So at Smith Center I’m taking people who are locked in their homes, disabled, frustrated, depressed, suicidal and providing them with hope. Allowing them to get up everyday, get out of their home, turn on their lights, enjoy their interaction with their kids, enjoy their laughter, interact with co­workers, interact with life and enjoy the important events. Like Christmas or anniversaries, birthdays, picnics in the park all those little things we take for granted…they can now enjoy. So the procedures we do for this is covered by insurance. Almost 90% of the insurance companies or most of the insurance companies covers the procedures that we do. It takes about an hour or so to perform the procedure. The recovery time is very short and I think when you look at the uh spectrum of how long people have suffered and the amount of time it takes you to get over it is very fascinating that I can do a uh thirty minute procedure and get rid of thirty years of headaches. Call the Smith Center today. It’s time to start looking your best and feeling your best.

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