you’ve got no stock quality about you
there’s no charisma no charisma oh I’m the type of boy who’s always on
the run no what did your girlfriend do what they do that sometimes she said
nothing sometimes when you get spot-on she joins
in yeah then I can do where he found us believe it there’s nothing to wear I
believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky ank you thank you
you came in you called yourself Champaign you sounded like house wine I
mean that sort of sums up the performance there you are that’s the
problem could you take the glasses off so we can see what you’re all about
that’s better you know there’s no point are sitting here pretending that someone
who is a bad sound-alike is gonna do well that’s the reality it’s a penny
because the image is really good it looks like he’s works in a poultry
factory he’s got two pairs of sunglasses and a plastic microphone how could you
say the English in which is good what it’s different it’s goofy looks like the
deli counter it’s saying happy solutely well that’s not it wait no no
honestly champagne it’s not good enough Oh sink champagne champagne champagne
we’re gonna say no Oh sweetie okay Louie yes or no champagne please
yeah that’s a pain please okay you’re not gonna change my mind
champagne champagne real MooMoo Oh in BO it oh and boy it Oh
in boin boin boin boin boin boin a window a window with Joe and go if I win
the winter window and lo in my with a window and a window in a window a window
a window ah with no info window info member with
no window with the window with a window in a window ye worst group we’ve ever
had holy soul man so this is never happened before oh you big thumbs up for
ian’s this is my message with my stand over there sweetheart you run a watch a
really fun song about living Walsh I presume you’re not very busy
come on I got a mystic clear this up so I guess is it popular it is yeah got 45
members at the moment all pulsing regular segment yeah but was like eight
sires and hits on the website 45 members how are you been running for only you
yeah almost are you yeah a minute that’s that’s for mum
yeah guys you have to get some help in can I do this poem this poem is for you
Louie no one can understand I want you on a
Saturday I long to touch your hand I want to stroke your Irish smile I want
to comb your hair I’m screaming at the telly but you don’t know that I’m there right okay so what are you gonna sing –
Louie I’m gonna sing my heart will go on by Celine Dion this is just for you look
okay well we’ll just take a step up on this one yeah I think we should really
let Louie Heavy’s moment you don’t mind thank you like no
defusion say off you go every night in
my dreams I see you I feel you that is how I know you go on once more you open
the door and you’re here in my heart and my heart will go on then Oh Vicki that
was very very good very difficult song to sing and you did a very very well I
think you’re saying from the heart I don’t know where my fellow judges occur
you’re totally big I thought you were very very good thanks man
I’m at so much let me yes or no oh absolutely yes Simon Sheeran any comment any columns no
it’s your call little baby this is on your shoulders because this is for you
Louis we wouldn’t want to steal it from me well Vicki you’re through to the next
round so congratulations okay another hug
hello stand on the eggs please your name is Debbie Stephens a Debbie why are you
here today because I’ve got the X Factor I know I can win and I’ve just got it
Lily yeah how good are you I’m amazing so Debra what are you gonna sing I’m
gonna see when you believe by Whitney’s to Mariah Carey okay
great song there can be miracles when you believe though hope is frail it’s
hard to kill who knows what miracles we can achieve when you believe somehow you
will you will when you believe Thank You Debra what she does good um your voice
is okay you’ve got no star quality about you there’s no charisma no charisma
yeah I agree was Sharon a bit pub singer ish I thought really yeah I felt your
confidence was slightly deluded Debra the reality is you’re not very
good now you know what you were the whimper one person I didn’t want to see
today because I really want to slap you now but you are not a good suit I’m not
a good singer that is why I’ve been a singers into a six-year-old and everyone
I’ve ever met people who don’t even like me have come up to me and tell me I’ve
got an amazing voice you can’t bloody see me I don’t want to be a saint I
don’t really care what you think you can’t sing you have no talent
get out all right Louis yes or no absolutely 100% rubbish she’s got a
