Hi, my name is Sandra I’m a chartered physiotherapist
working at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, specialising in low back pain. Here are some excercises, which you can do
two or three times per day. These excercises are safe for anyone with low back pain. Lying on your back, with your knees together
and keeping them bent. Slowly roll them from side to side, keeping your upper trunk still.
Repeat ten times to each side. Lying on your back with your knees bent up,
keep your body in contact with the bed and gently arch and flatten the small of your
back. Repeat ten times. In a standing position, bend sideways from
the waist, without going forward or backwards. Repeat ten times to each side. In a crawling position, arch your spine upwards,
whilst letting your head relax between your arms. Repeat ten times. Lying on your back, pull your knees up to
your chest as far as you can manage, assisting the movement with your hands. Repeat five
times on each leg. We now know that bed rest for more than a
day or two is the worst possible treatment. Your muscles weaken, your joints stiffen,
you become depressed and it becomes harder and harder to get going again. Bed rest can
be used but only for a day or two. The latest research, tells us that staying
active and trying to get on with your life is the best possible treatment for low back
pain. To help you control your symptoms, you can
safely use painkillers, heat and cold, massage and relaxation, or a tens machine. Back pain is rarely due to a serious condition,
however, if you are unwell with your back pain, or have difficulty controlling or passing
urine, or numbness around your back passage or genitals, then you should urgently seek
medical attention.

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