41 thoughts on “Fix Wrist Pain with Decompression & 3 Stretches”

  1. I have a question. Shoulder blade pain. I used to do therapy and she tried to get under the shoulder blade to get knots. She question fibromyalgia or thoracic outlet syndrome. I lay on my stomach propped up on elbows. It does hurt. I try to break that pattern. But is it possible to work those knits or muscles out??

  2. Do you have anything for pain in the thumb pads? It doesn't hurt all the time but if I get hit there or my thumbs gets bent the wrong way I get a real sharp pain. Thanks.

  3. I’ve literally been dealing with a messed up wrist when I fell on it twice in a football game about a month ago now.

  4. Omg i swear i just had this this morning and i was freakinh out because im a cosmetology student , so i was afraid it was going to hurt me all day but with a few good stretches it helped

  5. Timing!!!! I've been dealing with some serious pain in and around one of those tiny bones on the outside (pinkie side) of my right wrist. It's been getting better and I think these stretches will be the icing on the cake. Thanks so much! 😁

  6. So when your wrist hurts to the point youre screaming when its flexed with pressure on it.. doesnt happen all the time but 80 % of the time almost feels like lightening or an insanely deep cramp on fire and it takes some time for it to go back to normal happens more when hands are really cold but you dont have carpel tunnel what COULD be the problem? Ive gone to the doc over n over they do xray and the eeg for carpel tunnel. No breaks no carpel tunnel and then its like oh well no further testing no diagnosis just a brace. Looking for ideas to bring the next time it happens.

  7. Thanks guys, got a trigger thumb on the left hand but it's getting better with stretches and I had a dislocated left wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome in the right hand which seems to be getting better as well. These stretches will help too!

  8. the traction is so fantastic. Thank you from a young PT school applicant who had a successful de quervain's surgery a year ago.

  9. I feel that Bob and Brad are spying on me ! If I have back pain, they post a video on back pain, same as with leg… I sprain my wrist boxing and guess whaaaat? I get a wrist video yeeey! Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I'm going to have to play with these. I have two titaniym wrists. This is the first year I have felt pain in that area in a long time.

  11. TFCC post surgery patient here. My wrist hurts again and I’m ashamed to see my orthopaeditian again because I’m not sure if I had anything to do with it. Please help me. Thanks

  12. I've been having a sharp pain in the joint side of right wrist. Not sure why, weight lifting maybe? Def effecting my workouts and i can't have that. But i just tried these exercises and its helped! I'll continue and hopefully it rectifies the issue in its entirety. Thanks guys!

  13. I have a question I have pain in both arms. When writing, peeling vegetables, stirring, brushing my hair. The pain is so bad I avoid them all. Please let me know if this video would help that. Or I did have cervical fusion. Do you think it’s related that way? I worked in a factory for 13 years and I was a server for 10 years.

  14. Fractured my wrist 2016 and never was the same cant use my left hand as much and it now has arthritis 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  15. I love your videos….. i'm a 58 yr old active in senior sports, always getting tweaks & injuries to my body. i started watching your vids 2.5 yrs ago when i had piriformis issue, & now watch them on all types of body ailments. this was another good & beneficial video for my wrist issues. PS – you guys always look like you are having way too much fun TO BE AT WORK. – lol. 😂 if everyone enjoyed their careers as much as you two guys, the world would be a much happier place overall.

  16. I have degeneration involving Scaphoid and lunate. I wear a support a lot to avoid pain. These exercises feel good….will they be contraindicated?

  17. Hey, Bob and Brad, today my Tai Chi teacher here in Beaverton, Oregon mentioned you guys. I have been a fan for a while so it was good to find another fan. She was talking about your recent video on the one exercise to do every day – breathing. Just thought you'd like to know your message is spreading.

  18. Hi Bob & Brad. I have Dupuytren's Contracture. Do you have advice on how to calm it down? Dr wants me to have surgery ASAP. 😀 Thank you!! ✋🏻

  19. Maybe someone can answer. I injured my wrist using a reciprocating saw. My thumb and index finger initially got swollen. Now it's been months but my wrist still hurts when I bend it back. It is only relieved when I stretch my index finger back. The pain occurs where the anatomical snuff box is.

  20. More people should know about these experts. Thank you so much for sharing n helping us with all your knowledge. Very valueable indeed.

  21. Thanks. Think this works. I just got my first wrist pains ever on Thursday. I knew you guys could probably help. Thanks for what you do B&B!

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