Is your back bothering you? If yes, then we got a good medicine. But first of all, we should take a look on how lower back pain is caused. Besides a herniated disc which is another topic, a lot of problems occur with three issues. 1) Shortened and 2) weak muscles around the hip area, and 3) a wrong coordination and control of these muscles to put the body parts in the right alignment. The muscles that tend to weakness are the Abs, the Hamstrings and the Glutes. And on the other side the Erector Spinae and the Hip Flexors tend to a shortening. These conditions leads to an anterior pelvic tilt which causes a lumbar lordosis and an uneven load of the inter-vertebral discs. Either this causes the pain itself or the body contracts all the muscles around that area to prevent it from damage which causes muscle tenseness and pain. To help you with these problems we got three tips that you can follow easily. 1) Coordination
The first tip is really simple. Just do the opposite of the movement which causes your lower back pain. Instead of an anterior pelvic tilt, go for a posterior pelvic tilt. Try to align your spine in a neutral position to get the right feeling for that movement. Imagine your pelvis is a bucket and move it to pour the water out of your back. You can do this in different positions. In some positions, it’s harder to adjust your posture. And some it’s easier. But all positions will help you to get the right coordination for that movement. 2) Stretching
The second tip is to stretch the shortened muscles which are responsible for the excessive anterior pelvic tilt. We can do this with the knee to chest stretch in different positions. As you can see, the tucked position will eliminate the arch in the lower back and will stretch your erector Spinae. Another good exercise is the lunge stretch. With that you try to eliminate the arch in your lower back and aim for a neutral spine. With this movement you will stretch your hip flexors. Of course you have to stretch both sides equally to avoid imbalances. To release the tension of these muscles you can also use a Blackroll or massage balls. The concept behind that method is simple. Add pressure to these muscles and with that you can release the tension. The pressure will also increase the blood flow in that area, and metabolic waste products can be evacuated better 3) Strengthening
The last tip is about the strengthening of the weak muscles. A good exercise to strengthening the hamstrings and the glutes is the Glute Bridge. You can do different progressions of this exercise. But always keep in mind to not arch your back, and keep your pelvis posterior tilted. One of the best overall exercises for strengthening all those muscles is the Plank. When it’s done correctly! You can also do different variations if you’re strong enough to hold the posterior pelvic tilt. The last exercise is to step up. Alternate both sides and aim for a clean and smooth movement without forgetting to tilt your pelvis backwards when coming up. Most of the time lower back pain can be reduced by simply doing the right exercises with the right execution. The exercises from this video are some of the most effective for that. But if you do a comprehensive full body workout you can strengthen your whole body and prevent injuries like that. If you want to know how to train your whole body like that, check out our website and try our workout programs, which are available for different levels. If you have further questions on this or other topics just leave a comment. Thanks! Alex!

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  10. You are overstretching your grasp of the science here padre.
    Most moderate to severe low back pain is discogenic.
    Go away and read the literature if you don't believe me.
    Muscle strain or overuse doesn't even rate as a cause.
    You're welcome.

  11. Hey Alex,

    You are awesome man. Fell in love with calisthenics in just a month because of you guys. The only mystry is when i have started this and controlling my diet i am becoming more fat in the belly area. Can you tell me why if you understand what i meant.

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  14. My problem is that im too fat to do the knee to chest strech that he is doing at 1:52. I recently started eating healthier and im going to the gym 4 times a week each time lifting heavier than last time,but I cant strech my lower back because the fat in my abdomen does not allow me too,I used to be able to do that strech about 4 years ago when I was only 20lbs overweight,feels bad 🙁 . I guess I will have to wait until I lose some weight,it sucks because I train my lower back twice a week and I cant strech it.

  15. I live in serbia and people in my country are not educated enough about this.Thanks for these tips I usually train street workout but I did improper exercises and it came to this.

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  19. What if i have a strained lower back left muscles? Ive been havin this pain for a month now im trying to stretch and do exercises also medicine but i dont feel a single relief after doing that. After i get out of bed pain gets worse

  20. A helpful video in 5 mins? Are you serious? I love you.

    I've had a back injury for 5 years and I've been in and out of physical therapy with some success. However every morning I'm still in pain and moving my foot up and down while my leg is extended feels like my nerve is my flossed with pain. I know I could be doing more with strengthening these muscles outside of pt but sometimes exercises seem complicated and I feel like I'm not getting stronger from it. I might be doing the same weight or no weight for months at pt and again, sometimes i don't feel like it's difficult enough to make a difference.

  21. i made this curve in my back coz i have desck in my lower back some one advice me to made this curve
    but now i can't do the forward bending i can't catch any thing from the ground plz advice me if this exercises is ok or not

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  24. If you got lower back pain . Before any exercise . Go to the hospital and get an x-ray or scan done. Everyone does not suffer from just muscle pain . Find out the problem before you start the cure !

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  27. I am going to use this video to help fix my lower back pain. I am pretty sure strengthening my back will prevent my lower back from getting injured again. Thanks!

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  29. Do the dog pose stretch, superman swim/breast stroke movement, hollow rock situps/rock. don't dl or don't dl heavy. that is basically all you need. if you game alot or sit alot break it up with those movements, plus psh ups, air squats.

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