This week we have a giveaway from Knitter’s
Pride for their full size Royale Interchangeable Needle Set. This is my own personal set. I love this needle set. This is the needle set that you wanna use
for the longer cords. This is the 24 inch, the 32 inch and the 40
inch cord, and the reason I made a big deal about saying that is because I often show
in my videos the 16 inch circular needle sets, this is the full size needle set here. The 16 inch is different. So let me go ahead and tell you about these
needles. This includes 9 sizes, different needle tips,
U.S. sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2, and 11, and metric sizes from 3.5 up to 8.0. It also includes the cords 24, 32, and 40
inch cords, and it also has the end-caps, and the keys, and everything else you need
to make these needles. So let me go ahead and show you how these
work because…well interchangeable needle sets are so awesome when you…when you’re
looking at patterns online or you’re in the yarn store and you see that this pattern needs,
you know, size 7 and size 9 U.S. needles, you don’t even have to question it. When you have an interchangeable needle set,
you know you have those needle sizes at home and it feels great, you can just…you don’t
have to buy needles today, you already have all of ’em there. So let’s go ahead and take a close up look
at this set in particular. Okay, here we are with the Royale Needles
in our nine different sizes, and Knitter’s Pride always gives us these awesome cases. This one is a little scene of Paris embroidered
into this fabric. The bicycle and the Eiffel Tower. Okay. Yes, it’s cute. So we have our zippered case and our different
sizes, and what you’re gonna do is pick the needle size that you need. And theses are wood needles with the metal
tip. They’re great all-purpose needles. Then reach into the zippered pocket and grab
the cord length that you need. And you just screw the needle onto the cord,
then you take one of the keys and pop it into the hole at the base of the cord, and that
gives you something to hang onto so you can tighten up the needle the rest of the way. And once you do that, you get a smooth join
that’s not going to come undone, not going anywhere. And you just reverse the process when you’re
finished with the project because you wanna be sure to put everything away where you found
it so that you can find it again next time, right? Knitter’s Pride really does a favor…does
us a favor by giving us these awesome cases because it is a really easy way to keep all
of your needles really tidy. Watch through to the end of the video for
information on how to enter the giveaway. Someone is going to get a great set of needles. Good luck.

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  1. I’m already a subscriber. I couldn’t knit without your help. Your video on the stretchy German cast-on saved me tonight. Thank you so much!

  2. I have been looking at this needle
    Set For quite some time but was waiting until Christmas to ask Santa! Here’s hoping Santa comes early this year!!

  3. I was thinking about Knitters' Pride, earlier today. I'm using a cheap brand interchangeable set, since I don't have circulars in the size i need. The join is rough in one spot, and the tip of one of the needles is a little rough, too. I do not like the slight snag and i need to invest in a good set! (PS, it finally cooled off enough here in Southern California to start knitting again. Yay!)

  4. I am already suscriber from Mexico City 😃, hope to have a chance to participate!!! I've always wanted a set of needles just like that one!!! Love your videos and patterns I made another or your Ida neck wrap, love them!! Best wishes for you!!

  5. Hi there!
    First, thank u sooo much for sharing ur awesome tutorials and art, as well as this generous giveaway..!!
    Second, i m a new knitter..fell n love with the craft.. searching away for a reliable needle set…without breaking the bank..hopefully its my early Xmas!!😉

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  8. Hi! I am already subscribed! I love your channel and your podcast is wonderful too. I have used your videos countless times! A beautiful set of needles from Knitters Pride!

  9. Hello, I am already a subscriber to the page & would love to win a set of Knitter’s Pride circular needles. I have just began to do larger projects and the craft stores carry 29 in & a few 36 in needles not the brand I prefer. Have a crafty day!

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    After I started using Internet and youtube ,I can learn more techniques, especially from your videos
    so you are my knitting Guru. Thanku stacy.

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  32. I bought a set of these from Amazon and from now on I will only shop from the manufacturer's website. The cords will only screw in partially on some needles. Have you ever heard of this happening? Don't buy from Amazon because if you get a defective product you will have trouble getting your refund, if you get it at all.

  33. Love the beautiful exchangeable needles thank you for your videos explaine about these needles and the name Alberta Johnson from Minnesota

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