14 thoughts on “Gastrocnemius and Soleus Manual Static Release (Trigger Point Release)”

  1. Hi Brent! First-time commenter, long-time watcher. Would there be any additional benefits to pumping the ankle with your thigh to move the tissue back and forth under your thumb in a contractile myofacial release fashion?

  2. I never regret spending time watching your vids brent.

    nice tip with tensioning the calf with the foot

    speaking of thumbs, what do you think of massage tools? I don't get any joint pain in my thumbs and I'm conscious in avoiding extension stress points but my thenars don't half take a battering!

  3. Is it possible to apply these same techniques effectively on yourself (ie: seated on the floor with a bent knee, allowing access to the back of the leg)?

  4. Thanks for this video. I have had chronic bilateral calf pain for several years, and my Dr. has no recommendations other than good hydration. Who would I get to do this? Physical therapist?

  5. If the person has a fused ankle would you use the same technique. Really grateful that you share your experience and knowledge. I'm really wanting to get into this field of work.

  6. Backstory:
    I'm still a student but during my clinic hours I have a regular who comes in and complains of sharp shooting pain in her calf but its really only when they are walking DOWN stairs. So far the only thing that seems to help is compression but its only been a temporary fix because they come back everyday for the same massage and as much as I enjoy their company I want to be able to make long term results for them.

    Would this technique work better than the compression? If not what would be better?

  7. Wow, takes a really long time to get to the point. Lost interest after a couple minutes. Sorry Brent. Good luck Brian.

  8. Hi Brent, Thanks for the video. I am in content search of help for a compressed nerve in my leg. Ive had emg but they say they don't see anything. I started having problems after my knee kept shifting then my leg gave out and I hurt it. The dots on that persons leg that you have drawn are similar to where my problem is. The top of my fibula bone hurts and it seems it starts there. I have good motor skills i think but my leg and foot feels asleep. My knee doctor is doing some injections and said maybe we need to do a knee replacement but I feel that they have to address this leg issue first. This had been and issue for over a year now. Any Suggestions.

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