There’s also dead skin on your mustache area IM DROWNING IN MY OWN SKIN Here we go, coffee in hand 4am. Well, it’s not 4am but it feels like it. We can do this, Jos. WHERE ARE WE GOING? I mean.. That’s ALWAYS the question. Its true. Okay, so Erin uhh where’s the clue? Okay, first.. uhhh Where are we going? What’s going on with the clue? Ok great. Sorry. It’s early guys. I have coffee fingers. Okay, Jim Jill bang Jim Jill Bang Well Jill’s not here today, are we going to her apartment? Jim Jill Bang? “Jill” is spelled with one “l” This makes literally no sense to me, where we going? Okay. Oh, it’s on Vermont. Okay, so it’s on the East side of town So it’s on like downtown.. jimjilbang Can you google it? What does that mean? Is that cheating? It’s a spa. So I like where this is headed Okay well that makes sense. We’re going in the right direction hot treatment that we don’t know about that’s only like it’s a Korean spa thing cuz it’s like we’re going to k-town and actually They have amazing spots down everyone in the beauty industry knows that Asian skincare Korean skincare all of the like Regimen traditions are the best in the world that I’m very excited. We need some hope that we’re going Jim, Jim Oh jimjilbang, it’s a spa okay that let’s go hi Nice to meet you our clue said jimjilbang It’s basically a Korean traditional bathhouse Oh Anymore well Jim do you mean sex wet just what everything out and Poong is room in Korean? So you’re literally going to like a sweat room yes We have a lot we have a hemline Saltz Honor. We have a jade steam sauna we have a playroom Yes, then we have a ice cream that you know just you’ll see you’ll see what it is that we have in wha Disneyland like oh you don’t have playground yeah Down the hall through the glass doors alright, thank you so much, we’ll see you in the meantime everybody We’re Chad look great. We’re not here. Okay, alright. Well. You look good Okay, so the first step is the shower room okay, gonna wash off everything first before we go into all the heated rooms, okay? And then you either can go in the Jade steam sauna or the Himalayan salt mineral hot tub yeah You want to get Oscars widow? Good for you or so and right now these aren’t like the bath salts that are gonna make us play eight people I can’t But we are gonna go dunk in that pool, okay? We want to open up the pores soften the skin and like prep your skin for the scrub ooh I love getting scrubbed yay. This is gonna be intense so the longer you soak the better it is for your son Let’s look at her knee let’s I love drew all right. Let’s go Like we’re about stake back together and well not the first time or the second But is the first time we’ve ever gone like potty training cherish Like look at the back. We’ve got a little but crackling moment kind of fits you so organ amelie I feel like this was made for me and my buddy. Yeah, me, too All right, so now I’ve never heard of the mud work to my work That sounds like the big of Harry Potter, so if loose loose Circulation leads to healthy hearing scout and you’re not going to get in that you’re just supposed to like jump it on your head It’s like kind of lukewarm I know what people and self they’re supposed to be good for you and like talk sense and sleep But also so I won’t go blind. No. I think it’ll improve your eyesight to 2015 although You know you’re supposed to actually be nude in here. Are you trying to invite me to get Nick? You know we think I don’t think I’d have to about you What made me see that a good thing or a bad thing detoxing Are these edible they look like It’s probably good for your uterus because I feel like everything here is good for your users Yeah, which I’m into. You know you’re supposed to be nude. Yeah, these little ball. Oh What if they’re like Kegel balls into the crevices of your bod that makes me wonder how many vaginas? You know don’t think about that don’t think about it. This is really cold so this that’s because it’s the ice room There’s ice in urine it’s supposed to help us with our pores tighten them well because we’re literally freezing tonight I have heard that like polar plunges and stuff Like a shave Anya’s apparently people who do Go in the hot water and click on the bachelor doll exactly It’s supposed to be great for your skin, so this is good for your skin and probably your uterus Yeah, always probably your uterus is probably good for your circulation And your heart blood changes Hair growth your saliva production hormone and your ingrown toenails. I like this though, and I bet my dad would really like this I’m always really Specific once you get one of these for fill these Himalayan sea salts are excluding our toxins I Feel that I feel that according to the sign outside You can burn fat by like The lay insults oh, then I’ll be here until tomorrow. Yeah this feels So good I just feel free and buoyant it feels like we are floating Are we on drugs? These salty guns taste pretty salty do they come on try it I? Just looked it. I wonder how many people’s back tracks have touched that oh, well. We’re literally in a napping room That’s being pumped full of fresh oxygen. We’re laying on warm Jade floors. Somehow. It worked up an appetite at miss spa I literally think those salts put me on some sort of drug pass I feel like I’m hallucinating There’ll be get scrub getting rubs again excited about this activity. I’ve never had a Korean and spa treatment like this Definitely I think all our skin’s gonna come off so just be ready. I think we’re gonna be able to see it It does feel like all my skins been ripped off like sandpaper, but like it’s gonna make you sir oh My God look at the skin no your skin coming off my skin Your skin humming. Oh you say that like it’s a good thing. It looks good Are you sick looks like actually watch yourself? I think my secrets out. I also I also don’t lose any kind of like scrub oh No, they’re not bleeding not no, it looks really like glowy you need to but I just really like to bring my butt’s yeah, it’s Just two girls getting covered in mud and naked it’s also dead skin on your mustache I’m drowning in my own skin What a transcendent experience I? Feel so soft, and I kind of feel a little while how do you feel? Oh my gosh? How are you so saw I just got all my skin scrubbed off. Oh, I wanted to tell you really quickly yes I just change it on my swimsuit, and and pulled it down butt-naked and then all of a sudden. I hear to keep dating This far my butt crack Are you I was in there the whole time Oh, oh my gosh. I’ll leave this for you for your little hope chest or treasure chest with it right here I’m gonna throw that on your treasure box I’ll probably grind it up and drink it because clay is supposed to be really good for your whole system Okay, I even more clever style click to the left see our brand new show called dude view this episodes all about cheating or click To the right to see behind the scenes of our clever photoshoot

100 thoughts on “First Time at a KOREAN SPA! (Beauty Trippin)”

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  4. I feel bad for that women because when she was SCREAMING she said “to hot” but in a scared worried way 💖😂 1 like = 1 less scream 😱

  5. I feel bad for that women because when she was SCREAMING she said “to hot” but in a scared worried way 💖😂 1 like = 1 less scream 😱

  6. The show is about doing something they never done before. They know nothing about the rules of a Korean spa. If they go back again they most likely would act differently because they would know more about it. Saying mean stuff about someone trying something new is kinda of a jerk thing to do. This is just my opinion because 80 percent of the comment are like that tone. Like if you want to tell them that they should not act that way than say it in a non jerk way and in a helpful way. There is a difference in the way you type.

  7. Ok I'm sorry but watching this video was a complete waste of my time. I am Korean and I'd just like to say that they were being COMPLETELY disrespectful. A Korean spa is supposed to be a beautiful place where people can go to escape their troubles. Acting how these people did only results in disrespecting Korean culture. So please, don't do what these people did.

  8. I know some people here think they have no manners, but if you doing a spa with your best friend…..things hit the fan

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  13. To all the people saying that the girls are bad mannered and this is not the way to behave in the SPA. They are making a video! It’s supposed to be entertaining. Would you watch a video of them just being absolutely quite in the SPA for 10 minutes straight? That would be creepy as hell😂 I believe they woudnt behave like this if they were just hanging out at the spa with other people around.

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