This is Gary Null. He has been described as
the nation’s leading promoters of dubious treatment for serious disease. Or, in my terms,
the Grandaddy of all Quacks, vying for that title with Kevin Trudeau. There is no craziness
he does not subscribe to. A brief listing: 1. He’s an HIV/AIDS denialist
2. He’s anti-vaccine. 3. He sleeps 2 hours a night and advocates
reduced sleep cycles. 4. He believes big Pharma and doctors are
intentionally allowing people to get cancer and other chronic disease.
5. He’s in favor of homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbalism, reiki, chelation therapy
for autism, and megavitamin therapy for… well, everything.
6. He believes that aging is the result of depleted enzymes, and can be stopped and reversed
with bee pollen, because it’s loaded with enzymes. In short, there’s little he won’t believe
in. It occurs to me that he is, and here’s a comparison that makes me smile, he is the
Kent Hovind of alternative medicine. They both revel in their ignorance and lack of
logic. And, as I will show, they both play fast and loose with their qualifications. Gary Null, on his website, claims a PhD in
human nutrition and public health science. We’ll come back to that, but first, he completed
an associate degree in business administration at Mountain State College, a junior college
in Beckley, West Virginia. Then, he completed a BS at Edison State College, a college started
in the 1970s in downtown Trenton that offers self-directed and distance learning programs
for adults. Then, he acquired his PhD at the “College without Walls” which is now called
Union Institute. The Union Institute was an experiment between colleges started in the
60s to offer non-traditional studies outside a college campus. The focus is online courses,
distance learning, and the students and campuses are located across the country, similiar to
the University of Phoenix. Now, what surprises me is that Union Institute
does not currently offer a PhD program in human nutrition and public health science.
They DO offer an interdisciplinary degree in humanities. Current examples are Ethical
& Creative Leadership, Public Policy & Social Change, and Humanities & Culture. They are
accredited for these degrees, but as stated on their website, they do not grant PhDs in
the sciences. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch reports that
Gary’s doctoral dissertation was on the physiological effects of caffeine. The way the study was
done was about as complicated as taking a survey and measuring blood pressure. While
this might be an interesting subject for a high school level biology lab, it does not
constitute serious research and certainly nothing worth submitting as a dissertation.
I am reminded of Hovind’s dissertation on creationism. I imagine Gary’s dissertation
also began: “Hello, I’m Gary Null…” Gary Null is also a licensed dietician. The
minimum requirements for this in New York are a 2 year degree and experience in some
capacity in food or nutrition, as well as passing a multiple choice test on food safety
and nutrition. Once licensed, they’re allowed to choose balanced menus for school lunches,
to interview people and advise a healthy diet, but they aren’t clinicians. They aren’t trained
in even the most basic diagnosis of disease or abnormality. Gary Null has about as much
clinical qualification as the lunch lady at the local high school. What about his prestigious titles? Here’s
a list of what research and administrative positions he claims on his current website:
” 1. Research Fellow of the Institute of Applied
Biology 2. Nutrition Research Division Director for
the National Hypoglycemia Association 3. Researcher of Agricultural Sciences at
the Fertile Earth Farm Project 4. Director of Nutrition for the Nutrition
Institute of America 5. Founder of the National Health Resources
Council.” Let’s see what strict Google searches turn
up on these institutions. 1. The Institute of Applied Biology returns
only two kinds of hits of any interest, neither an institutional webpage. One is a biography
of Emanuel Revici, the physician suspended for quackery, and the other is one of Gary
Null’s resumes. 2. Next is the National Hypoglycemia Association.
There were some hits, but this is apparently a front for publishing Gary Null books. The
only address given is a PO Box near Gary Null’s home.
3. The Fertile Earth Farm Project as a strict search has exactly two hits. Both are Gary
Null’s resume. That’s got to be nearly a record. 4. Nutrition Institute of America does have
a website. Here it is. The other major hits were from Gary Null’s resume, and a donations
page on his main website. 5. The National Health Resources Council is
perhaps one of the worst. Every hit I found, hundreds of them, was a Gary Null resume reference. There is one hit for researcher (Null comma
G) in Medline. It is “The medical uses of garlic–fact and fiction.” in American Pharmacology,
published in 1982. Gary is the second of three authors, and therefore the least important.
It doesn’t appear to have been cited by any other papers. The only place I can find his
published work is Penthouse… not that I was looking. I don’t read it for the articles. Gary is primarily a radio personality with
his own show, “Natural Living with Gary Null” He brags about winning 21 Silver Microphone
Awards, which sounds very prestigious. It is, but the award is given for the best local
or regional radio commercial. I’m not clear if they are saying his program is a commercial,
or if he made a really terrific commercial for his products. He’s also written over 70 books on … and
this is from his website… nutrition, self-empowerment and public health issues, including his most
recent, Power Aging. You can conveniently purchase all your supplies directly from Gary.
He dispenses advice and makes millions of dollars selling the cure as well! In short, Gary is the Kent Hovind of alternative
medicine. His resume is riddled with shady honors and misinformation about his qualifications.
None of it stands up to scrutiny. He’s made no contribution to the field of science, and
the only person who is clearly benefitting from his work seems to be Gary Null. Recently, Gary has been in the news a lot.
It seems he fell ill after eating some of the products that he sells on his websites.
The manufacturer, a large industrial vitamin factory, that he trusts to make his product,
had put 1000 times the requested amount of Vitamin D3 in the Red Stuff supplement. Gary
was taking the product, and became quite ill. He was fatigued, had to cancel his activities
and lay in bed, and his feet and hands began cracking and bleeding. He hoped that by…
wait for it… that by taking MORE of the product, that it would make him better. Of
course, it didn’t work. He was rushed to a real doctor who diagnosed and treated him
for kidney damage. He’s recovering well. His doctor reports that if he had waited just
one more day, he might be dead now. He’s currently suing the company that makes
the product for him, and a full recall has been issued. Good news, though, for the next
month only, the product is available 2 for the price of 1. Get your orders in now! All kidding aside, will Gary come out of this
with a different perspective on the megadoses of vitamins that he advocates and profits
from? My money is on no. I don’t think he’s that smart. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Gary Null is the Kent Hovind of Alternative Medicine”

