We ’bout to cover his face
and my body in questionable stuff. (hesitantly) Let’s do that? ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! We value your input.
Your input puts into our brains and then outputs from our mouths
in the form of advice when the input is a request
for such advice. – Wow, you’re like a robot.
– On Facebook. – We’re like robots!
– Input. Output. Input. Output– Let’s get some input, Link,
and output something. Kryss Brosuke Gamzee
asked a question and has the second best name ever. – Heh.
– Next to Holden B. Huffman. (chuckles) “Is there a way I can make face paint
using non-harmful stuff?” Ooh, this is a good question
and the timing’s perfect, given a Facebook video
that we have just enjoyed. Take a cue from a Mythical Beast,
TwistedFalconYT, who mustarded his face. Okay. I’m doing the mustard ’cause
Rhett & Link replied to my comment – on their video–
– (Rhett) Okay, pause the video right there. What TwistedFalconYT means
by “doing the mustard”… (Link chuckles) ..is that he commented
on a Facebook video of ours and he said, “If you reply to this comment,
I will put mustard on my face. I will do the mustard.” – So we replied to the comment.
– So we did! Then he proceeded to at least attempt
to put mustard on his face. (air pumped from mustard bottle) Am I getting any? I’m done. (scoffs) Okay, so the answer is:
Yes, you can make face paint out of non-harmful stuff,
including mustard. Use the TwistedFalcon technique! – (mustard squirts)
– (Rhett chuckles) (Link laughs) It actually worked. This one just squeaks.
Let’s just go back. – Okay…
– You’re the one who said to do this! – Sorry.
– I was gonna do this. You just put a little mustard here. – Yeah, that feels so good.
– (Link) Put a little mustard… – ..right down there.
– Oh, whoa. – Yup.
– (Link) And a little mustard right there. It’s a long stronger smell
than I anticipated. So then, if you wanna be
like a smiley face, lean down.
Lean down for the people. If you wanna be like
a smiley face emoticon – for this Halloween, or any–
– I think some of this went into my shoe. (Link) Any festivity here.
Let me get up here. I’m trying not to get any in your eyes,
but things happen. Okay, so as you can see,
that right there is some nice mustard. Yeah, thanks for that.
That went really good. (Link) Mustard face, which is great. – I’m ready for Halloween.
– Here, wipe that off. We’re gonna reset because there
are a few other options too. (Rhett) Let me do that, man!
Oh, man! You’re pushin’ it – right into my eye!
– Oh, sorry. You can also,
if you want to use ketchup, you can do that. Maybe you want to–hurry up! That’s good. – If you want to…
– (air spurts from bottle) Ooh, it’s like it was blowing a kiss! – (splurting)
– (Link) Oh! Oh gosh. I don’t know if this is a good idea.
I’m beginning to regret this. Maybe you wanna be like,
“Hey, is that guy sunburned…” – (crew chuckles)
– “on the left side of his face?” (Link) And a little bit on the right. Then all you need is a little ketchup. – And you don’t–
– I look like I’ve been in an accident. You don’t have to actually be
sunburned in an accident. Somebody call the medic.
This guy’s got ketchup on his face. I really need to clean up my finger. – You need some?
– (Link chuckles) You need a paper towel, huh? – And let’s say you want your face to–
– Be sweeter. – Or to be purple.
– Right now, it’s a savory face. Now I want sweet face. – (both laugh)
– Give me that sweet face! You wanna be sweet faced
for Halloween this year? – All you need is a little grape jelly.
– Yeah! – (gruff voice) Hey, they call me Sweet Face.
– (Link laughs) Hey! I didn’t have any ideas. But you know what?
I got an idea– Oh, crap. It’s gettin’ all over my pants. – (Link chuckles)
– Hey, I got an idea now. – (Link) Hey, Sweet Face.
– Just call me Sweet Face. (Link and crew laugh) (normally) Why do you call me that? (gruff voice) ‘Cause my face
is sweet. Taste it. (Link) No thank you. (Link) Wow, look at this guy!
What is he? An alien? Is he at least a time traveller,
or is he just a guy who really likes grape muth–grape mustard. (gruffly) I like grape mustard,
so call me Sweet Face! (Link cracks up) Grape jelly! Y’all ever had grape mustard? He still looks like
he’s been in an accident. Here, clean that dollop
off your pants there. So Kryss, just have at it.
Yellow, red, purple, any color you wanna be–
just look in your fridge. Claudia Nicole Morales Reyes asks: “What is the best costume
you can make with duct tape?” Oh, that’s easy!
A duct tape mummy, or otherwise known as a dummy! Okay! Let’s make a dummy! – Alright, so I’ve got on the under-dummy,
– (duct tape peels from roll) which is gonna keep my hair
from getting ripped off. – You want me to spin?
