29 thoughts on “Full Body Home Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)”

  1. God bless you kiddo but do u really fucking think normal ppl can do those exercises??? C’mon bro u made me waste a min and 30 seconds of my pathetic life !!!!

  2. "pick a technique that's diffucult for you and practice that, before the workout" *me, does L sits on the floor*. Workout starts… L sits 😭. Love your videos bro. Killing me here 😂

  3. Do any of these exercises hit the biceps and lats effectively?? I'm looking for a proper full body workout to try out. So far I've only been doing muscle group specific workouts

  4. Yo how it go bro, I just started following you man, you got some good shit to share, looking forward to watching, be easy blood.

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