  1. @unassumption I'm not doubting the existence of hiv , i'm just genuinely curious to see the sequence from actual pictures than from drawings of a 5 year old book.

  2. I would love to know your true agenda here, seems to me you spend a lot of time trying to debunk the little guy while the big guy goes unchecked. If your so worried about people getting disinformation about nutrition then you should be equally worried about disinformation from big pharma an modern medicine. But seeing that you are focusing on one guy who in my opinion seems to at least get out there and try to do some good, leads me to think you might have an interest in this that is not as alt

  3. Cont.. As altruistic as you would have us believe. So what is it? I mean I hardly have time to write this comment let alone make a bunch of videos to tout my opinion all over YouTube.

  4. That was when the bench mark was set, should be easy to achieve then, huh?

    Watch this video on youtube and see if you can puzzle out how HIV was or was not discovered? "The Emperor's New Virus?" An in-depth brilliant look at the scientific evidence surrounding the existence of HIV. Contains interviews with Dr. Gallo, Dr. Montagnier, Dr. Dauguet (electron microscopist) and doctors from the Perth Group. Very entertaining and perplexing.

  5. @Celinancc1701
    Is this a "common sense" approach to vaccination (not based on any evidence), or do you think there's evidence of a specific threat?

    Which vaccines can we do without?

  6. 21 Silver Microphones representing the great ads he makes also probably explains for the mystery of how he became popular. I wonder where I can find clips of these ads…

  7. @Celinancc1701 This is like Christine O'Donnell saying Mitt Romney has been consistent since he changed his mind. WOW.

  8. Some "alternative" medicine such as herbal "supplements" have great scientific/medical value. Natural herbs are the first usage of medicine going back tens of thousands of years,many but not all have proven to be quite useful (for their given purpose).

  9. @rkyeun Sometimes when you extract one chemical substance from an herb, you lose some of the "buffering" chemicals (so to say) can help regulate metabolism of the said compound/chemical.

  10. @rkyeun Not every plant has toxins… In addition many compounds can become easier to achieve toxicity as the required amount "x" required to achieve "z" is reduced.

