100 thoughts on “French Toast”

  1. I went out of my way of watching ryan and shane in unsolved, because I was too scared, and this made it for me, this is gold.

  2. i love that the view in the beginning is 2/3 cat 😂 but the French toast looks mouthwatering 😧

  3. Raro que Jun no preparé el pan ?hace increible recetas,super elaboradas …hermoso vídeo,hermosa familia 💑😻😻😻 Saludos desde Argentina!

  4. Sometimes I wonder to myself if the dislikes are just generated by YouTube because who the fuck is gonna dislike such a beautiful video.

  5. Крутые видео!!! Случайно зашла на твой канал и очень все понравилось! с меня подписка))

  6. Toda la preparación, quizá deliciosa..pero qué asco: con gatos sobre el mesón, encima de la comida, muy seguro con pelos.
    Francamente ..mucho desaseo.
    Luego no se han percatado que los gatos se lamen los genitales y el ano…???

  7. 5:25 I live in France (i'm french guy) so it's not difficult to fead good bread x) There are four bakeries around my house , And about 77 in my city (it's not Paris '^')

  8. This is the kind of married life I want
    To wake up one morning to the aroma of French bread and coffee made by my husband❤️

  9. 旦那がいるのに朝食をつくらないの??? 旦那が朝食を要らないと言っているわけでもないよね???????

  10. I worked as a house parent in a children's home and French toast was on the menu one weekend. Honestly, I had no idea how to make it, but after a quick online search, the kids loved it. French toast is a great breakfast that is simple to make.

  11. how French of me to physically cringe when Jun said this was the best baguette he'd ever found… That barely even qualifies as a baguette, it's all short and stubby, and it looks all burnt on one side, and there's a huge air bubble in the middle! To all of you foreigners (to France, to be clear), I'm sorry you have to live like that, with such things masquerading as baguettes.

  12. M'y grand nany used old bread. First she put the pièces of bread in milk and aftter she put the eggs . It was so good ! Bonjour de France ! 🎩

  13. Hola. Muchas gracias x traducir los vidios en español. Quiero preguntarte por las plantas que tienes en tu cocina. Cuáles son? Quiero poner plantas como esas en mi cocina.

    Hi. Thank you very much for translatong the videos into spanish. I want to ask you about the plants you have in tour kitchen. Which are? I want to put plants un my kitchen.

  14. は!!?!!!!?!??岐阜?!??岐阜って言葉がきけるだけで昇天するのにパンも岐阜?!?!!!

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