Congratulations on purchasing the academy edition of the MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks software When you open up the MacRepertor part of the Academy Edition you’re going to come to a window that looks like this Basically you’re gonna have two parts to this particular screen in the center. You’re going to have the Murphy’s 3rd edition of his repertory with the various chapters Listed organized alphabetically and on the left-hand side you’re going to have the tool palette Now the tool palette is where you’re going to be able to open up various windows The very top little book icon allows you to actually open up the repertory itself if I accidentally close Murphy’s repertory by clicking on the X over here, I can reopen it by clicking on the little book icon the ABCD are the various clipboards that are organized together as one block and A 1 2 3 4 5 6 is another grouping of clipboards that is organized as a separate block So these are kind of saved all together the ABCD and then 1 2 3 4 5 6 are all saved together Then below what you’re going to have a little folder, and this is where you’re going to open up your patient charts We’ll review this in a later tutorial session this icon over here is going to allow you to open up your analysis graph and Then we’ve got a little icon here for Combining and eliminating rubrics, and then finally there’ll be a little icon with a key, that’s gonna allow you to open up your key notes just so you know you can click on any of these buttons to open up the various windows or you can click on the windows pull down menu and also select the same items from the pull down menu here, so this is just a quick orientation to what you see when you open up your MacRepertory program these are the various Icons and windows that are available to you and these will be explored in further detail in subsequent tutorials

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