1. I have acne prone skin, my skin is oily and college stress doesn't help at all. I'm currently using colloidal silver and silica gel to treat my acne and so far, it's been helping a lot. The colloidal silver kills the germs and dries the acne while the silica gel hydrates the skin (because colloidal silver tends to be a bit drying).

  2. My skin is so oily especially forhead and nose area , my forhead never get totally clean from acne which is so stressful to me. Since coming to korea i started using skinfood sugar scrub and aloe vera gel , also i use aloe vera mist from innisfree , my skin feels refreshed but acne still there. I hope i can win 😄

  3. i have pretty normal skin but lately i have been breaking out a lot on my fore head and cheek area so i use tretinoin cream that was prescribed and it works great for me!

  4. I dont have acne problem i guess but my sisters had. Since she came back from china her skin condition its so worse. So many acne and its was huge and red. So my sister star using khiels products. It did a good job. Now my sister have a better skin condition. They said even if you have oily skin you should wear sunscreens. My sister never use sunscreens before, because she think sunscreen makes your acne go crazy even more. So thats why she using khiels sunscreens for oily face. Ah.. My sister get her skin photo too. Turn out my sister got a lot of freckles that we cant see. It above her skin but its not a good sign.

  5. I have dry to normal skin and use Origani products for my skincare. My favourite skincare product would be my Origani cleansing toner.

  6. I have somewhat acne prone skin when I don't eat right or don't wash my makeup off. My wonder product is definitely Neutrogena's Grapefruit Acne Cleanser. It smells good and does a great job at keeping the acne away!

  7. I have bad acne prone skin, mostly on my chin/ jawline…I'm guessing it's hormonal acne! I've have dealt with bad skin since the age of 16, now Im going on 27! I thought maybe if I had kids everything would change, as I heard before from elders. However with 2 boys, still nothing has seemed to change! Well, Right now, I'm using Mario badescu products, favorite one would have to be their drying lotion! Sucks up the nasty suckers, and bring them to a head! Sounds nasty, but it helped a lot! Hopefully, praying my skin would change, throughout the long run! I'm tired of having bad skin all of my life, got pick on, not from just kids, adults too at that time, I would never leave the house without makeup! Still till this day, being a makeup artist, customer don't see the need to get advice from, you due to acne! It hurts emotionally. No one really understands how it feels until they have the same issues like you. One day, if I save up I could tag around with my Sister, my brother in law, to Korea, and get this treatment done too!!!! Girrrl, can I say Your skin is flawless!!!! Count me in this giveaway also, that's for giving back to your followers/subbies! You're awesome.

  8. Thanks for sharing with us, Angel! I had acne in my younger years. In the past couple of years, my skin has been improving. I don't think I'm doing anything different but who knows. Maybe it was just caused by a combination of stress from school, lack of sleep and poor diet. Now that I'm done school, skin has been improving. My current regime includes a serum from laneige which helps hydrate my skin better so maybe this is my go to product. Still break out randomly and have old scars but I'll live. I'm also still testing new products! I'm interested in that one day treatment though or maybe even just some laser therapy. Thanks a lot for sharing that. It makes it less of a barrier to consider when you know more about it!

  9. used to have severe acne, now i only have scars but they're hard to go away… i used medication and just cleansed my face with Clean and Clear for acne

  10. I have sensitive combination skin and I usually get acne when I either eat terribly or during my cycle. I usually get acne around my jaw, mouth, and t-zone. The products I've used so far are the Simple foam cleanser and daily moisturizer, and a facial set by Tatcha.

  11. I get acne spots popping up regularly; the Shiseido Multi Solution Gel really helps to calm them down! Blemishes noticeably disappear within days 🙂 Highly recommended!

  12. Hello Angela, I have acne prone skin. My favorite product to use is Nature Republic, Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel because it nourishes my skin during the summer heat and heal the skin very well even when the cyst breaks out. I use this moisturizer as a part of my 10-step skin care routine.

  13. I have combination oily skin, the product that I've been using is the innisfree green tea cleansing foam.

  14. I have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin. I also have very bad and deep acne scars and pigmentation. I use the Whitening pore synergy serum by Innisfree to treat my dark spots and it's working perfectly for me. 🙂

  15. for me, I have a kind of in between oily and dry skin depending mainly on the weather and if I'm using an exfoliator. but my favorite cleanser would be the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. although it isn't popular and has somewhat negative reviews, it's always works for me. It tingles when I use it once in a while but I only need to use it probably once every two to three months. after I use it, I always use the pond's cream moisturizer just in case it did cause a bit too much damage. but on normal days when I don't use the cream cleanser, I would use the Freeman Pink Grapefruit Exfoliating Scrub. It has a nice scent to and since my skin is really sensitive to American products, for some reason, this is the only product where my skin doesn't react to it. After the exfoliator, I would use the Clean and Clear Morning Moisturizer because it's oil free and it has a really nice scent to it which would wake up my skin instantly.

  16. I'm more combination I think lol. I've been using aveeno lately and alternating my other skincare trying to find what works best. I love when you make these videos~ always so much good information! 🙂

  17. I have combination skin but i always get pimples on my nose areas!! I found that using borghese's clay mask once every week really helped to clear my pores 🙂

  18. I have oily combination skin. I love using my Origins Out of Trouble Face mask for the days when I break out. It works really great because it treats acne and isn't too harsh on the skin. ☺️

  19. Hey love your videos! I do have acne prone skin – sadly =( but with the neutragena pink grapefruit cleansing gel my skin looks better – please pick me I would love the face mask with lipstick as I'm currently out of face masks yikes!

