♪ [music] ♪ [[00:00:07]] This week we have a giveaway from Knitter’s
Pride for their straight needle set and I think I’d probably end up doing fewer than
one straight needle set giveaway a year. But here we are. This is their ginger set and you can see it’s
a beautiful wood needle set, and if you’re a straight needle user, you’re going to love
these. They’re also pretty great if you don’t use
a lot [[00:00:30]] of straight needles because they’re short. They’re not these crazy long ones that are
going to poke everything on the sides of you when you’re knitting. I actually like working with these, and I
mean, it depends on the project. I don’t use them for everything, but for the
right project, I really like these needles. Okay. Let me give you some details on these. These are U.S. size 4 up to 17 or metric size
3.5 up to 12.0. It also comes [[00:01:00]] with some stitch
markers and you get this beautiful case that ends up having a little pocket here for whatever
else you need. There’s stitch markers in here and it’s a
vegan leather case. I don’t know what else to say about the case
because I was going to open up and show you how to use the magnetic board but the straight
set doesn’t have the magnetic board. There we go. Anyway, Knitter’s Pride does a great job with
the cases. They’re always up in their game on the cases. So, if you would like to win this needle set,
just watch the video [[00:01:30]] and the instructions are coming up. Good luck. [[00:01:35]] ♪ [music] ♪

100 thoughts on “Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride Ginger Straight Needle Set”

  1. That is a beautiful case and the needles to I’ve never bought that set before or use that brand that is a awesome giveaway prize if I win thank you for sharing😊🧶🧶

  2. That’s a beautiful set. And I agree. Knitter’s Pride just keeps improving their cases. Thank you 😊

  3. What a nice set of needles! I always use Knitter's Pride and it would be terrific to have such a wide array of sizes all in one handy set. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. There are yarns that work best on these. I use circular sets but those tips are slick and slip out of some yarns. Love the look of this ginger set AND the larger sizes included!

  5. It a beautiful set I agree .I am making nou the Brioche Shawl nou thank you for the patron . Margareth Odendaal from South Africa

  6. Beautiful needles. I do not own a set of wood needles and would love to win it, of course. Thank you for the chance to win a giveaway. Thanks Knitter's Pride.

  7. Wow they are wonderful!

    I really love your tutorials they are a God send! I love how detailed they are.

  8. This looks like a beautiful set of needles, and a nice case to go with them. Thank you for sharing them.

  9. Those are beautiful needles. I don't use straight needles as often as I would because I don't have nice ones like these. The case it great too. I love Knitter's Pride needles, but need straight needles.

  10. What a lovely set of needles!!! It must be so fine and relaxing knitting with them, thank you Crystal!!

  11. I’m a long time knitter and a new subscriber to your Channel. I love your station and how you explain techniques. Thank you for all that you do!🧶

  12. Hi i have submitted my subscription and hope to win. I have been a knitter for three years now. I knit hats for my local cancer center.

  13. Such a beautiful set of needles. Thanks for always showing us such great tools and doing these giveaways.

  14. Man those are beautiful and perfect length!
    I’m loving wood needles! And a great case. Don’t have a set of straights and was looking into it.
    Good luck everyone.

  15. Finally did a tubular cast on tonight thanks to your help 🧞‍♂️

    Would love to win these needles!

  16. These needles look amazing I might be able to learn how to knit with a fat set like that x

  17. Those needles look great I would love a chance to win the set! Thank you I always use wooden needles!

  18. Love knitting with wooden knitting needles..thank you ..if I win,then I can give back the two wooden knitting needles that my mom taught me on..they are hers!

  19. I just started a project that taught me tubular cast on and I have discovered that using straight wooden needles for tubular is KEY. So much easier! So, I have entered to win as I surely have a use – good luck to everyone! Thanks Staci!

  20. Thank you for your patterns which are well written and easy to understand, and your tutorials that always teach me so much! I truly would not be able to do my projects without your tutorials. Your contest ends on my wedding anniversary May 15- 43 years . Regardless, I would not have been able to knit a pair of socks if I had not got your sock pattern and tutorial- my first project with your channel. thanks again!

  21. Im hello how great is this im david i love to learn knitting and her video are amazing and im knitting a sweater for my first time how do you enter too win i the knitting needles look amazing

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