  11. Gary Null's – Red Stuff Powder – 500 Grams is awesome stuff 🙂
    Cancer Cure Documentary – Dr. Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy

  12. @Celinancc1701
    Does it bother you that Gary misrepresents his credentials?

    Does it bother you that he sells a product that sickens people, including himself?

    Why does he get a pass from scrutiny?

  13. No reason to censor something that only betrays your ignorance. I recommend you pay attention to the actual video C0nc0rdance made here, he demonstrates the dishonesty of Gary. Anyone who denies vaccines and the HIV-AIDS connection is dishonest and not very intelligent. Most likely Gary is a charlatan conning people out of money and risking their health in the process. That's a very vile con to perpetrate.

  14. Seems like you listen to Gary a lot.When has Gary ever advocated violence ? Gary never said his products could cure baldness,that's a lie.I guess you also don't think its real that solar storms have knocked out power grids in the past.So you must be a complete moron if your critcizing Gary for talking about it.

  15. Gary Null has no knowledge of science whatsoever he makes mllions of dollars of people that believe his bullshit.(well its only in america they believe him )

  16. no he's not. he promotes science.have u seen his other videos?besides gary is a rich guy who promotes bullshit science.

  17. I seriously hope that you are being sarcastic. If you are not, I hope that you can back your claims up with proof, written by people other than Gary Null. Because C0nc0rdance has proof and is citing it directly both in the video and description, if you can do that I would be pretty surprised. In closing I would just like to point out the actual definition of Truth versus what seems to be your definition of "truth".

  18. TRUTH according to Websters New Pocket Dictionary is defined as: 1) being true, honest etc… 2) That which is true 3) Established fact ( Webster's,2000, pg 347).
    It seems that your definition of "truth" however is "The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed." which is in fact the definition of IGNORANCE (thefreedictionary. C O M)

  19. So instead of blindly following claims that you find on the internet as the absolute truth, and rejecting contradicting viewpoints. try doing some background research (without the use of confirmation bias) on the claims being made and the person making them, if the overwhelming majority of the evidence is in favor of one side of the claim than that should be taken as the currently accepted as correct ideal. Please I implore you do not risk your life or the lives of others because of blind faith.

  20. Wow! Some anonymous guy giving his opinion to serve mankind? Hardly. These vids are a big $ effort to discredit non-conventional medicine by the AMA/big pharma & allies. I dont excuse Gary's ethics or morals & I don't agree w/much he says. Science Is clear:After cancer and heart disease, nothing kills more ppl in the US than drs. and meds & these ppl will do anythng to keep you in the dark & not seekng altrnatves. This vid is 1st class dishonest BS. lm proud to be called a quack by these folk

  21. Of course C0nc0rdance, like most self proclaimed "quack busters", can't provide a shred of scientific evidence countering the therapies he cavalierly dismisses as "quackery" so he predictably spends 99% of this high school video project muck raking the early college credentials of one particular alternative therapy advocate in a pathetic attempt at character assassination. One would think that if science really was on his side he'd use evidence instead of producing snarky celebrity gossip videos

  22. "He dispenses advice, and makes millions of dollars selling the cure as well". How is that worse then the pharmaceutical industry funding 56% of the budget of the American Psychiatric Association's which then writes the DSM "informing" psychiatrists and the public on the ever growing multitude of "psychiatric disorders" which must be treated with dangerous drugs netting $25 billion in profits for said corporations and resulting in thousand of unnecessary medical complications and suicides?

  23. Where is the evidence showing vaccinations, all of them, ARE safe and effective??? You make it sound as if you are shouting down to us simpletons from atop a mountain of self evident scientific fact, and yet there is nothing but bluster and circular group think (Well, everybody knows it's true because everybody knows it's true). FACT (one of many): NO evidence links the decline of ANY virus to the use of vaccines, but to the increase of health infrastructure such as sewage and clean water.

  24. this video has an axe to grind,,,, did the f.d.a. and big pharma pay you the big bucks to set up this video,????????? well now aint that special,,,people dont wate your time on this piece of garbage of a video,,,anything thats good for us ,,, they know how to demonize

  25. Gary Null didn't learn at academic institutions meeting your approval?? Neither did Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (both dropped out of college), nor many CEOs of international high tech companies. Your argument is false & appears more intended to besmirch than to qualitatively address the issues Gary raises.