really bad attitude I think it will never be a star in the music that I did
not like that I’ll never be a star I’m already successful ever ever
Sharon decides to remove her from the room but Deb is not finished yet I
really want to throw your water on it Debbie storms back in new he sees what’s
coming I saw it coming I saw that car my mum she what she was
going to do to me you sure what overcommit yes before she
did it to me he’s still not supposed to do that you can’t throw water over the
singer she was doing it to me she didn’t use her over her she was doing to me no
no no that dreams are hard to follow but don’t let anyone tell them more
yeah hold oh and there will be tomorrow in time you’ll find all so sharply I’ve
gotta stop this it is so way off way off Mariah Carey it is my voice is what the
wine but now you did you need a help line when I am down and oh my soul so
weary when troubles come my burdened be I am still
away you raise me up so I can stand on mountains you raise me up to walk on
stormy seas I am strong when I am on your show you raise me up so I can stand on
mountains you raise me up to walk on stormy sea raise me up to more than I
can be you raise me up so I can stand on mountains you raise me up to more than I
can be thank you we want a second song no no no
no no Excel you is a sleeping aid I’ve never heard anything more boring in my
life okay how are you fine fine Warren yeah all right Warren okay hope
you get like a tight rope we have had read your name across the sky I’m going
crazy just to let you know you’d be amazed how much I love you so long baby
when you get your hands on me I won’t let go this time
I know it’s for real I don’t actually have another song pit but gobo
we won’t encourage it by the look in your eye I can tell you’re gonna cry
is it over me if it is save your tears for I’m not worth it you see for I’m the
type of boy who’s always on the run know wherever I lay my hat that’s my home I’m
telling you that’s my home good well that’s the worst we’ve had
today can I just ask you one question David who was the person that told you
you could sing some somebody works homie I’ve got a good voice
was it a bloke yes it’s whining you are hi guys hi are you Jill
if you don’t they come in I load off and I’ll never get me communal oh this is
your daughter-in-law oh you don’t think oh nothing
no no and who goes Lorraine this is your ring oh why why are you with her I’m
just a mother-in-law okay my support oh yeah yeah is she any
good well I think so really okay you just stand over there right
okay so Lorraine have you got the X Factor I have why are you going to sing
I’m going to sing begin the beguine off you go thank you I’m with you once more
under the stars and down by the shore and orchestras play even the palms seem
to be swaying when they begin the beguine are you very
much terrain it’s lovely to me well what did you think they were a
lifeless what did you think I liked it all
would you buy her record yes bit biased um okay look I’ve concentrated on the
singing ler and I mean there are other issues I mean you know lack of
personality performance all those things he just it was it was terrible okay we’re gonna sum this up I’m saying
no I’m gonna have to say no I mean Simon yes I know absolutely I’m afraid gonna
have to say no Lorraine the competition’s over for Lorraine but
mother-in-law Edna isn’t happy with Simon he says no cuz he laughed he
laughed initially left Edna can’t contain herself he shattered
dreams across the globe but this time mr. nasty has gone too far one of the
most powerful men in music is about to meet his match
Edna Sam what have I done what have you do go on what did I do it won’t you
laugh I always you know you don’t know no you do no I apologize oh no Simon you
want to all gee whiz listen listen I remember this is really
embarrassing listen okay you think you’re better than
anybody I think you was very ignorant yes you were ignorant Tyler sorry
what are we done to the world look what we’ve done what about all the peace that
you pledged your only Son did you ever stop to notice all the children dead for
war did you ever stop to notice its crying at the sweeping sure ah but sorry yeah 2,000 bucks
I thought that was a fair thought that’s a solid wall oh wow that’s our what it
doesn’t it sure no it doesn’t it Oh what the hell was that Wow my voice
is in there sorry to say seriously I am a true performer I’ve been in karaoke
finals without looking the screen and I’ve had 95% of the audience on my side
I’m going to be honest with you all occur it is one of the worst I’ve ever
