Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Aliya and I’m here with the lovely Zehra from The FitNest and I’m so excited because today
we’re going to be doing an acupuncture treatment on Zehra! Zehra: My first time! I’m really excited. Okay, so this is amazing because Zehra
has never had acupuncture before. So, what’s going on with you? Why are we doing acupuncture on you?
Zehra: overall I’m pretty healthy, but I feel like a lot of my stress and tension I
have it in my shoulders, my neck, the back of my neck, my jaw and I have a little
bit of TMJ so that sometimes bothers me especially when I’m stressed. Dr. Aliya: Okay, all really really common things that a lot of people suffer from and all really
great things that acupuncture can help with. The notion of acupuncture really
comes from the fact that it’s the traditional belief that any type of
disease or pain in your body is because your energy flow or your Chi is being
blocked somewhere. So we’re going to use acupuncture points that are
very specific to opening up these energy channels, to opening up blood circulating
in your body and to get your Chi flowing a little bit. Okay? So let’s started!
Zehra: Yeah, I’m excited! Okay guys, so we have Zehra relaxed and
comfortable. How are you feeling? The first thing I do is just swab down each area that we’re going to be needling so we’ll do a
couple of points in her head, face, some in her shoulders and then in
her hands. So Zehra, we use all clean needles here, make sure that you’re
nice and relaxed do you have any questions before we start?
Zehra: Nope. One of the most common questions I get is if the acupuncture needles are going to hurt? Generally speaking it shouldn’t be
painful you should feel a little bit of pressure when I apply the needle and then
that pressure should slowly start to dissipate it and a feeling of relaxation
should come over you. So the first point I usually
insert is this point right between the eyebrows here in the forehead
it’s called GV 24.5 and it’s a great point to use for just general all over
relaxation helps to calm the mind, calm body and calm the nervous system. The
second one we’re going to do is a point in the shoulders just because they were
mentioned the she suffers from a lot of neck and shoulder tension so this is a
really great local point in her upper trap that’ll help just kind of ease the
tension of she feels in her shoulders. So we do this point on both sides
and I’ll do the next point right here. And, because there are suffers from some
TMJ, what I want to do is just locally put some points in both sides of her jaw
and so I’m just gonna find the point that I need here, great, and Zehra if you
open your mouth here for me okay so I’ll just needle both sides. Good. Beautiful.
So that might feel a little bit tense at first keep your mouth open, good. And I’ll do this side right here, again,
just a little bit of tiny pressure here Zehra take a deep breath, good. That’s perfect. So those local points
will help her kind of calm her nervous system and at the same time really
release a lot of the tension that she’s holding in her shoulders and the tension that she’s
holding in her jaw. Okay and the very last point we’re gonna
do on Zehra is this point right here it’s actually big in the webbing between
the thumb and the index finger. It’s called LI4 or large intestine four,
and that’s a really really common point. What it does is it just helps the overall
pain and tension so anywhere you have any type of pain the air holding or
tension or stress, it’s a great point and a lot of acupuncturists use it you can also
acupressure this point by yourself and it’ll help to relieve some of that
tension and pain that you’re carrying. All right, so, that’s all done and usually
I leave the needles retained for about 20 to 30 minutes while Zehra
relaxes. She’s gonna really focus on her breathing. Deep inhales and exhale. Okay so all the needles are in Zehra’s points they’re all gonna kind of help her relax
help her Chi flow a little bit and help release really tight muscles, calming her
nervous system. So, now I usually do is leave Zehra to relax with the needles
retained in her body for about 20 to 30 minutes. She’s gonna focus
on her breathing so deep inhales and exhales. And we’ll check back in with her
in a few moments Okay guys, so it’s been about 20 minutes
and we’re gonna gently remove these needles from Zehra. And we’re getting you for some time to
relax with them and we’ll talk in a second. So here we are with the needles out and Zehra post acupuncture treatment, how do you feel?
Zehra: I feel great, I feel really good actually. I can definitely notice the difference.
Dr. Aliya: Good! And just tell everyone did the needle hurt going in?
Zehra: Nope! You can feel them but they didn’t hurt. You feel like a little just like you know it’s
going in but it doesn’t hurt and the interesting thing one that you said in a
couple places you felt that they were giving resistance and I could feel that
as well so it was it was actually pretty amazing and you can definitely feel
something’s happening in your body but no pain at all and I actually feel pretty good.
Dr. Aliya: Great! Okay, awesome! So generally speaking, we do a couple of acupuncture treatments to make sure that the Chi is flowing we
make sure that we follow up with you a couple of times to make sure
everything kind of feels good. Okay? So, guys hope you enjoyed this video, love to hear from you if you like give me a thumbs up and feel free to comment below
what are your experiences with acupuncture do have any questions and
until next time live healthy, live happy. you

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