>>Early in my life, I was
an intravenous drug user. (soothing piano) From then I became
incarcerated I’d been shot four times on three different occasions. And it was at that time, I was working the kitchen
in one of the institutions. And that’s when I became
aware that I had Hep-C. You know you hear this
stigma about Hepatitis C but you never, really
hear nobody fallin out or anything like HIV,
or anything like that, so I just went on with my merry life. And never had any kinda symptoms. And so it wasn’t until 2016, it starts out to moderately scratching. I couldn’t stop the scratching. I could not, it’s like I
can’t get, you know you got one of them itches you can’t get. I was scratching so bad that,
I started bleeding on my legs. So I immediately called
Johns Hopkins because, I’ve been hearin bout this, new treatment, you know, and it’s really non-invasive.>>Woman: What this does is measures how severe your liver stiffness is.>>And they told me that I
got cirrhosis of the liver and I only associated
cirrhosis of the liver with somebody that drink alcohol I never, I used a lot of drugs
I never drunk alcohol.>>The Hep-C had caused so much damage, that you’re starting to have symptoms.>>Mmm, I was scared to death. But the treatment was so easy.>>It’ll be simple, pills
alone, just three months.>>Just like I go to bed
at night I take a pill. It couldn’t be easy, it
was the simplest thing I probly had to do as far as medication. Take a pill, you know, drink some water. Do whatever you told me to do. And to have it better
and to have Hep-C gone, that’s a ton of relief. I have children I have grandchildren I ain’t ready to go nowhere yet. So I think that it’s really important that people just get tested.>>Three minutes out of your whole life.>>Do you wanna wait do
you wanna take that chance. My name if William T. Glover-Bey, and I am cured of Hep-C
and I’m so grateful. (uplifting music) (melodic chiming)

57 thoughts on “From Cirrhosis to a Hepatitis C Cure | William’s Story”

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  2. I am Williams, I have read a lot of Dr Mabuwa breakthrough Testimonies and that's what inspired me to contact this great herbal Man, i am a sufferer of Hepatitis B this was such a disastrous disease that almost took my life somethings ago, but i am glad i met this herbal life saver. after i gave what was needed for Dr Mabuwa to prepare my herbal remedy and in 2 weeks after using i was instructed to go for a checkup and that was how i got healed without any traced of the disease in my body, i was tested Negative. Thanks you for you help sir, he cure others disease such as HIV, COLD SORES, DIABETES, HERPES VIRUS AND CANCER , You can reach him on Email: [email protected] & What App/Call: +2348130714541..

  3. Listen- first of all WE ALL are fed too many Lies from the Medical so called 'profession!
    Also, this institution can be traced back to- Babylon and still uses a version of that original logo- sun pillars/snakes/ 6-pointed stars etc. Secondly, does this medical institution ever, really help you without a price. Indeed, for many, should they become sick and end up in a hospital it could break you financially, so many of you just don't go- ever (Financially you simply cannot afford to get sick!)
    Well, I for one was tested positive for Hep. C some 18 years ago and you know what- nothing happened, No 'nada'. Yes, I still test positive for hep. C but i personally have No affects- nothing!
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    Two things- the overall medical industry is helpful, but rarely 'cures' anything and it is predatory and each year they miraculously "find" MORE problems in us and are there to help… for a price!

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  7. The pill works also they have a study now and take it for three months and get cured take it seriously pray on top eat healthy pills will help you but having faith also helps I’m against meds but I was willing enough to give this a shot. Shit its not as bad as sharing needles and looking out the window thinking police knocking down my door. I’m getting the help I need. Praying for those willing to get the help for them self and for their families I have a 4 yr old girl and a 9 yr old girl I’m 29 I’m in their life and need to be there for them. Wholeness balance and vibrations to all

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  12. just diagnosed with a fatty liver, with elevated liver enzymes… i am just worried about it turning into something else… i have been alcohol free since my diagnosis.
    but my grandmother just passed away a few years ago due to cirrhosis and liver failure… but she was also extremely overweight and had diabetes. i thankfully am only slightly overweight and do not have diabetes.

    so, long story short, im just looking for the success stories to keep me out of depression and whatnot.

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