  26. I don't mind if he never finished kindergarten. The point is his intent to deceive people into believing he has an advanced degree with accreditation.

    By Gary's educational standards, I have a PhD in Fun-ology and a Doctorate of Theology in Atheism. Buy my book and supplements!

  27. Thanks for again proving what was previously said: Your arguments are more intended to besmirch than to qualitatively address the issues Gary raises.

  28. A good video and very well presented. Problem is that some of the things he is talking about are true or at least have some validity. This then creates a problem, because the claim that the opposite of what he is saying is the truth is also debatable. Vaccination for example is dubious in some circumstances. So a quake gives all "alternative" opinion and treatment a bad name. Bruno was a quake and burned at the stake for claiming the Sun was the center of our solar system, but he was right.

  29. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society…Krishnamurti

    The systems drones wish to only maintain a system that benefits the rich and most people involved in protecting it are protecting a system they have come to covet exploit and worship like any Opiate..It is a classic symptom of abuse identification some people chose as survival mechanism..others realize the sickness and reject the abuse mentality system this wankers video advocates for.

  30. Don't miss out on Gary Null's 25% off special on all dietary supplements and holistic health equipment! Magnetic blood flow improvers marked down to an amazing 49.95! Just 49.95! Or shop for Gary's specially selected ozone generators! Only 324.99, this week only!

    Mention any vaguely "Eastern" term or historical figure for FREE SHIPPING! Act now! Or offer code "Opiate" for a special bonus gift!!!

  31. So have you ever even considered your motivation to take everything at face value with no regard for the possibility of anything outside "official" "certified" authoritarian mindsets? and why are you so afraid of even asking the questions? What? a psychological intellectual cowardice? Or perhaps you are one of the many that have chosen to take advantage of the system even if it means abandoning any and all integrity or personal ethics. Or just one of those people that parasites off other people?

  32. When did Gary Null ever say anything agaisnt science,what subject ? He uses peer reviewed published scientific studies everyday on his radio show.

  33. Your video's 8 min long.You take up the first half trying to disparage Garys credentials.Anyone that's ever spoken to him or read his work knows Gary could have easily got phds from any university in the country.You also claim he's only in it for the money.As if every profession works for free.How about doing a video on the medical industry.using failed practices that have been proven to kill people.

  34. Let's see if you're half as healthy as Gary Null when you reach the age he is now, or if you are even alive at his age. Chances are he'll actually outlive you. I can't quite imagine how a company could have packaged 1,000 times dosages without it being quite apparent that the pills were, oh, about 200 times bigger than normal. Since his product was already a megadose, the fact that he became very ill from taking 1,000 times the expected amount does not discredit the basic concept of megadoses.

  35. Gary Null isn't interested in profit? Does he sell products at a profit on his website to people who are ill?

    I don't have to defend the practices of every medical practice in America… maybe it can be done better, more ethically, with an emphasis on patient care and not the bottom line. The practice of medicine is not my gig. Evidence based medicine and critical thinking are.

    Is Gary using good science to sell his products, or marketing spin?

  36. Yep, he is selfless and not motivated by profit alright! Make no mistake about it, he really does want to help people lose weight – by emptying their wallets.

  37. Great video, stating just the facts. "Kent Hovind" is an excellent analogy. I used to listen to GN's show many years ago and was under the impression that he was a creationist, which is one of the many reasons I stopped listening. So he may be more like Kent Hovind than this excellent video suggests.

    It's interesting how people who claim to be so skeptical of pharmaceutical drugs and science-based medicine are so unskeptical and defensive over anything and everything "alternative".

  38. Seems that this generic video is a form of suppression. Mitch of what this video berates has been proven valid. Though I do not believe doctors are causing cancer deliberately I do believe that large corporations are knowingly creating situations that will lead to profit later. Disease is big business in the USA

  39. Really? It doesn't bother you that someone would distort or misrepresent their education and professional background when presenting themselves as an expert in a topic?

    Have you noticed how Gary makes a living? His website sells products that can be obtained from general retailers for half the cost. Hair care and skin care products with Gary's little logo on them. Air and water purifiers at 600% markup with the same little logo.

    Are you really missing Gary's profit motive?