  20. I also have acne prone skin and its especially super oily and the one product that has helped me improve my skin is drinking lots of water really that is working on me pretty well because I notice that I break out when I eat sugary stuff.

  21. I have oily skin and large pores. My pores always looked clogged so I'm careful with what i use to cleanse. I really like the nighttime jellypack from J.one as a part of my routine!

  22. Have you been to any other skincare clinic/facial spa that you could recommend? This treatment seems really great but the price is really high for me!

  23. I have acne prone too + sensitive skin. I use surfur soap + LUSH moisture face mask, and I also try to exfoliate my skin daily. So far this is the best treatment for me.

  24. laser works on some and doesn't on others.
    my acne was really bad in my last 2 years of high school, so i did a few laser treatments… it did NOTHING. lol. what really helped mine clear up was chemical peeling! you just have to be very careful in not getting any direct sunlight to your face for a few months afterwards each session since your skin is so vulnerable and raw. But if you succeed in minimizing your sun exposure, it'll clear up SO well!

  25. Hi, may I ask how long last your treatment? or how many time you did the laser in total? I would like to know if they do laser treatment for tourist in less than 2 weeks and how manytime they can treat you in this short time…thank you

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  28. in my last year of high school, i went to asia and had an extraction done with the cooling cream done afterwards, and my skin has been significantly better since then, even though it's been more than two years since. staying consistent with cleaning and moisturizing afterwards was important, but even though my friends broke out bad because of college stress, my skin stayed alright.

  29. I have acne prone, sensitive skin, and the one product that has helped so much, is the exposed skin care line. Anyone who struggles to find products that work on their skin, try exposed out (it's online). This line helps SO much 🙂

  30. This won't work for me as I have severe genetic acne. Also why does she have a Korean accent I thought she moved to the west when she was super young ? Just something I noticed

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  32. So Peel, Extraction(..the right way), cooling calming gel, laser treatment, and Mask. That sounds awesome! I need to save my pennies and rescue my skin!! lol!

  33. I’ve had acne for 3 years now, I first had breakouts on my temples and then started spreading throughout my face. It got way worse this year and now I have scars almost everywhere on my forehead and temples. I bought some scar treatment gel for acne scars to help but it helped just a bit. At some points it would look like my face looks better, but on other days it looks worse. At least I went to the dermatologist 2 days ago and she gave me gels and pills to take. I’m excited to finally get a “clearer” face and have no more breakouts!

  34. Hi~ I just had some dermatology treatment for acne scars at banobagi too. About 2-3 days post treatment i started forming dark brown spots from pigmentation that I had and also scabs. Many scabs have already fallen off only on the 4th day and I am worried that these cause further scars/pigmentation. Have you experienced the same? If so, did you do anything to treat the areas where scabs fell off? Thank you ^^

  35. Has anyone tried acne.org? Not the benzoyl peroxide treatment (bc my skin reacts bad with it) but any of their other products?

  36. Finally, someone who disclosed the cost of the treatments! I didn’t realise it was so expensive though 🙁

  37. i have acne pore skin and for my large pores on my nose only one thing works: salt soap..basically salt (they recommend hydrogen peroxide but it never worked for me )

  38. To be honest, my face is very delicate, but some treatments have improved my situation. Searching, I found this article and it was the best thing that happened to me http://bit.ly/acne-alternative-medicine

  39. try PDRNDNA amazing, get it online www.hueworld.com/?app/311706. Lots of k-beauty products, k-pop,k-food, etc.

  40. Last year may be 8months ago I did laser treatment too. But now a days my face get breakout again 😭 . I dont know what must I do . I also did my laser in Korea ..

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  43. Hi, Angel! I have oily acne prone skin and I used to just rely on my own research when it comes to skincare. Until recently, I finally decided to visit a skin clinic for facial sessions. After the 1st session I had, they prescribed me skincare products to use for my post-facial. How do I know if continued usage of these products would benefit my skin? I'm being skeptical actually coz I've spent so much & did a lot just to cure my acne but none of those really worked for me. I mean, I still keep on getting these tiny bumps & occasional cystic acne especially during that time of the month. I can't even trust doctors now. I really need help. ㅠㅠ

  44. If the dermatologist said your skin is pretty bad I'd be pretty butthurt to hear what he'd say about mine T_T..

  45. you still look beautiful even without makeup. it's just that we are so used to seeing you with your make up so it may seem different. If you didn't wear makeup and went around like that I would still think you look beautiful.

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  47. What is Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it work? I hear lots of people cure their acne naturally with this popular natural acne treatment.

  48. Did you wear makeup in those days when you had the treatment done,like the days after treatment if so did it affect the result??

  49. How long total spend your our time ? Actually I wanna know how much money i should prepare because i'm not live in korea. So i need calculate everything like rent house and for the meal/day. Cheers..

  50. I wish we had this type of quality skin treatments in the U. S. I have struggled with acne for over 6 years and have many acne scars on my face. I have been wanting to look into laser scar treatments for awhile, but I'm not sure where or when I should get it done in Michigan

  51. I have a quick question, did ur skin look like this with only 1 laser treatment!!!!!!! Because I want to get something like this just like u done to my face. But I won’t be staying long in Korea only 1 month and I want to see if I can get similar results with only one treatment. You look lovely ur skin looks amazing 😉, I would appreciate it if u answered back please, THANKS ♥️😘😘😘

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  59. Hi! Do you know how much it costs if you want to do what you did and if you have body acne too. And if the doctor does pre-teens and teenagers.? Thank you!.

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