You know what? I actually think its sad, that Youtube doesn’t let me play music in the background while talking to you guys. It’s actually annoying because I the truth is That I never get ready without music Before I started talking to you I was listening to a song by Lizzo “Boys” So, you can just imagine that song is actually playing now. Ok, I really need to stop singing now because me family watches my videos and they’ll definitely make fun of me. I’m actually getting ready to attend a press conference. It’s like a breakfast thing, that will be held by Purella. Ania Starmach and Ewa Chodakowska will be there. So it should be interesting. And you know, new year new me. The truth is, when I talking about my New Years resolutions in my last video. I mainly focused on personality traits that I want to work on. I didn’t mention any fitness goals, weight loss and so on. And I know most people probably have that on their list. Its not that I don’t have any goals to do with my fitness Its not that I don’t have any goals to do with my fitness I want to do a delicate eye, but I don’t think it’s visible. Maybe Ill just add a lil more. They’ll be discussing eating habits. They’ll focus on some superfoods. Before I became a dietitian I was always interested in food and the effect that it has on our health and our bodies. I think Im gonna change. If we do take it upon ourselves and decide that in a month we’ll lose all our excess weight and if there much, 10 maybe even 20 kg or x Then it’s not the best option because then we usually start over restricting and we go into extremes. We tend to do more damage to ourselves than good. Try adding some superfoods into your your kitchen. 2 or 3 to begin. You’ll see that all of a sudden, oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring. I’m just after the conference. I have a lot of respect for Ewa Chodakowska and Ania Starmach, so it was really nice to see them. Now I’m off to film. What are we gonna talk about? About everything. This is Vin’s new idea, new project. This isn’t his only channel. This channel will be completely my flow. If you want to get to know me better And you definitely want to. You’ll want to. We just finished filming the first part. I think it’ll be interesting. We’re about to start filming the second part. The guys are just getting ready to film our challenge. And I thought it would be cool to check out my party bag from the event. Oh I got Ewa Chodakowska’s book. “Design your tomorrow” I guess Imma be designing my life. We also have Ania Starmach’s cook book. “Delicious dinners” Supplements. I dunno if you guys can see it. And why am I actually doing an unboxing in a restaurant. Cause I was bored. Anyway, here you go. Even though I’m 25. Sometimes I feel like I’m pretending to be an adult. Cause the truth is, anytime I have to sort out all those bank, office things and so on. I feel like calling my mum and being like “mommy help me please”. And I remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Do you guys tend to run and get the scissors, when taping something? Or do you do you help yourself with your teeth? Mhaan, after this video you guys are gonna think I’m weird. I mean I’m not. I’m special. Thank you very much. I’m just arranging clothes that I’m planning to sell on Less app. It’s an app that allows you sell your used clothes or your new ones. Cause I’ve never worn this or these shoes, I mean they are a size 39. So if you are interested you can find me there. Username – osiugonoh So you can buy the things there. I think It’s a really good initiative. It’s like giving your clothes a second life. I have the Anthony Robbins book “Unlimited Power” Obviously the book is motivational. I mean if you know him as an author, you know he tends to release books about motivation, business and so on. He mentions famous people and discusses their mentalities, habits and approach to life that enables them to be so successful. I think reading a book a month will be very befinicial for my self growth. I recently read that only 9% of Polish people read more than 7 books a year. I’d like to achieve that. Read a book a month=more than 7 books a year allowing me to be amongst that 9%. I need that constant stimulation. Plus I’ll be honest Izu also challenged me. So ya know. I’ll be training today with Bernard. I actually really like training with him because he always pushes me to train harder. I’m back and I’m making baked potatoes, that I seasoned with salt, paprika What else? and a mixed spice. Potatoes are a source of vitamin C and fiber. ( Yes potatoes are my new thing). I really like training with Bernard. He motivates me to work harder. However, I am a model and sometimes I do have certain physique requirements. And I’ll admit, last year my main focus was getting stronger I also focused on experimenting with my training as much as I could. Everything was great, I also loved the way my body changed and how I looked. I build muscle very fast. Now I have new opportunities that involve me travelling for work. So, I’ll have to adapt a little. And I know some of you, hearing that. I have to adapt and knowing that I’ll be working on leaning out will be like ” Naaaah Osi you look good, don’t change anything.” I mean I’ve always been interested in nutrition and training. I’ll never be really skinny model ( and I don’t want to be). But I do know what shape will allow me work more. I also chose modeling as a job. I’ll be good 😃 Gotta do things in a smart way. I’ll be honest, I obviously don’t like the fact that someone tells me what’s considered beautiful. I think everyone should be allowed to create their own beauty standards. I think what’s important, is that everyone simply feels good in their skin and knows their self worth. Ok and that would be it for this video. I hope you enjoyed this vlog. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and in the comments section, tell me what you like most about my videos. I mean, I am curious plus my channel is just growing and I’m just starting to post more. So if you have any suggestions or you want to let me know what content you like best then I’ll gladly read your comment and I’ll listen? Yes, I mean I’ll listen. Ok, see you next time.

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  1. Sam w to nie wierzę co piszę patrząc jak podchodziłem przez 24 lata do mody i ubrań (tak jestem prawie w tym samym wieku 😀 ), ale może wrzucisz trochę kontentu modowego – jak się zmieniają trendy, czy też jakieś pomysły jak łączyć ubrania…

    Co Ty na to?

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