  40. Many people trying to survive want to make a profit and it seems Gary is doing this as well,he seems like he really cares about people & their health,as well as making a living at it.The pharmaceutical industry on the other hand it seems is out to make a profit using people as guinea pigs for highly experimental drugs. I'm sure some people in this industry believe in what they R doing and actually care & others i think really do not and still others are just ignorant of how dangerous drugs are.

  41. It would be nice if "medicine" and anything health related and good for us was free but that's just not the way it is now, do you have a solution for this? Do you work for free/nonprofit? I could be wrong but the way you throw around the words dubious & quack you sound like you work for a pharmaceutical company, which sounds quite dubious. I've seen supplements & foods help people with all kinds of illness & all I'm selling is my experiences for no money.

  42. If i were truly ill I'd go to Gary any day over a doctor that knows very little about healing, what they know is symptom suppression. Now I'm generalizing but when it comes to degenerative illness I want to go to someone that studies HEALTH(Gary) not suppressing symptoms with all manner of side effects that completely bankrupts some people into the grave. Surgery on the other hand, yes a good surgeon is a godsend. Fortunately I've studied health extensively and am in excellent shape.

  43. Guess you'd rather see people "numb out" for all the money they have on oxycontin or vicodin eh? You sound thoroughly programmed by the lab coats yes? You can be educated for 15 years in a row at the most prestigious university about physiology/biochemistry and how it responds to drugs and still know very little about Real Vibrant Glowing Health. A wild animal knows more about true health, in the wild of course, before they get a hold of our shit

  44. The fact you don't look at the evidence cited yourself and think critically about this shows you are a fucking idiot.

  45. The thing is, this "Symptom Suppression" leads to a natural, and gradual healing process as opposed to the quackery of Null's bullshit which is toted about as a magical cure-all like snake oil was during the days of the wild west. Use it if you feel that's what you need, but don't spread this conspiracy bullshit because that does real harm.

  46. Look health care has been narrow and focused on pharmaceuticals anything other than big Pharma product is systematically berated and attacked. Wonder why ?

  47. Lack of evidence of efficacy?

    There will always be claims of "miracle cures" and "ancient secrets", mostly because people's brains are really bad at objectively assessing claims. What you call "Big Pharma" is actually a small aspect of evidence-based medicine, which includes medical devices, diagnostics, therapies and techniques.

    Take prosthetic limbs or synthetic heart valves or transplant techniques. There are no "alternative' or "holistic" prosthetic limbs, are there?

  48. Me, I work in the diagnostics industry. While chiropractors are doing total body X-rays using autorad film, the actual scientific techniques involve low dose radiation methods, non-ionizing radiation scanners, molecular biology techniques to detect a single cancer cell, to activate and prime the patient's immune system to combat their specific cancer.

    "Alternative medicine" is our term for stuff that hasn't been proven to work or has been proven NOT to work.

  49. What you are doing is repeating the same tired nonsense that has been the hallmark of a bigoted mindset. Not only are you harassing anyone with a different view you are showing your ignorance to actual human physiology . You are making the classic mistake of a Bigot and that is discounting everything that doesn't fit into a Petri dish. Chiropractic has been proven to be f

  50. Functional in terms of improving overall wellness. You have missed the point of chiropractic by attempting to out it into a fixed set of parameters when the human body so too complex and too Sunoco to allow your limited view a valid argument.

  51. Get a grip or I will block you. You are a sorry excuse for a human being if you think I would dedicate my life to a profession that I have seen change lives. If you are so sad and pathetic that you cannot admit that there is something out there not brewed in a lab that actually might work then you and the other narrow minded ignorant wastes oft time need to fade away like a fart in church

  52. I'm sure the crystal healers think they change lives, too. People, and that includes you, are really bad at evaluating data objectively.

    Artificial heart valves, pace-makers, prosthetic limbs, nerve adjunct hearing aids… Science can make the blind see; the deaf hear; the crippled walk. Can chiropractic do that? I mean, other than by thwacking people with a Bible.

    How many Grey/rads does your patient receive on their first visit?


