This week we have a giveaway from Knitter’s
Pride, a really great needle set. It is their Platina Interchangeable Deluxe
Set, and let me get this right, this is an interchangeable needle set with 7 knitting
needle tips, U.S. sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 and a half, and 11, and…or metric sizes
4.0 to 8.0. With 4 different cord lengths: 24, 32, and
40, and all of the end caps and connectors and everything else you need. This is my own personal set. These are beautiful needles. They have a nice long taper and a sharp tip. And these needles also happen to…the reason
they’re called “Cubics” is because they are flat on four sides, which is an interesting
feel. Some say it’s a more ergonomic…or more ergonomic
for your hands. I personally really like the feeling of these
and it doesn’t change the gauge of your knitting or anything, it’s just kind of a different
thing. It does make your hands…it does make you
hold your hands a little bit differently, I think. If you are having some hand fatigue, it might
help. I just think they’re great needles, and this
is an awesome set to win. I wanna show you how the keys and cords work. Let me tell you this first. Every Knitter’s Pride needle set comes in
its own case. This one happens to be this flip case. And in the back pocket, this is where you
can store all of your cords and everything else, so everything is tidy and put together
when you’re ready to use it. So let’s go ahead and I’ll show you how these
needles work. You know, in these giveaway videos, I always
demonstrate how this works. And…but people still…I guess people don’t
watch all the way through, they’re saying, “I got those needles and the needles fell
off the cords.” Well, this…these are the steps you have
to take to make sure they don’t fall off the cords because I’ve never had one fall off
and I use pretty much exclusively Knitter’s Pride needles. You take the cord length that you need for
whatever pattern you’re working and you take the needle size that you need, and the needle
just screws onto the cord like this. Now if you stop there, there is a chance that
it will come undone. That’s why we don’t stop there. You take a key, you put it in the hole at
the base of the cord, and that gives you something to hang onto so you can hand-tighten it a
little bit more. And then that’s when you have a beautiful
join that is not going to come undone. And then when you’re finished with your project,
you just reverse the process and put your needles away in the handy case, where it’s
all tidy and you can find it again. You can find the needle size you need the
next time you have a project to work on. Interchangeable sets are such a great investment. This is such a great prize. When you have an interchangeable set, you
can pick up a pattern and you don’t have to think, “Do I have a 32 inch, size 8?” You know you do because you have this set. You can attach any cord to the size eight
that…the size eight needle that you need for the pattern. Instructions for entering this giveaway are
coming up in the video and I’ll announce the winner next week. Good luck.

100 thoughts on “Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride Platina Cubics Needle Set”

  1. Love your videos, they are my go to source when I am confused with a technique.  I first learned to knit 52 years ago when I was 12, but only started to take it seriously about a year ago.  I've even been using some needles that belonged to my grandmother.  I moved to the UK and spend all my rainy days knitting.  Thanks for being my knitting buddy!

  2. I too love Knitter's Pride, though I only have one set (bamboo double-pointed). This set would be great for knitting chemo caps, something I'm getting into, both through my own need and because there don't seem to be many available at my infusion clinic. The cord lengths would let me use magic loop instead of knitting on 4 double points, since I have occasionally dropped a whole side in transit… long story. Thank you for the instructional videos! Very Pink Knits is my first stop for learning technique or answering questions or solving problems, and the first I recommend when someone asks for lessons.

  3. Just getting back into knitting after 35 years. Really need to upgrade my kneedles. These would be more than a great way to do so. Love the sound of a cubed versus round needle! Here's to maybe winning! ?

  4. Can never have enough needles! Always seems like I have the one I want on a project. Love your You Tube channel.

  5. Love your videos!!! I learned to knit watching your videos and you are my go to when I need to learn a new stitch. Keep them coming!

  6. awesome set! I use almost exclusively Knitters Pride products as well. This set would be awesome to use! Thanks so much 🙂

  7. I would love to try these needles! I have the Knitter's Pride Dreamz set and I love them. I have a tip for tightening the needles onto the cables – I use rubber "Needle Pullers." These are little rubber pads that are used in hand sewing to grip a needle while going through thick fabric layers. They can be found in the notions section at a fabric store or on Amazon. It allows you to really grip the knitting needle in one hand while using the key in the other hand. It may not be necessary with these square needles but really helps with the round interchangeables. I've never had a problem with my needles loosening up either! Thanks for the helpful videos!

  8. Ooooh, these needles look really cool! Thank you for the opportunity to win and for your great videos. 🙂

  9. I would love to win these. i just started knitting a few weeks ago and i have like 2 needles and they are the same size with different cord lengths.

  10. I just watched your video on knitting with hand dye yarn with two balls of yarn. These needles would be so handy

  11. Fantastic giveaway! I have so many random needle sizes and lengths floating around in my yarn basket – it would be fantastic to have them all organized, and to know that I have all the sizes I need!

  12. I love my Knitter's Pride interchangeable needle sets, and just got my first pair of Cubics dpns! I love your videos too and find them very helpful. Thanks for all of your great tips.

  13. You always have such great giveaways! Knitter's Pride interchangeable needle sets are the best! The Platina Cubics Needle Set is to die for! Congrats to the lucky winner!

  14. I enjoy your YouTube channel episodes. I'm a fairly new knitter and even though I'm taking knitting lessons from a really great teacher, I check out your channel for episodes that help clarify different stitches that I'm learning or using in projects. As a retired teacher, I appreciate your clear and easy to follow instructions. Thank you for explaining and demonstrating so clearly!
    Please include me in your knitting needles giveaway. Cheryl S.

  15. I am learning to knit from your channel. Saving my pennies for a set like this! I've been a crocheter for 30 years, but recently made the wingspan shawl from Skeino. Took some time, but it was worth it. Learned a lot about tension! I didn't give though. Thank you for your tutorials, Especially the alternative KFB!!!

  16. Just watched your alternating yarn video and decided to check your channel to see if I missed any videos. I'm glad I did, I wouldn't want to miss a chance at this set. See you in your next video :-). P.S. your videos are always so helpful – Thank You!

  17. Love those needles wish I had those, can't get them in my country, love your work and explained very well. Thanks to teach us.?

  18. I have already subscribed! As a new knitter I have found your videos quite helpful and would love to win this set! Thanks!

  19. I would dearly love to win this set, especially to knit a Fair Isle sweater pattern that calls for varying needle sizes!

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