ever heard this way I’m tired of crying and all you Lane that’s why I am buying
or if sir to you my chain nose just like I’m gonna stop something it’s not yours
really sir there is a little bit of a charisma problem John that’s my main
concern I don’t think you would excite an audience to me he’s so intelligent
he’s so confident my baby so very sexy my baby pulled the thief on me my baby
knows just what to do he got me money past a hundred and two
just give me what the hell was that means I thought
it was a little no big cats three cats late at night I mean that was absolutely
diabolical listen to your heart when he’s talking to you I don’t know where
you going and I don’t know why listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye your problem is
cut low Anna is that you don’t sing like a human being
no use your voice sounds like a little sheep yeah it does it sounds like a
no-brainer yeah you don’t sound like a human and
that is the fundamental problem we have here you look great but you sound awful
hi are you thank you very well okay what are you gonna sing
we’re going to sing what I did for love from the show a chorus line wonderful
great song kiss today goodbye I the sweetness and the sorrow all wish me luck the same to you oh but I can’t regret what I eat guys
guys Thank You Louie I don’t know what to say it was different we are different
you’re very very odd way I think you’re a very odd couple just odd looking
around doing everything I could imagine you outside my house at Christmastime
singing silent night dress that dress star I’m not getting any money no a bit
Indian but I think that’s it for me ooh ooh everybody’s singing everybody
dance lose yourselves you wild romance we’re going to party garam Fiesta
forever come on and sing my song yeah Oh night Oh Oh night Oh night no yes feel
good feel good feel good thank you what did your girlfriend do when you do
that sometimes she said nothing sometimes gonna get it spot-on she joins
in she must love you very much she does I had no idea why you
auditioned for the show I’ve got absolutely no idea why you’ve had any
encouragement whatsoever it’s about as bad as it can possibly get know where I
come from you know my story I’m here to make it please make you right well I
know that I can foolish but I promise you no more
I found it found it something were eaten for I’m not here to say I’m sorry I’m
not here I you I’m here to say I’m sorry I’ve got to stop that who did you sing
this song to before you got here today yeah my family huh hold on what did they
say I wasn’t always good at we but they said
it was good yeah whatever me and mrs. Jones
hmm we’ve got a fee going on we both know that is wrong but it’s much too
strong to let it go now we meet every day at the same cafe 6:30 I know one Oh
she’ll be there holding hands making all kinds of plans while the gypos plays our
favori saw me and mrs. mrs. Jones mrs. Jones mrs.
Jones mr. Steven you’ve got one of the weirdest voices I’ve ever heard in my
life it is a bit strange it’s very it more
than a bit strange it’s really weird in what way bizarre
we’ll have no power in your voice at all there’s no strength nothing I mean if if
you were to sing in a place but there was no microphone nobody could hear you
you here’s how it goes you with me hopping down but maybe this style will
get right versified cuz love is something you can shape when it breaks
all it takes is some trying if you feel like a leaving I’m gonna beg you to stay
soon you’ll be finding mm-hmm you can run you can hide but you can’t escape my
love Thank You Dennis on the common choice relation channel on the can
change stopped broke down a kind of place to put your hands in the air you
don’t go changin yeah put them in the air now hey baby hmm oh I wanna know if you be
marking so free four five six seven eight I wanna know if you be marking
okay all right thank you I’m puzzled how many times have you sung in public
hundreds hundreds you know what’s the normal reaction they love me everywhere
I go okay the problem is Frankie is that you are
an atrocious sinner absolutely atrocious come on sexy lady you want me again you
know it come on sexy lady come on let’s dance sexy lady you look a little shady
come on sexy lady c’mon make love sexy lady I’d love sexy lady you’re mine sexy
lady tonight goodbye sexy lady was fly sexy lady
that’s it sexy lady arrives it’s as bad as I’ve ever heard
I’m in every part of the hill Titian was horrific
I am NOT ladies enough for me
by you you’re so me angry you

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