This week we have a giveaway from Knitter’s
Pride for their brand new Royale Needles, and this is a 16-inch circular set. These are their brand new needles, they’re
wood needles with metal tips, and the 16-inch circular set is the perfect needles for hats,
for anything that’s kind of a medium size tube [inaudible 00:00:25]. They’re also good for sleeves. I personally have been on a crazy hat knitting
kick, and so I’ve been using my Royale needles a lot. And they’re the brand newest needles from
Knitter’s Pride. They’re very cool. You won’t be able to see it from there. Let’s go ahead and take a close-up look. Here’s the kit, and you can see you get 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 needle tips, sizes from U.S. 4 to 10 or metric sizes from 3.5 to 6 millimeters. And this is my personal set with a couple
of needles missing because I’m using them. And look at this case, it has this Paris scene
embroidered into it, isn’t that so cute? Knitter’s Pride, they do such a good job with
the knitting cases. Okay. So, these are the needles, you can see they’re
the beautiful Dreamz Wood with the metal tip, and they make the most incredible sound when
you’re knitting with them. I don’t know if I can simulate it. Is that the sound? Probably not quite that, but I noticed when
I was doing it they made like the most soothing, nice sound. So, to use the 16-inch circular needles, you’ll
grab the cord, and screw the needle onto the cord, then take the key and put it through
the hole at the base of the cord. And that gives you something to hang on to,
so you can tighten it up the rest of the way. And then you get a smooth join that’s not
going anywhere. Then when you’re finished with your project,
you use the key again and unscrew the needle. And you can put everything back in its place
when you’re finished, so you can find it again. And this set happens to have a little zipper
behind the needles for the cords, and the keys, and everything else, so everything is
very easy to find. So, watch through to the end of the video
for information on how to enter and this is a great set. Someone’s going to end up with a great set,
and I just keep thinking of it as a hat knitting set of needles. Good luck.

100 thoughts on “Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride Royale 16″ Circular Needle Set”

  1. Just started knitting 5 months ago.I have heard really good things about Knitters Pride needles and would love to have a set like this. That case is really cute.

  2. I make so many hats this set would be a lovely gift for myself! I am so grateful for your tutorials, I recommend you to all my friends.

  3. Very nice set of needles. I knit hats and scarves for Project Gratitude, and for local homeless shelters. These would come on handy!

  4. those needles look absolutely breath taking I love that they use a condonation of metal and wood. it would be amazing to try a set like that

  5. These circular needles look great. Would love to have them. They will be very useful in making hats, and other items that call for circular needles.

  6. I've learned so much from your videos. Thank you so much. I would absolutely be overjoyed to be blessed with those needles. I've looked at them for a long while and just due to life circumstances can't get them. I'm knitting a shawl now. My goal this year is to knit hats and socks. It looks like these needles have the best of both worlds with the metal tip and the wood. Thank you for being so generous.

  7. I would love to win this set so I can have needles for just knitting hats. I also want to say that I enjoy learning from your very informative youtube videos.

  8. I love circular knitting needle. I would be very happy and excited to work with them if I win. 🤗 I'll knit non-stop.

  9. I really need a set like this! I want to knit more hats and other items of course, and this set would be an awesome addition to help me with some projects 😉 Thanks as always for your videos and giveaways Stacie!

  10. Everyone says nice needles make all the difference, hopefully my skills progress enough that I can justify buying a set – or maybe I'll be lucky and win one!

  11. Thank you for such great detailed videos. I have learned a lot from them. I would love to win the circular needle set!

  12. been on a hat knitting craze as well! have only been using wooden needles and wanted to give metal needles a try. this set is the perfect combination!

  13. Hi Staci!
    Thanks for this, es really amazing.
    I would like to win this beautiful prize to make my sons and nephews hats.

  14. It is beautiful! And yes, I'm already subscribed to the channel and I'd love to win this amazing kit. Yes I was knitting a beanie and scarves for my new family and they just in LOVE with it. Thank YOU!

  15. I have been purchasing a few of your patterns since your teaching style  is AWESOME.  I've learned so much from you.  Thank you!!!!

  16. I learned to knit from my grandmother when I was about 10 and have been knitting on and off ever since.  Your tutorials are fabulous and have really helped me when I have become "stuck" with pattern directions.  It is so much easier for me master a technique by watching your videos and you are the best!!!  I especially loved toe-up socks and German short rows!

  17. omg I just love this set ..would be so happy if I win these. I never win anything so if was to win I'd be over the moon to just win something and win such a beautiful set ..thanks for your tutorials there great I learned alot from you. thank you and good luck to everyone.

  18. Leaving my message for the needle give away. I watch your videos all the time, mainly because I want to hold my yarn and knit as fast as you. So I practice, and practice, and usually don't miss a stitch, 😄😄😄

  19. This looks really neat. I am just a beginner knitter and haven't seen anything as neat as this. Wishing everyone good luck.

  20. love your tutorials. teaching myself to knit and these needles would be awesome! keep those fantastic tutorials coming. Thanks

  21. Hello madam I want know what is the knitter pride 16. By chance I am accross to see your project on Google. Madam your project is so good. And madam you are very beautiful as,your project. Thanks madam

  22. wow I really love those nearest Price needles are making a lot of hats myself also that would be really great thanks for your tutorials by I hope this interests me for the needles giveaway

  23. Just a question about these needles, is the length of it needle tip to needle tip 16 inches or is the length of the cord 16 inches because I have needles that are 16 inches needle tip to needle tip and I find them the perfect length for hats but I also have needles that have a 16 inch cord plus the length of the needles and I find them a bit too long. I hope that makes sense😂

  24. Staci, I love your knitting videos, and thank you for the Introduction to Crocheting for Knitter's videos too. I also love needles!! Your video's inspired me to purchase the Knitter's Pride Cubics Platina Deluxe Interchangeable Needle Set. They are so fun to knit with! Thank you!

  25. Beautiful needle set. I would like to be entered in the giveaway contest. I have learned a lot from your you tube videos. Thanks for all your helpful information.

  26. I enjoy your channel and have learned so much.  Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of needles!  They look wonderful.

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