This week we have a giveaway from Knitter’s
Pride, a needle set and a little notions bag, a fabric notions bag. The needle set is the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz
16-inch circular needle set. This is a beautiful wood needle set, highly
laminated needles with a really nice point. One of my go-to favorites, and the 16-inch
circular set is really nice for hats. You can, of course, attach longer codes to
the 16-inch, the little short needles, but I think the set is perfect for hats, and the
size range is, US size 4 up to US size 10, or 3.5 millimeters up to 6 millimeters. Really great needle set, someone’s going to
be very happy to win this but I also have a little bonus. You know, Knitter’s Pride sends me the stuff
for the giveaway’s which I always really appreciate. And sometimes they throw in some little extras,
and they have started putting out these block printed notion bags. Lots of little different things they’re putting
out, but I love this little triangle bag, because you don’t have to dig around. It’s a little short bag, easy to see your
stuff when it’s in there, really cute also, and this is also part of the giveaway. So the needles, and the little bag. Follow the instructions to enter this giveaway,
we’ll announce the winner next week. Good luck. [00:01:28]
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100 thoughts on “Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride Dreamz 16 Inch Needle Set”

  1. Ooh that bag is so cute! I discovered 16 inch needles for hats and they are the greatest things. Would love to have this great set!

  2. I am beginner in kintting I would be happy if I win this giveway. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveway

  3. That would be very nice to have as I don't have many needle sets yet. Appreciate your videos for learning. Thanks for being there

  4. Wonderful needle set! I am sure that whoever wins it will be really happy and will use it a lot! Thank you, VeryPink Knits! Good luck everybody!

  5. I'm a new knitter and watching your videos has helped me out to be better I play your beginners video over and over so I can understand them than you very much

  6. I love your channel! You are my go-to for help as I am learning how to knit. Just finished my first baby blanket a couple of weeks ago!!! 😊

  7. Adore the little triangle bag. Thank you Knitters Pride and Very Pink for the chance to win these treasures!

    Mary Kirtley

  8. Ok! Its a try for me: I would like to test out the 16 inch cord to knit hats. So hopefully, I'll be the winner of this giveaway 🙂

  9. I would love to win this giveaway!! The notion bag is just so cute, and the needles….well, what more great things can be said about Knitter’s Pride needles?

  10. Oooooh, I LOVE that cute little bag! And, of course the needles, too, as I've been wanting to try that brand for along time, probably as long as I've been watching your videos! Thank you for this awesome opportunity to possibly win this great set!

  11. Whether I win or not, I love your videos. They show detailed instructions that I find very helpful. Thank you.

  12. I've got so many projects going another set of needles would come in handy. Especially with this slippery cotton/bamboo blend I'm using.

  13. Hey my wife enjoys ur videos and has help her through alot in her life. Would love to win this for my wife. Thanks keep the vids coming 🙂

  14. My interchangeable circulars have lost sizes 7 and 8. I'd love these to replace them! I teach knitting and "go find VeryPink Knits" is one of my first lesson tips. I tell all my students that if the need help between classes, Stacey's videos are the best, highest quality, clearest out there.

  15. Thank you for your wonderful videos. This is an amazing giveaway. I never win anything hopefully this time. Good luck everyone.

  16. I never win anything, but if lightening strikes…I'd love to win these needles! I so appreciate this YouTube channel. I know I can find great tutorial here to help me with my various knitting problems.

  17. I am desperate for needles for hats! With friends designing them, boys who want some – and me struggling to use what I have (too big cable or needle length) this would be divine.
    As always grateful for what you do and a big thank you to Knitters Pride for sharing the love too!
    Happy 4th – hope you have a great & safe holiday!

  18. This is so friggin cute. This will expand my options on projects. Ive been trying to make a summer poncho and cant find a dang pattern for straight needles. Good luck everyone!

  19. I really like the little bag looks great to carry around socks in progress. The needles will be a great addition to my growing quest for quality needles.

  20. I love Knitters Pride needles and would love to own a set that is interchangeable. As you know, you can't have too many needles or notion bags. Can't wait for your next video!

  21. I'm late to the world of Knitter's Pride, but have become a convert. The needles make knitting a pleasure.

  22. I am subscribed. I have to thank you for all your videos. They are so clear and wonderful and have taught me so much in my knitting life.

  23. I ordered the Ida neck wrap several weeks ago and have not received the ability to down load the pattern. The pattern charge has been applied to my American Express account.who can I contact to get help?

  24. Being a fairly new knitter, These needles would greatly enhance my knitting supplies. and right now, I'm using a zip-lock baggie as my notions pouch. keep up the great videos.

  25. Would love to try these! Can't have enough of Kintter's Pride amazing products. And just in time for the "knitting winter hats" season… 🙂

  26. I haven't tried Knitters Pride yet. Will keep my fingers crossed for the drawing. Thank you so much for your videos!!

  27. Happily it's still 4 July in Australia so I hope I still qualify as an entrant! I've just discovered your website and find it really easy to listen to and your clear instructions are easily followed.

  28. Would love to win these…needing to replace my 16” as they have just about all fallen apart! 😏

  29. These are my favorite needles! I would love a chance to get a complete set, thanks for the opportunity!

  30. How wonderful that you are doing a give-away! I don't own a set of needles so this would be a very welcome addition in my home. Everyone will be getting knitted hats for Christmas! 😉

  31. Your instructional videos are very good. I have learned a lot from these! Knitter's Pride would be a nice addition to my sets, but I will enjoy your videos anyway.

  32. My 8 year old granddaughter taught herself to knit using YouTube videos, and thrift store needles and yarn. She visited me for 5 days this week and completed a hat using my set of KP needles. I would love to present her with her very own set of 16” KP needles.

  33. Per YouTube help line…"As of July 9, 2018, the ability to send, receive, or read private messages in Creator Studio is no longer available. We made this change because this feature was not widely used, and will allow us to focus on the features and tools that matter most to you. All private messages have therefore been deleted from Creator Studio and anywhere else on YouTube." where do we go from here?

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