  54. Ever notice on the institute of applied biology that he always uses that black and white picture. I mean the same one. There is no such institution. He is just a good business man and I would love to see his labs. He probably has lots of things wrong with him. I have seen him in person, and he does not look like the picture of health

  55. Since you are critical of his education would you defer to a doctor who was educated at an accredited major university and uses or endorses various "bogus" treatments? Unless you are an MD why would anyone listen to you?
    I can give you the name of some of them (there are many).

  56. I'm not critical of the fact that he has a sketchy education and a mail-order degree… I'm critical of the fact that he misrepresents his qualifications. There's no shame in not being rated to fly a 747… but when you walk up to the cockpit to tell the pilot what she's doing wrong; I'm going to suggest you lack the necessary training.

    Not having a driver's license doesn't make you a bad driver. Having a driver's license doesn't make you a good driver, but it does qualify you to drive.

  57. Much of what Gary Null says comes from scientific research and from those who have the proper "drivers license" who after years of practice learned that what they were taught didn't work for everything and turned to alternatives that do.
    I would never take what he says as absolute truth (without research) but neither would I have blind faith in someone whose only options are cutting drugging or burning, regardless of how many diplomas or awards are on their wall.

  58. *shrug* This isn't about whether Gary can talk about actual published research… he's free to do so. This video is addressing his honesty about his qualifications. The PhD he claims to have is in a major that was not offered by the Union Institute. He dispenses nutritional advice, in spite of having about the same level of qualification as a school cafeteria worker.

    This really doesn't bother you? You're happy to keep buying the magic pixie dust he hawks on his website?

  59. I'm not that concerned about Gary, and no I've never bought anything from him. I'm more interested in how some so called skeptics think that anything outside of mainstream med. is all a bunch of unproven woo woo stuff. If these people did some open minded research they would learn something new.
    Btw since you think he is making outrageous profits do you complain that your prescription meds can be marked up from thousands to hundreds of thousands percent over cost?

  60. Why do I have to explain research to you? Do google searches. I do this all the time when I am looking for any studies that shows the effectiveness of something. Look for books at the library or on Amazon. Go to public talks or shows where you can talk to people who are knowledgeable in what you're interested in. Look for lectures or interviews on Youtube.
    What evidence? I would say a reasonable compilation gathered from some or all the above.

  61. The radio station that made Gary rich – WBAI 99.5FM in NYC – is closing soon.  But Gary still has his money… ain't that grand?

  62. The 1198  people that put up for this shity video , must be as ignorant as you !! Who care  if he  is phd or what !! For the results you know better than the diplomas my friend . You sound like a very envious person ,  you look like to be  just a  blatant IGNORANT !!

  63. I suggest you start to think long and hard before you start throwing stones, you know what they say about folks who live in glass houses

  64. Funnily, in German "Null" means "zero" and is also used as in insult meaning "insignificant or incompetent person, looser".

  65. Anything that this poster says, you can be certain is wrong.42,000 subscribers are all God-hating and Christian hating evil deceivers and liars.
    He actually quotes Steven Barrett of QuackWatch! Barrett is a criminal and a liar who maligns people and is funded by people who kill people for money (the medical profession).

  66. Gary Null is a total pretentious asshole on top of being a quack. He's arrogant and uses people, not to mention endangering the lives of those he manipulates into buying his shit. I'm speaking as someone who used to follow him and has dying friends who followed him to a T!

  67. the CDC WOULDN'T LIE TO YOU…wanna SHOOT UP on some aluminum, mercury, egg protein, human fetus, MSG, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, cow blood, guinea pig, peanut oil, latex, etc?…you wouldn't spread that $#!T on a sandwich and eat it, but you have been brainwashed to mainline that SHIT in a vaccine…here is the article from the CDC admitting these carcinogens, neurotoxins, allergens and chemicals that cause auto-immune disease are in the VACCINE……

  68. This agent of DISINFO is generally stating that if anyone does not fall into line with his philosophy of modern science (BIG Pharma) can not be trusted?
    Give me break!

  69. This video is full of BS. Lots of innuendo and short on facts. Hope you don't depend on Google searches for all your decisions. Here is some of Null's recent work:

  70. You must be kidding me. All you are doing is making accusations with no reference to his actual research and statements.

    Your description is jarring to my ears, having listened to him many times. A grossly inaccurate description of him.

    Is someone paying you for this hit piece?

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