’s my mix of guessing and measurement. Chicken is done cooking. I just pour the sauce in. Put the veggies back. And I’m gonna let that
boil for a little bit. Rice is cooking. This is boiling. Harlow is snoopervising. How ya doing babe? – [Judd] (mumbles) – [Jaquie] Oh you startled her. Goodness. – [Judd] How you doing? How are you doing? – [Jaquie] What are you doing babe? – [Judd] Playin’ Madden. – [Jaquie] Did you… – A box lost last night. – [Jaquie] Did they?
– They did. – [Jaquie] I’m sorry. Did you see the Kate Farms stuff? – I did. – [Jaquie] Harlow really likes the hats. – Yeah, well she likes hats. She likes chewing on ’em. – [Jaquie] I told her they’re not for her. It’s for you and me. So, after it’s boiled, for me, I boil it an extra long time because the vegetables have
to be super well cooked for my stomach to tolerate them. Then we’re gonna add in
this mixture of cornstarch and water to thicken the sauce. The sauce is thickened. I’m gonna let it sit for
just a little bit longer and then dinner will be ready. And the rice is nearly done. So can doing something you love, help you feel better when you have something like a migraine, a headache, whatever it may be. Well, I cooked. I love cooking. It was lot of fun. Still, have a headache. But, I’m happy. And my spirits are lifted
and I am feeling better. So, totally worth it. And Judd and I are gonna have a good meal. So, of course it was worth it. Voila. Dinner is ready. And I have a link to a very similar recipe in the description. Are you avoiding the carrots? – [Jud] No I’m not picking them up. – [Jacquie] Oh my goodness. We’ve got our good
camera back in low light. Look at this quality. I missed this camera. Well I’m just gonna prime my
feeding tube with the pump for the night. Hook back up. We’ve got Harlow, right there, wanting attention. And we’re going to bed. Fingers crossed for no migraines tonight. Hope you all have a good night. With that we’ll say goodnight and thanks for joining
us on our adventure. (upbeat music)

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  2. My mom gave me a pillow that has worked wonders for me. I have chronic neck pain from fibromyalgia and it's a Boomerang pillow. I use it to prop myself up when I watch TV or while playing on the computer. It's also great if you're sick and need to prop yourself up because of congestion or, in my case, if you have GERD. I thought of you this morning and thought it might be good for you when you need to prop yourself up at night due to feeding tube pain or asthma flares. It's made by Beautyrest and you can buy it on Amazon or get it at Bed Bath and Beyond. ๐Ÿ™‚

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