– (tape peels loudly) (fast forwarding) ♪ (quirky music) ♪ (fast forwarding) (Link) All right, now go around this way. – You’re like a futuristic space woman.
– (everyone laughs) (Link) You wanna go on date then? (Rhett cracks up) ♪ (quirky music) ♪ (fast forwarding) (duct tape stretches) (Rhett) I need to do some
cosmetic touch ups. (crew laughs) ♪ (quirky music) ♪ (fast forwarding) ♪ (quirky music) ♪ And there you have it!
The dummy! (zombie-like groans) Wow, Link. You look good. – (Link groans)
– See if you can sit down. (groaning) – Ugh.
– Can you not hear anymore? – Ugh.
– I was just talking to you about your chair. Ugh. I know why mummies
now make that noise. (gruffly) Because I feel like I have to. You look like the man with an iron face. – (groans)
– Remember that guy? Was it Iron Mask? – (Link groans)
– You’re holding your mouth a little funny. – Is that so you can breath?
– Yeah, I’m trying to get air in there. Griffin Casassa says, “How can I
incorporate boots into a costume? – Can I go as a boot?”
– Yes, you can. Because every women wants to hear,
“I like your boot.” (Link chuckles) – I like yer boot!
– (strum guitar) – (singing) You know day it is…
– (Link groans) – It’s Thursday…
– (Link keeps groaning) – And Thursday…
– (Link groans at lower pitch) – Means mail.
– (Link groans in harmony) (laughing) Alright, whoa!
Thank you, Jen. Oh, my goodness.
Let’s see if I can get up… Mummies don’t need glasses.
Their eyeballs don’t work anymore. – (Link groans)
– Just go on the outside. That’s just…uh-oh.
I’m a little worried now. Get it in there.
Now you gotta get the other one in there. (duct tape crinkles) – (Rhett) Oh, that’s…
– (crew laughs) I’mma smart mummy! (chuckles) – I’mma smart dummy.
– Is that on your eyeball over there, that duct tape? ‘Cause I’m
a little worried that you’re gonna – pull some eyelashes out.
– Oh, really? As long as you don’t feel it,
I think we’re fine. (Link) “Good Mythical Morning.
At my job, I maintain traffic t-t-signals…” – (mocks) T-T-T-Signals.
– (Link chuckles) “And I thought it would be appropriate
to make a Mythical Traffic Light. I hope you guys enjoy this gift.
We put a lot of thought and effort into it.”
Check this thing out. This is truly amazing. Put it up there, Jen.
Look at this, guys! It is an official traffic light,
mythicized. This will be proudly displayed. “If you’re having a day where you
don’t feel like doing anything, – just put the mythical light on red.”
– Boom. “If you’re feeling lazy, and just want
to slow down, put it on yellow.” – Hey!
– “If you’re feeling energetic, – then put it on green.”
– What?! “Or, if you’re just feeling CARAZY,
put ’em all on!” – That’s what we did!
– WHOO! CRAZY LIGHT! (Link) Look at us! We’re so crazy, we’re burnin’
three lights at once! And I’m gettin’ kinda warm in here. – (Link) Thanks for this.
– You’re making me a little nervous. (Link) With all sincerity and mythicality,
Chet Christman from (southern drawl) Nashville, Tennessee,
country music capital of the world. Thank you for that.
And thank you for liking and commenting on this episode. – (Link groans)
– You can support the show by checking out lynda.com/rhettandlink, home to thousands
of online video tutorials! Learn how to make stuff by watching videos
from people who actually know – how to make videos to teach you stuff.
– You can’t learn how to make a dummy. You’re gonna have to come here for that,
but for lots of other things, you can go to lynda.com/rhettandlink
and get a free trial there. (gruffly) You know what time it is! Hi, I’m Kirsten, and I’m
from Highland Village, Texas, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Thank you, Chet, for the traffic light.
You get a signed Good Mythical Morning poster for doing that, and everyone else
can get one at rhettandlink.com/store. Also click through to Good Mythical More,
where we’re gonna eat some stroopwafel, which, as we all know,
is from the Netherlands, – not Sweden.
– Y’all know that. We’re gonna see if I can
get out of this thing – without cutting myself.
– Rhett can’t stop using air quotes. Well, you did a “great job”
“spinning” “around” when I made you into a “dummy”. What’s with the air quotes?
Are you not being sincere? “You know”. Heh. You don’t think that I make a great dummy? – You didn’t “hear about…”
– (duct tape crinkles) “why I’m using these.” – No, I didn’t.
– (Rhett laughs) Why are you using those? Well, you should “pay”
more “attention”. [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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