[Music] [Music] how are you hitting today what can I do for you I have arthritis all through my feet all through your feet so can you point it to us where is the pain is on the top aluminum on the top of the bottom oh the whole world okay put your shoes on you know I don’t want to know in the foot right yes no I can you sit like this honey oh this is one of the things that I’m gonna show you is go scalp acupuncture I know you’re both yeah yeah all right can you yeah there you go thank you and behind the ear no you don’t worry I got you right here okay this is just one of the babies because I did to palpate this is Scout acupuncture your head this is your acupuncture to treating the heel and foot pain you’re gonna learn the mapping I’m just gonna show you right now only the people who has pain and they will show the pain okay ten they’re here yeah right here okay no usually that you will do hand to the foot foot to the hand sore yeah okay remember how much pain you have before okay because I’m gonna make you walk around with a little bit turn your here do that oh yeah is oblique insertion okay now please to get up and then you walk and if you how your foot feeling ten seconds hardly anything [Laughter] you

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